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September 2008

Lisa Cramer of LeadLife Solutions Joins the Sales Lead Management Association Advisory Board

Lisa CramerLos Angles, CA - - Sept 18, 2008 – James W. Obermayer, executive director of the Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA) today announced that Lisa Cramer has joined its Advisory Board.  “Ms. Cramer rounds out the Advisory Board,” Obermayer said, “and brings a wealth of new ideas which will add to our growth.”

“The SLMA fills a community-based need for people who want to know how to better manage sales inquiries beyond the installation of a CRM system,” said Cramer. “The association provides a wealth of information and resources, and I look forward to adding my ideas and working with other members of the Advisory Board to advance and promote SLMA’s objectives.”

Lisa Cramer is President and Co-Founder of LeadLife Solutions, an Atlanta based company focused on Marketing Automation Software.   Prior to LeadLife, Cramer was with FirstWave Technologies a publicly-held Atlanta company's Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. Since joining Firstwave, Cramer had successfully repositioned FirstWave beyond CRM and launched a series of new products and services within the Demand Generation market space. Cramer was responsible for growing revenue and adding marquis customers such as BearingPoint.

Prior to joining Firstwave, Cramer was President and COO of Involve Technology, a Phoenix-based sales knowledge automation SaaS company. Ms. Cramer was responsible for marketing, partnerships, business development, and company and product strategic direction.

Previously, Cramer was VP Marketing/General Manager of IdealHire, an ASP-based Internet recruiting product for corporations. Ms. Cramer was responsible for marketing, sales and strategy, while being actively involved in raising capital and growing the company from 15 employees to 100 employees.

Prior to joining IdealHire, Cramer was Director of Strategic Marketing at Viasoft, a developer and marketer of software for the Y2K problem. Additionally, Cramer was Product Marketing Manager, Sales Engineer Manager and Sales Representative at KnowledgeWare in Atlanta and IBM in Charlotte and Washington, DC. Ms. Cramer graduated Magna Cum Laude from The American University.

Sales Performance Is Tied To Sales Lead Performance, Which Is Tied To Your Marketing Budget

While most C-level managers realize that build-and-ship schedules are tied to sales performance, few understand that sales performance ultimately is tied to sales lead performance and the marketing budget.

 Reduce your lead generating marketing funds and within 30 days inquiries will slow down in proportion to how much you have cut the budget.   The frightening subsequent sales failure happens within 60-90 days when sales plummet because the pipeline of prospects has slowed to a trickle.  Not to put too fine a point on it, but this is a prime example of cause and effect. 

 Clint Eastwood said it best in the movie, Sudden Impact, “It’s just a question of results.  Everyone wants results, but nobody wants to do what it takes to get it done!”   The result most CEO’s want is a steady increase in predictable sales performance  on a month to month and quarter to quarter basis.  To get that result it takes consistent spending on lead generation dollars that brings in a predictable quantity of sales inquiries which yield a predictable number of sales ready leads which leads to new sales for the company.

Consistent sales performance can be obtained by enlightened C-level managers who understand that marketing dollars spent on lead generation are a safe and predictable investment in the hands of a knowledgeable CMO who measures each and every campaign ROI.

 This supposes of course, that the CMO wants to measure and be measured.   Are there any CMOs out there who want to share how they are measuring their campaigns?