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Resuscitate Sales: Learn how to fix the 16 Most Common Sales Leakage Problems: April 2nd 10 AM PDT - Free

Still time to attend!

In this fast-paced session, James W. Obermayer pounces on the sales leakage issues that hold back growth and kill corporate momentum. Obermayer says, "Of the 53 reasons I have found, I will share the most common in this 45 minute session."

Unlike most programs which only tell you what’s wrong with the sales world, Obermayer will also tell you how to solve these most elusive sales killers. The most common sales leakage issues include:

  • How to find Marketing Leakage that kills sales productivity.
  • Learn the three quota requirements that are a must to motivate salespeople.
  • How to identify promotional blackouts that slow sales growth.
  • Learn the most common forms of Sales Leakage that create a drag on quota attainment.

 Special Offer. Attend this event and you will be entered into a drawing for one each of Jim Obermayer’s books.

  • Find Lost Revenue: Uncover Hidden Causes to Common Sales & Marketing Problems
  • Managing Sales Leads, Turning Cold Prospects into Hot Customers 
  • Sales & Marketing 365: Tips and Tricks for Finding Sales All Year Long!
  • Managing Sales Leads, How to Turn Every Prospect into a Customer

Date: Thursday, April 2, 2009

Time: 10 AM (PDT) / 1 PM (EDT)

Audience: CEOs, COOs, Company Presidents, Sales and Marketing VPs.

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Speaker: James W. Obermayer

A Cerius Interim Executive, and Executive Director of the SLMA, James W. Obermayer specializes in helping companies identify sales and marketing leakage issues that stifle growth. He has been an Interim Sales Executive for companies across diverse industries specializing in performing sales leakage analysis for companies in trouble. In 2007 Obermayer founded the Sales Lead Management Association, and has authored or co-authored four business books with 20,000 + copies in print.

People who have heard Jim speak:

    "Best speaker in the two day conference…"
    "Stuff I can use tomorrow…"
    "Liked the emphasis on relationship between sales and marketing…"
    "Liked strategies and real world knowledge…"
    "Great useable information…"

Date: Thursday, April 2, 2009

Time: 10 AM (PDT) / 1 PM (EDT)

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Announcing the publication of "Find Lost Revenue: Uncover Hidden Causes to Common Sales and Marketing Problems

LOS ANGELES, March 16, 2009

– Finding new revenue is often a long, tough and expensive business proposition; finding lost revenue opportunities can be a much faster and less costly way to bring in sales dollars. In this newly-published 232-page book, five top-flight executives have come together to discuss 63 of the most common lost revenue issues facing B2B companies, and offer solutions to turning opportunities into sales.

These seasoned pros have learned through their own corporate experience, interim management assignments, and consulting practices how to spot, diagnose and solve lost revenue issues confronting small to large companies. The authors are Patrick McClure, Mark L. Friedman, Judy Key Johnson, Philip A. Nasser and James W. Obermayer.

The work is divided into ten sections, with 63 hard-hitting chapters covering:

• Assessment & Analysis
• Strategic Sales Planning
• Sales Methodology
• Sales Management
• Training and Coaching
• Marketing
• Internet Marketing
• Business Development
• Sales Lead Management/CRM
• Best Practices in Sales Lead Management

Industry leaders have high praise for "Find Lost Revenue."

"This book is like an MBA in B2B sales and marketing. It covers a wide range of strategic and tactical topics, each treated in a digestible but meaty chapter."

    −Ruth P. Stevens, President of eMarketing Strategy and Professor of Marketing, Columbia University Graduate School of Business

"Sales and marketing success is achieved by a complex series of activities that need to be aligned and work together. The problem is that for most B2B selling organizations, they rarely do! Find Lost Revenue offers sound practical advice and actions to pursue the never-ending quest for higher sales. A must-read in these difficult times!"

    John M. Coe, President, Sales & Marketing Institute and author of The Fundamentals of Business-to-Business Sales & Marketing,

"Successful Marketing Leaders know demand creation is critical to sales achievement. Among the tools in this important book are the formulas that quantify the ROI of your marketing and sales spend so that your budgets and priorities are secured. I’ve used these tools in practice and consider this an essential reference."

    Mark Langer, General Manager, of GE Healthcare

"A fresh new book with a well honed focus on finding new revenue." For these days of historic challenges mandating fresh thinking, that focus can be a brilliant new launch pad for tomorrow's business breakthroughs. It is a BIG IDEA book-- full of BIG IDEAS." 

    Former CEO of Hearst Newspapers, Bob Danzig

The book is available on or the Sales Productivity Institute (949) 763 1630. It is also on the Find Lost Revenue Web Site.

Find Lost Revenue: Uncover Hidden Causes to Common Sales and Marketing Problems

By Patrick McClure, Mark L. Friedman, Judy Key Johnson, Philip A. Nasser and James W. Obermayer

Solutions Press, Newport Beach CA, 232 pp., $23.95 ISBN 0975267167


Richard Rosen Demonstrates How Marketing & Advertising Succeed
With Unique Synthesis of Brand & Direct Techniques

$24.95 USA/$26.95 CAN   John Wiley & Sons, Publisher   187 pages   ISBN 978-0-470-16493-8

With the economic waters becoming more turbulent by the day, many companies are eyeing marketing and advertising expenditures as the best place to cut costs and stay afloat.

Don’t panic, there is hope, says Richard G. Rosen, founder, President and CEO of ROSEN, a Portland-based global consultancy experienced in helping businesses of all types achieve financial success by helping marketers to achieve their goals with less money.

"This is not an impossible task. Efficiently using a combination of the best strategies from both Brand and Direct marketing and advertising is essential to business survival and success, particularly during crises such as the current recession" Rosen asserts. "Rather than allowing your brand and direct teams to go to the mat, fighting for the remains of the corporate budget - I help them to embrace each others skills and come up with a new strategic plan that is more successful for all involved."

Rosen provides a step-by-step explanation of how his strategy was developed and how it works in Convergence Marketing: Combining Brand and Direct for Unprecedented Profits published this month by John Wiley & Sons, now available in bookstores nationwide and on line.

Using anecdotes and examples drawn from his more than 20 years serving such high-profile clients as Dell, Disney, TaylorMade Golf, Lucent, John Deere Corporation, and others, his highly readable 175-page primer and presentations are designed to provide both the common language and the tools required to get brand and directing marketing and advertising departments on the same page to achieve companies’ sales goals.

"Convergence Marketing provides a blueprint for shifting marketing communications from a cost-based to a profit-driven mode by fusing business school analytics with creative marketing and advertising that generates profit while strengthening brand loyalty," explains Rosen. "This is a radical concept for many companies, because, until now, brand loyalty has been expensive for them to achieve and maintain. Now, such loyalty is part of an integrated approach that offers the accountability, scalability, predictability and consistency corporate executives have always wanted – and it’s achieved faster and with less budget."

The book has already earned high praise. J. Scott Turner, Business Transformation Executive at Ricoh Corporation, calls convergence marketing "the magic formula" and views Rosen as "one of the great direct marketing minds." Patrick Riese, Marketing Director at General Motors Nordic, hails the book as "a must-read for all serious marketing professionals." And Jerry I Reitman, former executive vice president of The Leo Burnett Company, describes the new book as a "clear, useful, and uncommonly intelligent view of how all forms of communication can work together."

Rosen is a world-renowned expert on marketing and advertising. He is the originator and chief architect of the Brand-InteractionTM Marketing & Advertising method that fuses business school analytics with creative marketing and advertising. A passionate speaker at business and academic forums throughout the world, he was a keynote at Cannes Lions 54th International Advertising Festival and has received numerous prestigious awards, including the Caples Organization’s Emerson Award for exemplary service to the marketing community, and the first "B-to-B Marketer of the Year Award" by the International Direct Marketing Association.

His firm ROSEN has earned 28 International Echo Awards and his method is recognized by experts at Harvard, UC Berkeley, Northwestern and DePaul University and has been featured in numerous publications.

Rosen serves on the Business Advisory Council for the University of Oregon’s Lundquist College of Business, and is an advisor and past board member of Earthclass Mail. He holds an MBA in Marketing from the University of Oregon and resides in Portland, Oregon with his family

For more information on Rosen and Convergence Marketing, visit

Northern CA BMA - March 25th Luncheon Topic: Why Sales Lead Leakage Kills Momentum and Damages ROI

SLMA Founder Speaks on the Topic of Sales Leakage

Shares Latest Research on Sales Lead Management Practices

In this fast paced session, James Obermayer, Executive Director of the Sales Lead Management Association will discuss the seven basics rules most companies violate in managing sales inquiries. Companies that gain control of inquiry management and their CRM systems can see a 10% to 30% increase in inquiries and qualified leads that can be accurately counted and attributed to campaigns. When this happens, sales increase and marketing can point to accurate ROI stats; what’s not to love?

Because of inquiry leakage most marketing departments don’t have the ability to credit a lead-generating campaign with actual sales. Inquiry accountability, therefore, is lost and reports are sketchy and incomplete. This means salespeople are less likely to make quota and no one is spending money on lead generation that works the way it was intended. It is not a small problem Obermayer says, "it’s a big problem, a 10% to 30% problem." Marketing that is saddled with this hemorrhage never succeeds in taking credit for the wealth it creates. This is a sad event.

During this session you will learn:

- How to seek out and find the sales lead leakage that is killing your company’s momentum.

- The seven basic rules that will help you overcome the sales leakage that is hurting your company.

- The single tool necessary to enforce a 100% follow-up of all inquiries.

- How to work with sales to account for 100% of the sales inquiries you create.

- How to be bi-lingual, financially speaking, in order to take credit for the wealth you create for your organization.

Obermayer’s four published books include two on Managing Sales Leads.

As a bonus, Obermayer will share recent research on Sales Lead Management Practices and issues which is available on the Sales Lead Management Association web site.


Wednesday, March 25th     11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Location:  David's Banquet Facility

5131 Stars and Stripes Dr.,

Santa Clara, CA 95054

(408) 986-1666

For reservations, please call 650-631-4BMA (4262)   or