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COACHING: The First Fundamenal of Success: Get a Coach!

Editors Note:  This is the first installment of Patrick McClure's Two Fundamentals of Success.

The first fundamental success factor is coaching.  Every single Olympic athlete I watched this week had a coach, and some had several coaches.  Lindsay Vonn, the women's Olympic downhill gold medalist has a coach.  Shaun White, men's half-pipe gold medalist, has a coach. Evan Lysacek, men's Figure Skating Gold Medalist, has a coach. The Russians, the Germans, the Norwegians, the Swedes, the Canadians ALL have coaches.  And they'll all tell you that they couldn't have done it without their coach.
So that's your first secret to Peak Performance --- get a coach!  A good coach guides and supports, manages the training schedule, keeps distractions away, and supervises the training and workouts.  But most importantly, a good coach holds the athlete ACCOUNTABLE.   A good coach will drive you to ever-increasing levels of performance.  A good coach will push you to achieve feats that you didn't think possible.  A good coach believes you are capable of far more than you're achieving, and they are committed to helping you over-achieve. 
Salespeople, Business Executives, Managers all need coaches.  Someone else needs to be there for you, to hold you accountable, to insist on excellence, to keep you "on track."  If it works for Olympic athletes, it will work for you.  
Most CEO's have a coach, or they belong to CEO-only organizations such as Vistage or Renaissance Executive forums.  Top-level operational and sales executives often belong to "mastermind" groups or industry associations, but you will find that the peak performers also have a Coach that they rely on for advice, support, and sometimes a well-deserved kick in the rear. 
If you don't already have one, get a Coach!

Patrick McClure
Connexia Group
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