An Interview with Joe Lethert, one of the "50 Most Influential Sales Lead Management Professionals":
PRACTICE! The second fundamental success factor is Practice, Practice, Practice.

Advanced B2B Sales Lead Management Strategies: A Report for CMO’s on what’s really working today.

SLMA Editors Note:  This is not a paid announcement.   This seems to be an interesting webinar with knowledgeable industry experts.  

Webinar: Thursday, March 11, 2010 
                 11:00 AM Pacific Standard Time

Direct from the front lines, hear the latest trends, and learn about successful programs, strategies and tactics from three of the top B2B industry experts.


Brian Kardon, CMO of Eloqua, the leading marketing automation software platform will share:

• The new future of lead management reporting—speaking the language the CFO and CEO will understand.
• How top B2B marketers are using digital body language insights to drive leads through the sales funnel.
• Seven key observations from what Eloqua has seen from its over 700 clients during the last 12 months
• The new breakthroughs resulting from marketing automation and the future impact on marketers job roles

Mac McIntosh, B2B sales lead management expert will share:

• Top ten big trends B2B marketers need to know and leverage to thrive in 2010.
• Three insights learned on the front lines about how to generate more leads and drive more sales in 2010 with marketing
• Four rules you never want to break to maximize the results from your demand generation efforts
• Truths, facts and fiction about social media for B2B lead generation
• How successful marketers are using closed-loop reporting to justify bigger budgets, more staff and sometimes even promotions  and raises.

Russell Kern, President/Founder of The Kern Organization will share:

• The five most important characteristics of a great offer that generates response every time
• New interactive, engagement-based offers that actually reveal where leads are in the buy cycle
• Nine of the most effective lead generation offers that are working in today’s economy
• Three examples of leading-edge, multi-channel lead generation, scoring and nurture programs

You are guaranteed to leave this session with a fresh perspective of trends, actionable insights and implementation ideas to help you improve your marketing, your lead generation and your sales this year.


Russell Kern, President – The Kern Organization
Russell Kern is the founder and president of The Kern Organization, a leading West Coast direct marketing agency specializing in creating innovative, high-performance customer acquisition and demand generation campaigns.  Today, Russell shares his expertise built on the knowledge gained from more than 35,000 test observations and the management of more than $250 million in direct marketing investments.

Brian Kardon, Chief Marketing Officer - Eloqua
As Chief Marketing Officer, Brian Kardon is responsible for all marketing efforts for Eloqua, including brand development, corporate communications, product marketing, and execution of on line and off line marketing programs for lead generation, demand creation and brand awareness. A recognized expert in Web 2.0, social media and digital marketing strategies, Brian has helped to position numerous brands as leaders in their industries. Before joining Eloqua, Brian was CMO at Forrester Research, where he helped to more than double the business in less than five years, and significantly improved Forrester’s profitability.

Mac McIntosh, B2B Sales Lead Management
M. H. (Mac) McIntosh is a business-to-business marketing and lead generation consultant who is considered to be an expert at generating more leads and close more sales using the latest marketing strategies tactics, technology and media. McIntosh is CEO of Mac McIntosh Incorporated, a B2B lead generation and marketing consulting firm, and founding partner in B2B marketing automation firm AcquireB2B. Recent accolades for McIntosh include being selected as one of the Sales Lead Management Association’s “Top 50,” and BtoB magazine’s “Top 100.”


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