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MarketingSherpa Seeks Case Study speakers for 2009 B2B Demand Generation Summits

SLMA Directors Note: MarketingSherpa is looking for case studies on lead nurturing and lead scoring (see below) as well as lead generation.   We have many SLMA members that are qualfied to be a part of this program, please apply!  International members, please apply, I am sure you will be welcomed!

MarketingSherpa is seeking experienced B2B marketers to share their Case Studies and lessons learned during its 6th Annual B2B Demand Generation Summit 2009 to be held September 23-25 in San Francisco and October 23-25 in Boston.

Experienced B2B marketers must submit speech proposals by May 21, 2009 using the following link:

MarketingSherpa’s B2B Demand Generation Summits are three-day events featuring exclusive business-to-business marketing research, expert presentations and practical Case studies presented by B-to-B marketers from large, mid-sized and small companies. Companies that participated in the 2008 B2B summits include: Microsoft, VOIPShield systems, Cisco, Exeros Inc. and Siemens.

"These summits are a great opportunity for B2B marketers to get their hands on exclusive new research while networking to share their own best practices and biggest challenges for lead-generation practices," said Stefan Tornquist, MarketingSherpa Research Director. "The Case Studies presented will be based on real-life marketers’...

MarketingSherpa is looking for the following (in order of priority):

1. B-to-B marketers to present Case Studies on real-life tests and tactics in demand generation. Marketers should work for an organization that does not target marketers as primary prospects.

2. Agencies may propose client Case Studies or joint presentations focused on what works for any of the following: sales lead generation, lead nurturing, lead scoring, multinational/international demand generation, B-to-B email, paid search advertising, SEO, PR, social media marketing, word-of-mouth/buzz marketing, print advertising, trade shows, webinars/white papers that work better, direct mail and advanced lead qualification. Please confirm the client’s availability to speak prior to submitting.

3. Advanced expert training sessions on one particular tactic featuring scientific/statistical data, test results/real-life campaigns and creative samples.

Note: Beginner 101, sales pitches or speeches that have been presented elsewhere will NOT be accepted.

For full information click on the links in this message or go to:

Real Time On-Line Lead Scoring

Just Got an email from DMNews (White Paper of the Day- April 10th) on this topic. Looks Great.

Learn why the future is real-time online lead scoring  from Bloor Research

Real-time online sales lead scoring is a strategic lever in online media planning and management, enabling users to improve the effectiveness of their online lead generation program.

In this white paper you'll learn about:

  • The business value gained from real-time online lead scoring
  • Improving sales pipeline management and forecasting
  • Improving returns from Cost-Per-Lead supplier investments
  • How the lead scoring process works

Click here or copy and paste: