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Book Review: Good manners for nice people who sometimes say F*ck.

Alkon-cellboorRecently I saw a post by a respected sales pro with a HUGE pile of books by industry authors she knows. We are all fortunate to have access to, and know some very talented, knowledgeable and entertaining writers. We are always trying to better ourselves, give ourselves an edge, but sometimes we need to do this through a lighter, more practical side.

Amy Alkon to the rescue. LA Weekly calls this "Miss Manners with Fangs." I say it's the more logical approach to modern problems with our behavior and ways to relearn bad habits, adjust our methods and sometimes just our thinking to get along better with those around us, call out the rude folks surrounding us flapping their jaws in loud conversations. I love her ideas on how to handle these, what we can do to take control back from those assaulting our brains with the inane. 

Written in 2014, it was a treasure I ran across at Powell's City of Books where our teens have a monthly book allowance. It's always a fun adventure. When I saw this I had to have it. I'm THAT aunt who sends the happy couple a manners book collection when they announce their engagement.

I have the paperback of this one, but this may be worth getting in the digital version too so I can have it handy and searchable on a moment's notice when I need THAT type of guidance. Because it has so many helpful tips and anecdotes, it's not a breezy read (272 pages), but very enjoyable. I found myself nodding my head throughout, pumping my fist and sighing relief that I'm not the only one completely annoyed with a lot of tech behavior. It's not the fault of devices. It's more psychological than that. Amy Alkon covers that at the start which will give you an entirely more logical perspective.

This is a good read for your teams. Add it to a annual sales meeting goodie bag.

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Funnel Radio Line-up Feb 22, 2018


Today's topics include:  5 Most Important Things Marylou Tyler has learned in business and life. Should Incentives Be Used to Get Salespeople to do Their Job? Confessions of a CMO: The secrets and successes behind B2B’s revenue leaders, and our day ends with: 17 Areas Shaping the IT Operations Marketing in 2018.


10:30 SLMA Radio with host, James Obermayer

Guest: Marylou Tyler @maryloutyler
Topic: 5 Most Important Things Marylou Tyler has learned in business and life.

Author and Consultant Marylou Tyler shares the processes in her life which have served her well.  She joins a list of executives that have opined on what has helped them on the pathways of life.  She discusses:

  1. Why doing what you love and not following money or title is the key to success
  2. How embracing change in a rapidly changing world helped her
  3. Why celebrating small wins leads to big success
  4. What she has learned from “Habit Stacking” that leads to an evolving process of constant improvement.
  5. And finally, and not surprising, how lifelong learning fuels a positive attitude on life.


11:00 CRM Radio with host, James Obermayer

Guest: Brian Trautschold, Cofounder/COO Ambition @BTrautschold
Topic: Should Incentives Be Used to Get Salespeople to do Their Job?

The obstacle of any CRM deployment is acceptance and use by salespeople.  If the salespeople dig in their heels and refuse to use the CRM System to its full capability the money, the training, forecasts and marketing reports of ROI are dead.  Sales is less efficient, marketing is flying blind, the sales manager has reports that are meaningless.

Because of these truths, we interviewed Brian Trautschold, Co-Founder and COO at Ambition, he discusses how to use incentives with salespeople to over-come a salesperson’s natural inclination to not cooperate.


11:30 Sales Pipeline Radio with host, Matt Heinz @heinzmarketing

Guest: Joe Hyland @mojoehyland
Topic: Confessions of a CMO: The secrets and successes behind B2B’s revenue leaders


12:00 P.I.C.N.I.C. Podcast by Ipswitch with host, Kevin Conklin @ipswitch @kevinconklin

Guest: Bojan Simic, DEJ Founder @bojan_simic
Topic: 17 Areas Shaping the IT Operations Marketing in 2018

We will talk about a recent survey released by Digital Enterprise Journal (DEJ) about “17 Areas Shaping the IT Operations Market in 2018”.

Some of the key findings include:

  • 24% - are looking invest in new IT Operations solutions in next 12 months to be able to manage microservices and containers
  • 52% - reported advanced analytics and automation capabilities as the key driver for network monitoring in 2018
  • 54% - reported that network monitoring for Cloud and virtualized environments is becoming major requirement for 2018

The study is based on insights from more than 2,500 end-users, includes hundreds of data points and is produced by using DEJ's unique approach for ongoing data collection and analysis as well as the company TPO (Maturity Class Framework) methodology.


The price of being a bad client

6a0147e05adc32970b01b7c91d7013970b-320wiIt sounds funny, but there is, or should be, a price to pay when we are less than pleasant, respectful, kind toward those we have hired to do a job. Just because we pay people doesn't give us the right to be rude, irritable, condescending or mean. I am reminded of this by my children when the seventh junk call of the day comes through and interrupts my day because it has a spoofed area code that "may be someone I want to talk to." They remind me that people don't typically set out to take terrible jobs because they get joy from it. They do it to put food on the table. Take that up to professionals we hire for accounting, our legal needs, sales training. They welcome you into their office in hopes that they can help you solve a problem, help make you more money and lessen your burdens. This is difficult when you arrive in attack mode carrying the weight of your day or week, misunderstandings, or even fear. Stop. Breathe.

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DemandGen Radio with David Lewis - Why Video Should Be In Your Marketing Mix

ITyler-Lessard-DemandGenRadio-David-Lewist was only a few years ago that the need to become “a content marketer” showed up as a priority for demand generation teams. While that priority hasn’t gone away, marketers now face the additional challenge of “creating more engaging content” to rise above all the content noise.

There is no better way to do that than by adding video to your marketing mix.  What was once a very expensive and time consuming media is now inexpensive and easy.  We’ve entered the “Vigital” age for interacting with prospects and buyers. In this episode of DemandGen Radio, David talks with Tyler Lessard, CMO of Vidyard about how to get started in video creation and the benefits of using a platform like Vidyard for creating, publishing, personalizing, and tracking the impact of your video content.

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Mistakes in Customer Success Programs

Most common mistake in customer success programs


Metrics that she reports on to her management team including what a CSQL is in the demand generation sales funnel and also what the most common mistake she sees companies make in their customer success programs.
The program host is Steve Gershik of Koyne Marketing 

About our Guest: Allison Pickens

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Cool your jets before diving into Google profile creation.

It's so easy to screw up your online presence fast - give them an email or create one for social media, make a profile and you are off and running. STOP!

It's not that simple, especially when it comes to Google. Before you dive in to create a profile for Google+ and Google for Business which will tie to YouTube, make sure it's not already there. And, if it's there, that you have access to administrate it, own it and correct it. I've run across clients who have 8 business profiles on Google+ and Google for Business with several variations of a blank YouTube channel. This was all because they didn't slow down or get help researching what already existed. This happens on Facebook too with checkins, but it doesn't cause the costly tangle that happens on Google.

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Your contact page shouldn't be trendy; it should be CLEAR.

After visiting some company sites for radio guests and the like, I was stunned at how trendy their contact pages and team pages were. Trendy is NOT GOOD; it's confusing, irritating and will cause people to not trust you. Be clear. How can they REACH YOU? Email, address, phone, and contact form on that same page to give them EVERY OPTION. Phones should be answered by a HUMAN. Team pages - just a bunch of photos? Really? No names, no links nothing but random photos that could be from Aaron Brothers sample photos in the frames or some stock site. Be proud of your folks and build trust. Give us a name, title/role in your company, link to their LINKEDIN profile at minimum, email link that has YOUR domain in it, rather than their personal email, in the case of virtual teams. Stop being cheap with your email plans and put on your big boy/girl pants .



Need help with this? ask Jim or Susan or ANY POTENTIAL customer. WE HATE digging for your links to your contact page and vague info for your team. Start 2017 right with everyone being able to reach you. Sure, you get some junk calls and emails. But one good lead can make up for that time you spent with the spam marketer.

Revealing 10 Ideas for Junior Team members to contribute and benefit all.

Bored employees are unhappy employees and build resentment in other team members. Your junior level, interns, assistants want to HELP the company and show their value, but sometimes there are lulls in projects, timelines and business so they are unable to do their "usual" tasks. Time to get them on catch up duty that will help marketing and sales be more efficient. Every industry will have different tasks, but these are pretty basic items that can help all companies streaming file searches, website SEO and social media.

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