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DemandGen Radio with David Lewis - Why Video Should Be In Your Marketing Mix

ITyler-Lessard-DemandGenRadio-David-Lewist was only a few years ago that the need to become “a content marketer” showed up as a priority for demand generation teams. While that priority hasn’t gone away, marketers now face the additional challenge of “creating more engaging content” to rise above all the content noise.

There is no better way to do that than by adding video to your marketing mix.  What was once a very expensive and time consuming media is now inexpensive and easy.  We’ve entered the “Vigital” age for interacting with prospects and buyers. In this episode of DemandGen Radio, David talks with Tyler Lessard, CMO of Vidyard about how to get started in video creation and the benefits of using a platform like Vidyard for creating, publishing, personalizing, and tracking the impact of your video content.

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Mistakes in Customer Success Programs

Most common mistake in customer success programs


Metrics that she reports on to her management team including what a CSQL is in the demand generation sales funnel and also what the most common mistake she sees companies make in their customer success programs.
The program host is Steve Gershik of Koyne Marketing 

About our Guest: Allison Pickens

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Cool your jets before diving into Google profile creation.

It's so easy to screw up your online presence fast - give them an email or create one for social media, make a profile and you are off and running. STOP!

It's not that simple, especially when it comes to Google. Before you dive in to create a profile for Google+ and Google for Business which will tie to YouTube, make sure it's not already there. And, if it's there, that you have access to administrate it, own it and correct it. I've run across clients who have 8 business profiles on Google+ and Google for Business with several variations of a blank YouTube channel. This was all because they didn't slow down or get help researching what already existed. This happens on Facebook too with checkins, but it doesn't cause the costly tangle that happens on Google.

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Your contact page shouldn't be trendy; it should be CLEAR.

After visiting some company sites for radio guests and the like, I was stunned at how trendy their contact pages and team pages were. Trendy is NOT GOOD; it's confusing, irritating and will cause people to not trust you. Be clear. How can they REACH YOU? Email, address, phone, and contact form on that same page to give them EVERY OPTION. Phones should be answered by a HUMAN. Team pages - just a bunch of photos? Really? No names, no links nothing but random photos that could be from Aaron Brothers sample photos in the frames or some stock site. Be proud of your folks and build trust. Give us a name, title/role in your company, link to their LINKEDIN profile at minimum, email link that has YOUR domain in it, rather than their personal email, in the case of virtual teams. Stop being cheap with your email plans and put on your big boy/girl pants .



Need help with this? ask Jim or Susan or ANY POTENTIAL customer. WE HATE digging for your links to your contact page and vague info for your team. Start 2017 right with everyone being able to reach you. Sure, you get some junk calls and emails. But one good lead can make up for that time you spent with the spam marketer.

Revealing 10 Ideas for Junior Team members to contribute and benefit all.

Bored employees are unhappy employees and build resentment in other team members. Your junior level, interns, assistants want to HELP the company and show their value, but sometimes there are lulls in projects, timelines and business so they are unable to do their "usual" tasks. Time to get them on catch up duty that will help marketing and sales be more efficient. Every industry will have different tasks, but these are pretty basic items that can help all companies streaming file searches, website SEO and social media.

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When does bait and switch become fraud and lies in customer service? Story about art - Alec Baldwin - and greed.

Reading an article about a New York art broker, a painting, an artist, an actor and a few attorneys left me shaking my head. As a former art gallery owner, I was stunned at the blatant lies told by a few people to their client under the guise of wanting to please him. Alec Baldwin is the actor here. The article is "Paint and Switch?"

An excerpt follows:

“I thought she had made my dream come true,” Mr. Baldwin said. Instead, he said he believed that Ms. Boone, frustrated that the collector would not agree to sell, persuaded Mr. Bleckner to take an unfinished work from the same series, finish painting it and sell it to him without saying a word.

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If you rearrange your website, don't forget to check inbound links.

Technology, security and more are constantly evolving. We have to stay on top of our websites. We need to clear out clutter, outdated items and more. But when we do BIG updates and restructure our sites, we have to remember to go back and check for fallout, or the fall-off of inbound links due to errors.

The SLMA has sponsors. 


Each sponsor gives us a link to their site for their banner ad. Most of them send us a link they can track. BUT, when these sponsors change marketing team members, structure of their site, campaigns, the links most likely will change resulting in a 404 error when people click on the ad. This makes us look bad. We have clicks but they show no conversions due to the 404. 

A great way to see what is happening is to use the search console from Google (FREE) to check for errors in the inbound links. You can see what pages are having issues and who is linking to them. This is a good task for an intern or marketing assistant to check monthly. Doing this will help you correct issues, connect with companies that believe in you enough to link to your content.

Hey, don't forget to check drip campaigns and email marketing templates, too. Once we set up these auto-pilot types of campaigns, we forget that if we restructure the links, change our provider on squeeze pages and more, we break our drip campaigns which will increase our unsubscribes and grumpy recipients. These are great tasks to add to a quarterly calendar. We have found in the past that once in a while we have a typo in a link, but then we share that same content or post with some reworking bringing along the broken link, so we perpetuate our own 404 errors. Search console will help you find those types of errors, too.

While you're at it, send the people linking to broken pages a thank you and the URL with corrected link so they can quickly find it and update it. If you make it easy, they will usually do it for you. 


Free tool for generating and tracking UTM codes from Confluent Forms

With all of the content we generate, share and publish we need to know what is effective and where we are wasting our resources. Some people rely on straight clicks, shares and venue analytics - such as that on Facebook or Pinterest. KPIs don't always relate back to your business goals of conversions, subscribers and impact.  Lany talks about business proof vs. social KPI. UTMs (Urchin Tracking Module - the precursor to Google Analytics) allow you to be smarter with your time invested. But that only tells part of the story. It doesn't tell us what happens next with that shared bit of content.  Are you gaining more subscribers through the sharing of your content, and then the next level of sharing? Without a better way to track the full journey, you won't know. You need to know where they are coming from, and what is having the greatest impact. That's where UTM links come in. 

It used to be you had to go to a special site to generate the UTM tracked link through the browser after you copy and paste. This was a cumbersome process that usually didn't happen due to laziness, shortness of time or just forgetfulness.  David Kutcher has a 15 minute lesson on how UTM codes can improve your marketing.

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Dodgeball: The Future of US Business Leaders' Success Depends On It!


I’m not sure the year it happened, but at some point we decided it’s bad to teach our children that people win and people lose; somehow competing and striving to be better, to improve, isn’t ok now because it might hurt someone’s feelings.

Let’s bring it down to this simple event that seems to have changed everything. We stopped allowing

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Is your company safe from data breaches and ransomware?

DatasecurityWe mainly hear about data breaches and ransomware  in the healthcare industry because your health data is the MOST VALUABLE commodity to hackers, pirates and other slimy types of folks preying on your data and willingness to type away and submit online. Those companies that have to be HIPAA compliance are the most targeted.

Hopefully you don't have firsthand knowledge of ransomware, but let me catch you up on the term.  Ransomware, a type of computer virus that arrives via email attachment, website link, or other online exploit, continues to present a major problem for businesses. Once a virus infects a host computer, it connects to illicit servers, usually located in a foreign country, that then transmit personal information like your IP address, geographic area, system setup, and login details. Those servers will then create a random encryption key that can lock up individual files, both those located on your actual machine and those on any external hard drives or shared networks.
Once those files are encrypted, users cannot access them without paying a ransom to obtain a decryption key — unless, of course, they have

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HEADSHOTS, PEOPLE! Please update your headshots.


As we are coming to a close for the 40 Most Inspiring Leaders in Sales Lead Management nominations, once again it's time for me to RANT!

What the heck is wrong with you folks using your head shots from parties, cropped from trade events, vacation photos that are fuzzy at best or so old that it was three "yous" ago?

You all need GOOD headshots. I've run across some that I've been using for the nominees for over seven years. Some have one headshot on LinkedIn, one on the website team page, another on Twitter and another on Google+ - BE CONSISTENT, please.  Go for higher res.

Some of you have actually SCANNED a printed photo from a studio - I can tell because there is lint on it and that "distance" from the glass. Toss this task to marketing, your PR team, your INTERN - someone. I'm using what I find and a few of you may not be pleased. I go by LinkedIn first unless they are terrible. Then, I check your site. If that is equally terrible, I close my eyes and pick one.



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Do you have your Business Continuity Plan in place?

If you work for a company, there should be a plan in place, and you should know where it is and what your role is in the plan. This is one of the most overlooked pieces of information and documentation for small companies. Large corporations are required to have Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity Plan in place. Some clients require it, as well as financial institutions. They want to know you and/or your company has a plan if something really bad happens.

What happens if you get hit by a bus?

If this is your company, you need this documentation in place because you have staff relying on your

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Major shift if the Healthcare industry changed "patients" to "clients."


Recently I ordered my prescription through the Kaiser website. Usually I call it in. After securely logging in with more information than you can imagine to get a refill, I was asked for a credit card. I know roughly what this Rx costs, so I did it. BUT what was glaring at me was the fact that there was no total of what this PRODUCT would cost before I purchased from this RETAILER.  They know my plan since I logged in with my ID, location, etc. They should know the DISCOUNT PRICING structure I'm in and be able to give me a cost for this product. This is ECOMMERCE folks. Time to change some thinking.

Why it's important:

Our mindset as the CUSTOMER/CLIENT and SERVICE PROVIDER/RETAILER is key to how we perceive the other. We need our customers, they don't need us. Act like you want to EARN their loyalty.

In Healthcare, the word patient is tossed around hoping for the positive effect that Disneyland has referring to GUESTS and CAST MEMBERS (staff). They know their roles. In healthcare, the word PATIENT is used in a nearly condescending way throughout all documentation. The trained medical professionals (which we see for very little time) are the Doctors or Health Service Provider. It's almost as if we are lucky they take care of us. Ninety percent of the time, we are dealing with customer reps, pharmacy assistants, receptionists. They are all in the business to make SALES through SERVICES and PRODUCTS for the company by not ticking off their CLIENTS.

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Caution: a new CRM can be like your first deep tissue massage.


How many times have we decided to be proactive and adopt new technology, new software, new CRM tools without a lot of research as to what happens after we commit? Companies are brought down by constant adopting and faulty implementations of systems they didn’t research fully.  They spend more time learning than doing and continuing sales with their existing, albeit outdated, systems. This is how it is with your first deep tissue massage you get on your vacation to the Bahamas. You are so ready to do something new, spoil yourself to feel better for the rest of the trip, indulge. What you don’t realize is that unless you have slowly warmed up to this type of massage, your body will be doing cartwheels the next few days, as will your emotions. The toxins released by your first deep tissue massage are a lot like the bugs, shortcomings, “not quite right” fit of diving into a new CRM you haven't fully vetted and researched. The frustration you experience trying to l

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Tips for Transitions in Jobs: Change is constant.

Some of my strongest memories of my K-12 education were during middle school. Our children attend a K-8 and have had the same beloved principal for six years. He has been promoted and will be leaving a legacy, memories and broken hearts. It brought me back to memories of my own transition from Jr. High to High School. They were across the street from each other and the tradition on the last day of ninth grade was to make the symbolic cross to the other side of the street.


My year was different. The district had just changed Jr. High to seventh and eighth only and some teachers had to cross with us. So a large group of future ninth and tenth graders with a couple of

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Better to find out the rest of the story before showing off our smarties.


If you are an expert in ANY field, you must admit to, even if quietly where no one can see you, that you feel superior to those who don't do it as well as you. You may even go so far as to showcase your vast experience and shiny skills to any audience willing to listen at the expense of the one with less experience. Resist that temptation. There may be more to the story than you think. Usually the full story is far more interesting than the one of pointing out a supposed dullard or dunderhead. It's not a great quality to possess, but we are human. What we do with those initial thoughts of superiority defines who we are.

Recently a nearby neighborhood replaced a VERY dated, bedraggled and shabby sign installed in

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Bonnie Crater On the topic of gender equality in the C Space. Listen While You Work

On SLMA Radio recently, Bonnie Crater, CEO of Full Circle CRM was interviewed by me on the topic of gender equality at the C-level. The question of whether or not it is possible was the focus and steps companies can take toward this goal. But one of the byproducts of this interview is the question, "Why does it matter?"

 Here is the replay of that interview:

Or you can view the SLMA Radio interview here > 

This article just posted in USA Today 4/18: Is Meritocracy a joke for women in tech >

The current situation in the tech industry has taken the issues of women in the workplace to new levels of controversy recently. For starters, the number of women in Silicon Valley has been falling precipitously over decades' time.

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Amazon & B2B companies are not the bogeymen of online data-capture.

So much fuss is made about social media companies that capture everything about us. They sell everything about us they can learn by our behavior and that of our friends. We know this. We are also familiar with the tracking set up by Marketo, Bronto, click-just-about-anything, Constant Contact, Experian, Salesforce, SalesFUSION, Unbounce, Weblead Tracker, Zendesk, Zappos and the rest of the 380 most common beacons. This doesn't mention the 982+ common advertising trackers, 321+ common analytics trackers, 19+ for privacy and another 292+ of widgets in general. 

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Pandora's Box of Live Streaming and Paid Events


All the buzz happening with Meerkat and Meerkasting, Periscope, Twitter, LiveStream, streaming in general, and YouTube Live Events in streams has opened Pandora's box on copyright, trademark, privacy and just bad manners in general.

Visiting with a friend on this topic, Krishna De in Dublin, we reminisced about the time when we used to set up IP based webcams to stream live from our homes and businesses back in the day and

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Social Media: If you list it on your resume, you'd better really do it.

Unless your name is John Smith, Li Nguyen, Jose Fernandez, Rajesh Kumar or Mary Jones, don’t be too confident people won't be sure which you is YOU when they try to connect on social media. Actually, if that's what you are hoping, then stop reading.  

Your goal for clients, potential prospects and strategic partners is for them to EASILY find you, and be positive they have found the correct YOU. Next, people will want to see you have helpful, credible, supporting information on your profile so they will want to connect with you.

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11 Email Marketing Basics: Drop a note to those who opened your newsletter

This post may be "101" for many of you who have full marketing departments, large automated systems that process subscribers, send out auto-responders, and automatically create newsletters from your hashtagged posts on social media. This is for the rest of you. There are so many types of email marketing systems. Some are so complex and auto-piloted you barely know what is being sent out or who is engaging until you read the monthly reports. This is a very hands-off approach. Although it is helpful for tracking and saving time, you can lose touch with those who are actually

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Authenticity without filters can just be mean and unprofessional

Sticks and stones can still leave quite a sting for a long time later.

We are all taught that adage "honesty is the best policy" from a very young age - partly because it somewhat rhymes. Further definition to "honesty" needs to be given. We can be honest in admitting mistakes - rather than denying them. We can give an honest opinion on a topic or product. This does not mean abandon all courteous filters. How many times lately have you read or heard about being "authentic" and "genuine?" I purposely use the big air quotes here because these words are being tossed around by many as an excuse to blather on about their flaws, dirty laundry and heavily biased, rude opinions on anything, everything and everyone. The words are so over-used that in some of my circles we have put a moratorium on the words to stop the misuse.

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Pitching when you aren't on your mound and other networking missteps

"It's the wind up, and the pitch!

There is a time and a place. I realize that many sales professionals, consultants, and others professionals are in a constant state of hyper-alert opportunity-seeking mode in most situations. Sometimes you have to give it a rest. Make more mental notes or voice memos if you have to. There are times when you should look to set up an opportunity to continue a conversation later. This way both of you can focus and your victim isn't walked by you and your wild-out-of-place pitch.




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Growing Your Biz Presence on #GooglePlus, aka Google+

This is a recap of a Hangout on Air featuring Those4Girls, Stephan Hovnanian, owner of Shovi Websites and SLMA Online Marketing Director, Susan Finch. The discussion covered these points:

  • Why is it important to have a presence specifically on G+?
  • What are the most efficient best practices for your Business Page?
  • What resources are out there to help me build a solid reputation on G+?
  • How do I set myself apart from the crowd in a busy, content filled platform?

NINJA TIP: On all social media venues that have taglines, statements - if you are preparing to attend an event - mention it there, if you are speaking, have a booth - mention it so that when people connect with you ahead of time they know they have the right "YOU."

Stephan has a weekly show: Google+ Business Spotlight - how businesses are using Google+. He's written a couple of books on various topics on Google. Time to make it a bigger part of your web footprint.

 Google+ is one more tool to increase your reach, your authority, your reputation through true engagement. This is a more collaborative environment.

Why is a presence on Google+ important?

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Connecting is more than a like, follow, circle, or +1

21504186_sAs we deepen our relationships through online communities such as Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube, we can get caught up in the quick scroll through the newsfeeds with limited time and attention as to what is being posted by whom. We quickly jam through the "liking" of posts, +1-ing shares, posts and images, retweeting something from someone without even visiting the link just to add something to our timeline. That's not connecting.

Next, our online profile is your HANDSHAKE. If you have a profile on Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter - don't forget to lose your newbie moniker by filling in ALL of the blanks. This includes a REAL headshot - HEAD - not your full body in some pose because in streams you are REALLY tiny next to your post. If it is YOU and not a company page or brand page - it needs to be YOU not your logo. How about the default or blank BANNERS on Google+, Twitter, Facebook? It reeks, "NOOB." - find something, a photo of a place you love, a quote, SOMETHING other than the default or blank or stock background images Twitter offers.

Onward - what is your criteria for connecting with people? Do they simply have to ask you and you say yes? Really? You realize this not only gives them access to shove stuff at you, links, promos, requests, invitations, but in the case of LinkedIn it allows them to be one step closer to your carefully cultivated connections. Did those connections know that you just open up to anyone that asks? Seems a bit loosy-goosey to me.

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Rise of the Revenue Marketer


Author: Debbie Qaqish

Amazon: 4.9 out of 5 stars. See all reviews (7 customer reviews)
Kindle Price: $3.95, Hardcover $19.95, Barnes & Noble $3.95.

Five-Star Review on Amazon. I tried to leave a review on Barnes & Noble, but it was impossible.

Length: 228 pages. Publisher: BookLogix; 1st edition (October 22, 2013)

This is the best marketing book I have read. Ever. Period (real period). Written by Debbie Qaqish, there are ten chapters with contributions from 24 business-to-business marketers, not consultants. Launching with the question, “What are you going to do about revenue?” Debbie takes us on a journey to prove that, with will, there is payoff for marketers and their companies. The times they are a-changing in marketing, and Qaqish is on the forefront of those who know that marketing creates wealth and that there are now systems to prove it. This is not a book that holds all of its central ideas in the first 50 pages, while the other 168 pages exist to make the publisher happy. You have to read it all. With the quotes from 24 marketers, it’s a fast read that will hang with you for your career.

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Taking the Mystery out of Pricing Telemarketing Services

Photo_marianne2SLMA Radio host Jim Obermayer asks Mari Anne Vanella to tackle the tough subject of navigating what should be paid for the different levels of telemarketing services.   Mari Anne is the president of the Vanella Group and is a featured speaker at the annual Dreamforce meeting.


In this 40 minute interview Obermayer will work with Mari Anne to separate fact from fiction about telemarketing pricing and the different levels of compensation based on the project scope.  Should database clean-up be different from lead generation which could be different from appointment setting, which could be different from pure sales, which is different from lead nurturing?  What about a flat hourly fee verses those companies that charge for per calling hour, management and reporting?


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SLMA RADIO: Is the traditional sales compensation program for B2B dead?

SLMA Radio Host Jim Obermayer will ask Daniel Perry of Sales Benchmark Index the tough questions.  

Some of what they will be covering includes:

  • Is the traditional sales compensation program of salary plus commission obsolete?
  • Are commissions dead as a motivator?
  • How much should the base salary be as a percentage of the whole package?
  • Is it time to change commissioned sales reps to just a salary?
  • Are draws again commission still used?
  • Are companies paying for sales lead follow-up? 
About Daniel Perry
Dan Perry is an industry thought leader with more than 25 years of experience in B2B field sales, sales management, and sales operations. Dan has delivered domestic and international results for companies such as: 
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Yahoo!
  • Epicor 
  • Terremark Worldwide
  • Dow Jones
  • Kronos
  • Intuit
  • CDS Global 
  • Ceridian 

Prior to joining Sales Benchmark Index, Dan held executive sales leadership positions 'making the number' at Aramark, Corporate Express, Lavi Industries and 3 Day Blinds. In these roles, he held global responsibility for sales strategy, market segmentation, demand creation, sales process, channel design, organizational structure, sales force capacity planning, and served as a member of the executive management committees.

Dan is an is adjunct professor at Pepperdine University for their MBA program specializing in Sales Management. He earned a BA in Economics from Illinois Wesleyan University.
Sales Benchmark Index 
Sales Benchmark Index provides sales consulting services to leading organizations across the private and public sectors. These companies are seeking to increase their rate of revenue growth. Unlike traditional sales improvement approaches, such as software implementations or skills training, SBI offers superior value because it relies on the benchmarking method to deliver results. This method of sales consulting allows for results to be delivered quickly with little organizational disruption and it is accomplished through the use of best-in-class diagnostic tools and solutions that are supported with verifiable truth. Each project is executed by the most experienced team of advisors in the industry.

Top 3 Ways to Determine if a Database Provider is Legitimate

By Tim Slevin, President & CEO of Healthcare Data Solutions

20818610_500There are a lot of database companies out there, and most of them are legitimate businesses that want to develop lasting customer relationships by providing quality data and service. But a small percentage of these companies are definitely not reputable, and if you’re not careful, you can lose money on a bad deal.

To help you determine if a database provider is legitimate, I’ve compiled a list of the top 3 things that you should do before signing any contracts or paying any money.

  1. Look up their physical address.
    Chances are a company run out of somebody’s garage isn’t going to have good quality data. Make sure the address on Google is an actual business, and not a residential home on Zillow or a fast food restaurant.
  2. Research them on LinkedIn.
    Every reputable, legitimate company these days either has a page of their own on LinkedIn, or at the very least, their employees have profiles there. I would be very leery of a company – database or otherwise – that didn’t appear there at all.
  3. Set the specs for a sample.
    If you ask a data company to give you a sample of their data, you can bet they’re going to give you the most pristine, clean, perfect records they have available. But you can also bet that these records will not be representative of the actual quality of their data as a whole. Give them a set of criteria that allows for companies that you know to come up in their sample. If those companies are not in the sample, or if the data they have on them is outdated, that’s a red flag.

Listen Now:
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Sales Lead Management Association Names McGuire and McDade to the SLMA College of Fellows

July 8, 2013 --Los Angeles, CA--James W. Obermayer, CEO of the Sales Lead Management Association, has named two executives to the Sales Lead Management College of Fellows: Laura McGuire, CEO of Saligent, and Dan McDade, CEO of PointClear. The SLMA College of Fellows program recognizes leaders in academia and B2B/B2C companies who have excelled in the field of sales lead management.

This program provides SLMA members with an opportunity to recognize industry professionals who have contributed their time, resources, expertise, and leadership. Each year the SLMA accepts applications from those in the sales lead management industry who would like to be accepted into the SLMA College of Fellows; only a few are selected.

Laura-mcguireAbout Laura McGuire
A four-time tech entrepreneur and sales lead management expert, Laura McGuire and Saligent are pioneers and innovators in prospect conversion. She holds the earliest and most cited patents for crowdsourcing and virtual labor technologies. The Sales Lead Management Association named Laura its most influential person in 2011 and 2012.

Dan-mcdadeAbout Dan McDade
Dan McDade is President and CEO of PointClear, LLC, a prospect development firm helping B2B companies drive revenue by nurturing leads, engaging contacts and developing prospects until they're ready to purchase. The Sales Lead Management Association named Dan one of the 50 most influential people in sales lead management for the last four consecutive years. He was named a 2012 Top Sales Expert and one of the Top 50 Sales & Marketing Influencers for 2012 and 2013 by Top Sales World. Dan’s book, The Truth About Leads, is a practical, easy-to-read book that helps B2B companies focus their leadgeneration efforts, align their sales and marketing organizations and drive revenue. In addition, Dan hosts PowerViews, a video interview series featuring sales and marketing thought leaders, and writes a popular blog: ViewPoint -- The Truth About Lead Generation.

The deadline to apply for the 2014 SLMA College of Fellows is March 1, 2014.

Requirements include a completed application, a $50 fee, and five letters of recommendation.

About the Sales Lead Management Association
The Sales Lead Management Association was founded in 2007. Membership is free. The association serves 4,502 members of the worldwide sales lead management community. A privately held organization, SLMA has a diversified business model with revenues coming from sponsors, software reviews, display advertising, SLMA Radio, newsletter advertising, sponsored cartoons, and industry leader links. For additional information, visit: SLMA.

# # # By: +Susan Finch

SLMA Radio: Juliana Lukasik, @largefilms on Mentoring

image from slma.podbean.comSparking debate and fostering the next generation of professional women through advocacy, mentorship and business moxie is what Juliana Lukasik can bring to your next conference. You’ll want her unique perspective as a expert in high-profile, international product launches and a leader for the cause of promoting women in media. We wanted to hear more from her on the topic of mentoring and relate it to the sales and marketing industries.

When SLMA Radio cohost, Susan Finch first heard Juliana speak, it was on a panel honoring the 20 Women of Influence in Oregon. It was sponsored by the Portland Business Journal. Mentoring professionals, especially women, is Juliana's passion.

The Sales Lead Management Association is always talking about lead nurturing, lead management and sales skills training. It is our responsibility to dedicate as little as 3% of our time to mentoring professionals and students to help them become the leaders we want to face in sales, as peers. How else will they learn best practices if not from those who go before them? Tune in to hear Juliana and Susan speak about the importance of mentoring in all industries.

A bit about Juliana Lukasik:

Juliana has been in the film business for over 20 years. She is in the minority three percent of women commercial directors. She graduated from Oregon State University with a Bachelors of Arts in Broadcast Communications. In 1999, she purchased Signature Films and changed the name to @Large Films. In addition to day-to-day management of the company and business development, Juliana has produced and directed projects that have won Emmy, Addy and Telly awards. As a child, Juliana was told by her father that there wasn't anything she couldn't do. She believed this to her core. She is also the President of the CEIC (Central Eastside Industrial Council). Along with her love of advertising, Juliana is currently in pre-production on a project about one of her favorite subjects, pet adoption.

Follow her: @julianalukasik View her LinkedIn profile.


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By: +Susan Finch

Google+, YouTube and Google Hangouts

Google+ and Youtube

Have you ventured into Google+ yet or are you saying, "ONE more Social Media venue? Are you kidding me?" It gets better - with Google+ swallowing up YouTube and GoogleHangouts you can hit them from all angles with very little effort.

If you use YouTube, YouTube is redoing it's layout for channels. Our pretty backgrounds with our branding will no longer work. We all have to come up with new banner graphics. Good news is, you can most likely use the same graphic on Google+, too.

Here's an example of a freshened up YouTube Channel >

Here's an example of the layout of the new graphics for all formats: online, television, mobile devices >

Now, here's the thing to give a try: GoogleHangouts. It's a way to BROADCAST LIVE your video conference and automatically upload to your freshened up YouTube channel.

Here are some easy to follow articles to give you ideas and talk about the benefits of Google Hangouts:

You and your company need to stay up on these venues and trends. Google Hangouts is under utilizied at this point, but is pretty nifty, especially when you promote your conference using "Hype My Hangout."

Think about it - tech talk, product release Q&A. Many of you already do webinars, but this is a way to control the panel and then have the recording to use later, already publicized in all social media venues.

By: +Susan Finch

What good is helpful information if you keep it locked up?

9694511_sHow many of you are over the fact that when you click on a helpful or interesting headline the first thing you need to do is fill out a form to view it? This is typical on Twitter and LinkedIn.  Time to practice combatting what we rant about regularly.  The website has had a wonderful library of articles for members to read. They were required to login and then they had access.

This doesn't help everyone who just doesn't feel like remembering one more password. Our article authors take a lot of time to write these articles. We want to share their information with everyone - member or non-member. So we have gone through and made EVERY article on public.

Members wll be required to login in order to nominate and vote for the 50 Most Influential in Sales Lead Management each year. Members will be required to login to nominate for the 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management, as well. We may have one or two items like that requiring login, but information, articles and whitepapers are available to all as of this week!

Visit: to see what we mean! Oh, and don't miss the more recently added b2c page:

There is a wealth of information sorted by topic. If you haven't logged in lately, or just never bothered, this is a great time to read some of our articles, including these topics:

 Please select a topic below to preview titles
Alignment: Sales & Marketing Branding & Personal Image Business Intelligence
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Job Descriptions
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Trade Show Lead Acquisition & Management Video: Lead Generation and Lead Management White Papers
By: +Susan Finch

Sales Lead Management Association Starts ‘Women in Sales & Marketing’ Radio Segment

Artsy-headshot2Los Angeles, CA - - January 22, 2013 - - James W. Obermayer, CEO of the Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA), announced today that the association is devoting part of its successful SLMA internet radio programming to business women in sales and marketing.

“Since SLMA Radio’s introduction in July of 2010,” Obermayer said, “we have had 135 CEO, CSO and CMO interviews. Programming of late has also had many subject-oriented programs that are “How-To’s.” Now we are dedicating broadcast time to women in sales and marketing because women make up the vast majority of the marketing positions in B2B and B2C companies.”

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Proud of my daughter's success in her current career.

As parents we watch our children grow, go to college, start careers. They start learning from us and our examples. They learn from their peers, professors, internships. Sometimes they don't realize what has soaked in from our teachings and examples.

Sales Management:

She only has a seaonal business. Each year she adds another 25% to her customer base. She reconnects with her clients and shows them new product, talks about any pricing changes, profitability and the company's mission. She's passionate and truly listens to her customers. They feel valued and are loyal to her efforts.

Qualified Leads:

As most are from her local farm, or referrals, 90% of her leads are qualified. There are unforeseen wrenches that she can't always combat, but she shakes them off and makes room for the next sale.

Lead Nurturing:

She follows up with last year's customers, asking them if they have an referrals for her in the area, then following up immediately mentioning the original customer as the one who sent her to them.

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Why don't women in business take credit for their achievements?

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Finch_S02-8534-cropped Jill-Rowley-200x300SLMA Director, Susan Finch had a lively conversation with Jill Rowley of Eloqua, deciphering what keeps women from taking credit for their own accomplishments. They also discussed what separates women who are comfortable standing up for themselves, their skills and accomplishments from those who quietly take the back seat, frequently to a man in a lateral position.

Following are some of the highlights of their discussion.

As reported by CNN just last month, 57% of men negotiate their starting salaries, yet only 7% of women do.  Why?  Taking into account that many women are single or the primary earners in their families, this is a staggering gap and would lead one to deduce that the lack of negotiation on the part of women has nothing to do with skills, education or need.  Statistics also show that women walk away from careers or leave the workforce well before they reach higher positions they are qualified for, primarily due to projecting years in advance about marriage, motherhood, or potential failures, thereby sabotaging their own success.  Not surprisingly, women who work outside the home still take on the bulk of household chores whether or not they share their homes with a spouse and/or children of age to assist. Even in instances where the woman is the primary earner for her family, the household duties stereotypically tagged as “Mom work” often await her and are not divvied up amongst the rest of the family. If Mom wants clean underwear, she’s likely doing the laundry after a long day at the office, after she’s picked up dinner and stopped by the dry cleaner.  Both men and women clearly seem to agree there are still women’s roles that aren’t as quickly picked up by men, even though women today do jobs (quite well) that once were thought of as men-only positions.

This brought up another topic, the likes of Maureen Reagan. Had she been a man, she would have been better received by women. Women were intimidated by her strength, but why?  Susan suggested that too often women are considered ball-busters when they are acting no differently than men would in parallel situations, but it is outside the EXPECTED behavior of women which makes men and women uncomfortable.

Recognizing that in order to succeed, we have to embrace failures, Jill said, "I eat failure for breakfast so that I can dine on success for lunch and dinner."  Jill is a big fan of Ted Talks ( ) There have been some inspiring speakers on this topic of women's worth in the workplace – it's an inside job.  It begins withIN us.

EMBRACE your feminine qualities. It sets you apart, but even more, it’s just what you are. You’ll never, EVER find a man looking for a less masculine suit or asking for a haircut that softens his features! If you feel like a million bucks wearing the heels that give you legs up to there wear them and click-click-click your way right into the board room. Have confidence! Being feminine in business doesn't have to take on negative connotations such as tacky, trampy or loose. If you’re speaking with authority and members of the roundtable can’t take their eyes off you in your well-fitted pink blouse or red-soled Louboutins – all the better! Now you’ve got their FULL attention!  Being a woman in business is about balance – a balance of grace, dignity and confidence without apology for being in-your-face when it’s called for. Business is business so pull on your big girl pumps and get to it!

Jill and Susan are talking about those “woman shoes” in this episode.  How do women dress when they go out for an evening of business networking in mixed company? What about when it's just with other women? Do they tend to dress like "strong males" with slacks, jackets and flats? The women on this show are fans of Carlos Santana, Jimmy Choo, Kate Spade, Steve Madden and other feminine designers who know you may want to actually walk a few blocks in their amazing designs and look good doing so. If Kate Spade can build a business designing clothing and accessories, what sense does it make that a business woman wouldn’t wear them… to work?

The importance of doing time in the trenches for any supervisor position (the credibility is necessary) is also covered.  Coming straight from an inside position into a higher role is tough for some teams to swallow if the new superior never walked in their shoes (that they know of). While it does sometimes happen, there’s a finesse to moving through the ranks and settling in while demonstrating qualifications and leadership for the role.

To hear the entire show click below.

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About Jill Rowley:

Jill Rowley continues to be a force in the sales lead management industry. A pioneer in the space, Jill has become an expert and global companies (Rally Software, DocuSign, ArcSight) turn to her for guidance and knowledge.

Jill has spent the past 10 years building the marketing automation space with Eloqua and joined after 2 years with She is passionate about helping companies and individuals within those companies optimize their revenue engines by providing the knowledge they need to modernize their people, processes, data, content and technology. Jill has been an individual quota carrying Sales Rep for the past 12 years, but many of the experts, analysts, consultants and thought leaders know Jill is actually the “Chief Customer and Community Ambassador.”


About Susan FInch:

Susan Finch has had her own web solutions business since 2001 the day her daughter was born. She had to cancel a meeting with her largest client because she had gone into labor. She seized the opportunity to reformulate her day-to-day work life to include her home life. It was the beginning of great succcess at both ends. She began in PR/Marketing in 1985 at a small company in Irvine, California.  In 1996 she transitioned into web design, while staying true to her PR and Marketing roots. Her clients benefit from the sum of these experiences.

By: +Susan Finch

Why Marketing Automation Needs Outbound Telemarketing

Ddacosta_DMPDebra Da Costa was recently interviewed on SLMA Radio to discuss the two independent disciplines and how they are becoming interconnected.  Oubound Telemarketing can stand on its own, but can Marketing Automation?  Litsten to hear thoughts on this subject:

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Outbound Telemarketing is usually called in when Sales and Marketing are scratching their heads of how to handle digital clutter. helps to have someone from telemarketing to follow up on the vast quanities of leads - at least as a prequalifier, otherwise sales force cannot be relied on to call on these leads at the right time.

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Why is marketing aggravated with the sales people?

During a recent broadcast of SLMA Radio, Jim Obermayer and Will Crist took opposing positions to gain better understanding as to why Sales gets so ticked at Marketing.

Jim took the position of a marketing executive and Will took that as a sales team member.

"A Sales Person should be helping someone who has a problem come to a decision as quickly as possible," according to Will Crist.
A sales lead from a sales person perspective is sales qualified lead - what sales people should expect or gently demand from that lead is that:

Someone that has raised their hands saying they want to talk to someone about the problems they are having.  Or, a company or person who wants to talk to someone to about my problems -- not about the product.

You can here the discussion here:

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  • outrageous expectations
  • no money
  • cannot make a decision
  • no time to deal with it.

Qualified lead is a person with a need - ideally an immediate need.

Marketing's feeling is that Sales thinks a lead is someone ready to buy.
If they are not ready to buy, they think it's a waste of effort.
Ideally a PO would be attached to a sales lead; but as we know, that doesn't usually happen.

Sales person is supposed to help the person with the problem come to the decision as quickly as possible.

What do most sales people say are wrong with most leads - what is the biggest complaint.
Will told a story, "I had a client generating 289 leads per month.  They would go to the restaurants, invited people from the companies they wanted, "Come on over!"  From the lunch, marketing would give the cards to the sales folks from the lunch presenting them as 'qualified' leads worthy of follow up.  When sales followed up, the "leads" told them, 'Thank you for the great lunch, but we aren't interested in talking to you..."

Borrowed interest.  Typical - put your card in the bowl - get a free iPad, pens, etc.

Marketing has to watch out that they don't use borrowed interest to raise their hands and create unqualified leads.

What is your tradeshow experience? How many leads do you bring back? How many are QUALIFIED leads?  Who wants to talk about the problems?  Who has a date and time attached to the cards?  Better to bring back 30 of these leads, rather than 400 with borrowed interest as the motivator.

Complicating factor:
Marketing is measured by how many leads they generate - not QUALIFIED leads?
Most companies don't know how to discern that reporting, which causes Marketing to grab any type of lead they can. This leads to sales not trusting or not bothering with the leads passed on from marketing.

You can here the discussion here:

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By: +Susan Finch

SLMA Radio: Expert talk about the STUPID mistakes bloggers make!

SLMA Host Jim Obermayer Interviews Dan McDade president of PointClear and Susan Finch of McDade publishes ViewPoint, The Truth About Lead Generation which was just named One of Top 50 Blogs by Top Sales World. Susan Finch, the director web services for the SLMA, has created over 100 blogs for her clients. Learn what works and what doesn’t. Hear what Dan McDade has to say about what he has done to create an award winning blog. Hear from Susan Finch who recounts the stupidest, and sometimes costliest mistakes new bloggers make.

Listen Now:

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Some tips included:

  • Knowing the difference between a press release, a blog post and an article.
  • BUYING photos rather than 'borrowing' them from Google image results
  • Point your domain to a REAL URL, not just


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Sales Lead Management Association Launches its College of Fellows Program

James W. Obermayer, CEO of the Sales Lead Management Association, announced that it has formed a Sales Lead Management College of Fellows program to recognize leaders in academia and B2B/B2C companies who have excelled in the field of sales lead management. The SLMA College of Fellows is an opportunity for people who have given of their time and resources, expertise and leadership to be recognized for their contributions. Obermayer said, “Each year, from the applications submitted, a chosen few Sales Lead Management Fellows will be recognized. The requirements are stringent, but the acknowledgement from their peers for their accomplishments will be a just reward.”

To apply to be a Sales Lead Management Fellow, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be an SLMA member. Membership is free. You can join here >
  • You must have a minimum of 15 years' experience (180 months) in the field of marketing, or a minimum of 10 years as a marketer and 5 years in sales and/or sales management, or as an educator.
  • As an educator you must show that at least 50% of your time has been spent in the field of marketing education.
  • Through your works (speaking, articles, blog, or books), you must demonstrate a knowledge of sales lead management processes.
  • You must have demonstrated professional capability in the field of sales lead management.
  • You must be an influencer in the field of sales lead management, which can include written expertise (books and articles). *Note that articles and blog posts differ.
  • You must have demonstrated leadership in the field of sales lead management.
  • You must have experience speaking publicly on the topic of sales lead management.

To apply for the 2013 recognition process, the deadline is March 1, 2013. There is an application, a $50 fee and a requirement for five letters of recommendation. About the Sales Lead Management Association
The Sales Lead Management Association was founded in 2007. Membership is free.

The association serves 4,502 members of the worldwide sales lead management community. A privately held organization, SLMA has a diversified business model with revenues coming from sponsors, software reviews, display advertising, SLMA Radio, newsletter advertising, sponsored cartoons, and industry leader links.

For additional information, visit: SLMA.

# # #

By: +Susan Finch

10 Mistakes Bloggers Make - an unexpected list.

(photo above is McD viewed from the Seattle Space Needle: don't miss an opportunity to keep your brand front and center!)

Before bloggers even begin posting the first two mistakes in this list happen before the template has been chosen:

1. Permitting someone else to register the domain for you under that person's account.  This results in your NOT being the owner of your domain. There are four contacts in the domain registration.  When another company registers it your domain under their own account, you will not be listed as the owner, the billing or administrative contact.  The problem with this is that if you have a falling out with that person or company, or they close shop, you'll never get notification of when your domain is about to expire and you risk that your site will go down, including your mail.  In worse cases, your domain could be forward to another address without your knowledge or taken offline altogether maliciously if you have any conflicts.  You may also lose your domain and it can be very difficult to get it back.

SOLUTION: If you have someone else register it for you, be sure to request that they update the contacts to show you as the registrant, administrative and billing contacts. The agency can remain the technical contact.  That's a MUST.  Better yet, set up your own account with a domain registrant such as,, or  I'm not a fan of or – too difficult to make changes and talk to a human.  DOMAIN registration is NOT NAME server or WEB HOSTING.  They can all be at the same place, but you can also have your domain registered with one company, the site sits with another company and your name servers are somewhere else. (YouTube 5 minute video: learn the difference.)

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SLMA Radio: SEO Lies, Myths, Falsehoods, Deceptions and Snake Oil Promises

judy-key-johnson.jpgJames Obermayer the host of SLMA Radio interviews Judy Key Johnson from the Key Marketing Group as she discusses Lies, Myths, Falsehoods, Deceptions and Snake Oil promises surrounding discipline of search engine optimization.  Judy will cover:
  • What to expect.
  • What not to expect.
  • What not to do.
  • How much doing it will cost.
  • How to choose someone to do it
  • And how long it takes to see results.

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