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Free tool for generating and tracking UTM codes from Confluent Forms

With all of the content we generate, share and publish we need to know what is effective and where we are wasting our resources. Some people rely on straight clicks, shares and venue analytics - such as that on Facebook or Pinterest. KPIs don't always relate back to your business goals of conversions, subscribers and impact.  Lany talks about business proof vs. social KPI. UTMs (Urchin Tracking Module - the precursor to Google Analytics) allow you to be smarter with your time invested. But that only tells part of the story. It doesn't tell us what happens next with that shared bit of content.  Are you gaining more subscribers through the sharing of your content, and then the next level of sharing? Without a better way to track the full journey, you won't know. You need to know where they are coming from, and what is having the greatest impact. That's where UTM links come in. 

It used to be you had to go to a special site to generate the UTM tracked link through the browser after you copy and paste. This was a cumbersome process that usually didn't happen due to laziness, shortness of time or just forgetfulness.  David Kutcher has a 15 minute lesson on how UTM codes can improve your marketing.

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Dodgeball: The Future of US Business Leaders' Success Depends On It!


I’m not sure the year it happened, but at some point we decided it’s bad to teach our children that people win and people lose; somehow competing and striving to be better, to improve, isn’t ok now because it might hurt someone’s feelings.

Let’s bring it down to this simple event that seems to have changed everything. We stopped allowing

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Is your company safe from data breaches and ransomware?

DatasecurityWe mainly hear about data breaches and ransomware  in the healthcare industry because your health data is the MOST VALUABLE commodity to hackers, pirates and other slimy types of folks preying on your data and willingness to type away and submit online. Those companies that have to be HIPAA compliance are the most targeted.

Hopefully you don't have firsthand knowledge of ransomware, but let me catch you up on the term.  Ransomware, a type of computer virus that arrives via email attachment, website link, or other online exploit, continues to present a major problem for businesses. Once a virus infects a host computer, it connects to illicit servers, usually located in a foreign country, that then transmit personal information like your IP address, geographic area, system setup, and login details. Those servers will then create a random encryption key that can lock up individual files, both those located on your actual machine and those on any external hard drives or shared networks.
Once those files are encrypted, users cannot access them without paying a ransom to obtain a decryption key — unless, of course, they have

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HEADSHOTS, PEOPLE! Please update your headshots.


As we are coming to a close for the 40 Most Inspiring Leaders in Sales Lead Management nominations, once again it's time for me to RANT!

What the heck is wrong with you folks using your head shots from parties, cropped from trade events, vacation photos that are fuzzy at best or so old that it was three "yous" ago?

You all need GOOD headshots. I've run across some that I've been using for the nominees for over seven years. Some have one headshot on LinkedIn, one on the website team page, another on Twitter and another on Google+ - BE CONSISTENT, please.  Go for higher res.

Some of you have actually SCANNED a printed photo from a studio - I can tell because there is lint on it and that "distance" from the glass. Toss this task to marketing, your PR team, your INTERN - someone. I'm using what I find and a few of you may not be pleased. I go by LinkedIn first unless they are terrible. Then, I check your site. If that is equally terrible, I close my eyes and pick one.



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Do you have your Business Continuity Plan in place?

If you work for a company, there should be a plan in place, and you should know where it is and what your role is in the plan. This is one of the most overlooked pieces of information and documentation for small companies. Large corporations are required to have Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity Plan in place. Some clients require it, as well as financial institutions. They want to know you and/or your company has a plan if something really bad happens.

What happens if you get hit by a bus?

If this is your company, you need this documentation in place because you have staff relying on your

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Major shift if the Healthcare industry changed "patients" to "clients."


Recently I ordered my prescription through the Kaiser website. Usually I call it in. After securely logging in with more information than you can imagine to get a refill, I was asked for a credit card. I know roughly what this Rx costs, so I did it. BUT what was glaring at me was the fact that there was no total of what this PRODUCT would cost before I purchased from this RETAILER.  They know my plan since I logged in with my ID, location, etc. They should know the DISCOUNT PRICING structure I'm in and be able to give me a cost for this product. This is ECOMMERCE folks. Time to change some thinking.

Why it's important:

Our mindset as the CUSTOMER/CLIENT and SERVICE PROVIDER/RETAILER is key to how we perceive the other. We need our customers, they don't need us. Act like you want to EARN their loyalty.

In Healthcare, the word patient is tossed around hoping for the positive effect that Disneyland has referring to GUESTS and CAST MEMBERS (staff). They know their roles. In healthcare, the word PATIENT is used in a nearly condescending way throughout all documentation. The trained medical professionals (which we see for very little time) are the Doctors or Health Service Provider. It's almost as if we are lucky they take care of us. Ninety percent of the time, we are dealing with customer reps, pharmacy assistants, receptionists. They are all in the business to make SALES through SERVICES and PRODUCTS for the company by not ticking off their CLIENTS.

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Caution: a new CRM can be like your first deep tissue massage.


How many times have we decided to be proactive and adopt new technology, new software, new CRM tools without a lot of research as to what happens after we commit? Companies are brought down by constant adopting and faulty implementations of systems they didn’t research fully.  They spend more time learning than doing and continuing sales with their existing, albeit outdated, systems. This is how it is with your first deep tissue massage you get on your vacation to the Bahamas. You are so ready to do something new, spoil yourself to feel better for the rest of the trip, indulge. What you don’t realize is that unless you have slowly warmed up to this type of massage, your body will be doing cartwheels the next few days, as will your emotions. The toxins released by your first deep tissue massage are a lot like the bugs, shortcomings, “not quite right” fit of diving into a new CRM you haven't fully vetted and researched. The frustration you experience trying to l

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Tips for Transitions in Jobs: Change is constant.

Some of my strongest memories of my K-12 education were during middle school. Our children attend a K-8 and have had the same beloved principal for six years. He has been promoted and will be leaving a legacy, memories and broken hearts. It brought me back to memories of my own transition from Jr. High to High School. They were across the street from each other and the tradition on the last day of ninth grade was to make the symbolic cross to the other side of the street.


My year was different. The district had just changed Jr. High to seventh and eighth only and some teachers had to cross with us. So a large group of future ninth and tenth graders with a couple of

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