Funnel Radio Line-up April 25


9 am INSIDE Inside Sales by VanillaSoft with host, Darryl Praill
Guest: Chad Burmeister
Multi-Channel for the Win

9:30 am Revenue Optimization Radio by Altify with host, Patrick Morrissey
Guest: Tracy Eiler, Board Member of Women in Revenue / CMO InsideView
Research States Women in Sales Have a 10% Greater Win Rate

10 am WVU Marketing Communications Today by West Virginia University with host Michael Lynch
Guest: Bryan Bennett
Why Leadership Isn’t a Skill, it’s a Process says, Bryan Bennett

10:30 am LIVE - Outstanding Outbound by The Vanella Group with host, Mari Anne Vanella

11 am LIVE - CRM Radio by GoldMine CRM with host, Paul Petersen
Guest: Stacy Gentile
CRM Tips / Tricks - our favorites

11:30 am LIVE Sales Pipeline Radio by Heinz Marketing with host, Matt Heinz
Guest: John Raguin
Defining Sales Enablement: Increasing Salesforce Efficiency and Effectiveness

12 pm Revenue Rebels by DemandLab with host Rhoan Morgan
Guest: Kristin Roberts, Phreesia
Does Product Management Have a Role in Sales Enablement?

12:30 pm Table Fries. by with host, Jeanne Hopkins
Guest: Beth Cohen, Corporate Counsel,
How your past job can help you land your dream job.

1 pm The Agile Operations Podcast by with host, Mike Volpe
Guest: Rob May
How to Teach People to Think Like a CEO

Bryan Bennett Says Leadership is a Process not a Skill

The one-size-fits-all approach to leadership development offered by other programs doesn’t consider an individual’s personality and capabilities. You can’t learn ‘skill x’ one day and expect to be a better leader the next. True leadership growth requires ongoing development and feedback.

What is billed as leadership development today is usually focused on leadership as a skill. It actually is a process that must be prescribed and practiced every day using the same approach taken by professional athletes worldwide for decades.

Added to this is the confusing advice on what is needed to be a good leader, when, in actuality, all that is needed is for the leader to be them self. Leadership is a process that must be practiced every day like a maintenance drug using the same approach taken by professional athletes worldwide for decades.

About, Bryan Bennett

Professor Bennett is the founder and Executive Director of the Healthcare Center of Excellence, a privately-funded research, training and advisory organization established to help healthcare organizations transition to be more analytics-focused.

Bryan is also an adjunct faculty member at Northwestern University, the University of Chicago and Judson University, where he develops and teaches courses in business analytics, leadership and marketing to international and domestic students both online and in the classroom.

He is the author of the books, Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare: Curing the Challenges Facing Today’s Healthcare Leaders and Competing on Healthcare Analytics: The Foundational Approach to Population Health Analytics both available on Amazon and at His upcoming book, The Path to Professional Leadership, which examines leadership in other challenging industries, is expected to be published 2nd Quarter 2019.

Professor Bennett is a highly requested international speaker on the strategic implementation and use of analytics in healthcare, leadership and population health management. Bryan has a Master of Business Administration from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and a Bachelor of Science degree from Butler University. He is a Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Certified Data Scientist, Certified Public Accountant and Certified Adjunct Faculty Educator.

When Management Calls for Cuts in the Marketing Budget - A True Story

IIStock-585614264t was early September, late in the afternoon on a Friday as I remember, when the company president called me into his office.  It was a medical device company, which had gone public in the previous year.  Sales were going well, so far.

He started off quickly and got to the point.

“I need a favor,” he said.  “We have to cut the budget substantially in this upcoming last quarter; I need $400,000 from Marketing.  Please get back to me on Monday and let me know where you can cut.”

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Scout by Miller Heiman Changes Sales Outcomes with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Miller Heiman Group, the flagship 40-year-old company in the sales training and consulting space, has introduced integration of “Scout” for Microsoft Dynamics. In this program, Dana Hamerschlag, Chief Product Officer of Miller Heiman Group, discusses how Scout improves daily sales productivity and CRM compliance which frees up face to face sales time.  Hamerschlag also explains what tools sellers should focus on to get the most out of their CRM.

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Installed Technology but Haven’t Seen Improved Lead Management? Here’s What to Do!

Do you need to be good at marketing now that you’ve installed technology?

LauraIn 2018, CMOs devoted more of their budget to technology investments than labor, and that fact is not expected to change this year. For many companies, the Marketing Technology (MarTech) line item represents almost a third of the Marketing budget. With this level of investment and the proliferation of technology, wouldn’t we expect lead management to be an issue of the past? Yet, the conversion from opportunity to customer still is below 10 percent. In fact, the most recent statistic I could find, which is from Salesforce, says that only 6% of opportunities ever end in a deal! No wonder Econsultancy found that only about 22% of business are satisfied with their conversion rates. If technology were the answer then we’d see greater satisfaction. Therefore something else clearly is needed.

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