Sales Lead Management Association Launches Talk Radio Program
SLMA Opportunity: Media Sales Representative

SLMA Talk Radio Program - Today at 5 PM PDT - News and Inteviews with Phil Fernandez & Dan McDade

Debuting today, the SLMA Radio program is brought to you by the membership of the Sales Lead Management Association. 

SLMA Radio is a 50 minute internet radio show which broadcasts live at 5 PM PDT, in the United States from OC Talk Radio.   The show is hosted by Will Crist and produced by Paul Roberts and James Obermayer. It will broadcast bi-weekly in August and weekly in September. 

Guests this week are:

Dan McDade, President of PointClear
Phil Fernandez, CEO of Marketo

You may listen to
SLMA Radio this afternoon at 5 PM, PDT from the SLMA website by clicking on the "Listen Live Button"which takes you to OC Talk Radio.    Click the "On Air" button.
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