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John Hasbrouck 1958-2017 Exhibit Industry Pioneer Succumbs to Accident Injuries

Succumbs from a Mountain Biking Accident

John-hasbrouck-200It’s with great sadness that we announce the passing of John Blevins Hasbrouck, March 29, 1958 - September 8, 2017.   John had an accident on August 31st, while mountain biking with friends and family in McCall, Idaho.  He never recovered from his injuries and passed away at Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise on Friday, September 8th, surrounded by his loving family.

His Impact on the Exhibits Industry

Eighteen years ago, Hasbrouck attended a trade show and was dissatisfied with the sales lead retrieval system the show management used.  He believed that the simple badge-reading technology provided only the most basic information about the visitor and nothing about their needs or their intent to buy the products offered. 

He was disgruntled enough that when he returned home to California he developed a software solution that read 95% of the badges that trade show management companies offered.  He developed reading/capture devices with software that exhibiting companies could either buy or rent for their shows from his new company: NewLeads.

This disruptive technology to offer better badging and scanning devices was originally resisted by the exhibit management companies.  The technology Hasbrouck introduced changed exhibitors’ expectations and put pressure on conference organizers and exhibit service companies to offer more sophisticated badge scanning and lead acquisition devices. 

Traditionally, prior to NewLeads, exhibit organizers and services used simple proprietary software, which was closed to third-party devices and services such as Hasbrouck’s.   Because these companies would not provide the code to read their badges, Hasbrouck created software to read them.  This capability allowed exhibitors to have sophisticated lead-capture devices and build databases based on the prospect’s needs, which created qualified leads. The winners in this process, John believed, were the sales representatives and the companies that spend a large part of their marketing budgets on exhibits and events.  Hasbrouck believed the exhibitors had a right to read visitors’ badges using their own or a third-party’s system.

Hasbrouck’s software read millions of badges, provided qualified leads to hundreds of thousands of salespeople and thousands of companies with sophisticated profiles of the prospects’ needs.  Hasbrouck’s technology was not always welcomed by exhibit services companies that wanted to sell less advanced devices to exhibitors.   While Hasbrouck’s outspoken criticism of the status quo put him at odds with exhibit service companies, he was welcomed by 3,000 companies worldwide that benefited from qualified sales leads.   Eventually, many of the exhibit services companies that resisted his overtures offered more sophisticated systems and software to the benefit of everyone.

Statement from NewLeads Management

John was deeply loved by his family, friends and employees and we can’t put into words the loss that will be felt by his passing.  Those of us who had the opportunity to work with him will also feel a tremendous loss. He was an extraordinarily smart and accomplished entrepreneur who built a company that still represents and practices the founding principles.

His exceptional work ethic, long-term commitment to his clients and suppliers, diligence in strong financial practices, unwavering desire to always do the right thing, and his belief that his colleagues were integral to both his personal and to the company’s success made him truly one of a kind.

“I have always been proud to say I worked for John Hasbrouck,” said Karl Becker, COO.

John’s vision for the company will be continued by the Hasbrouck family and all the NewLeads employees.

Hasbrouck Walked the Talk as a Christian

John was one of the most giving people I have met; I saw him open his checkbook to help the ill, and downtrodden.  He unhesitatingly  gave his money, time, and advice to help those in need.  When asked one time why he gave so much, John turned to me,  looked into my eyes and said, “Because it is the right thing to do Jim, regardless of the cost.”  Hasbrouck, was and is an unabashed Christian who walked the talk at every opportunity.  He will be missed.   

Prior to NewLeads

John's first job was as a news anchor for an NBC affiliate in Yuma, AZ, where he performed the role of writer, editor, and presenter of news stories on the evening news. He later worked as an independent contractor for the Christian Broadcasting Network, where he was involved in the production of special reports throughout Latin America. John also founded Media International early in his career, which produced educational videotapes which he sold to schools K-12 and to youth leaders throughout the country.  

John is survived by his wife Cordelia, and his children Jillian Bertone (AJ) of San Francisco, Catherine of Boston, William and Harrison of Ojai, CA; and his siblings David Hasbrouck ( & Elizabeth) of San Marino, Mary Ehrlich (& Glenn) of Carnation, WA, and Nancy Hasbrouck of San Diego, CA. John will be remembered as a loving husband, father, brother and son who was devoted to his faith and family, a man of great integrity, and one who was never afraid to speak his mind.

Sunday Musings - How to Move from Marketing to the C-Suite - Liz Pearce & Matt Heinz

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LiquidPlanner-Liz-PearceLiz Pearce is Chief Executive Officer at LiquidPlanner, the fast-growing Seattle-based maker of predictive project management technology. She is responsible for the company’s overall vision, strategic direction and growth. Liz is an entrepreneurial leader with more than 15 years of marketing, product management and technology leadership experience. She started her career at LiquidPlanner as Director of Marketing in 2007 before being named COO in 2011 and CEO in August of 2012.

About Liquid Planner

Our founders Charles Seybold and Jason Carlson were well-seasoned project managers, attempting to run hundreds of projects using the inflexible and unreliable planning tools that were a standard way of managing work. They saw what everyone else did—that project management was deeply broken; that teams couldn’t trust their schedules or rely on projects to come in on time or on budget.

 They started LiquidPlanner in 2006 in Seattle with the intention of creating the project management tool that they wanted to use—something that was dynamic, supportive and reliable. One based on the belief that teams work best when they organize tasks by priority, make best/worst case estimates, and collaborate in one central location.

Today, we are the only resource-driven, predictive project management solution in the world. We call it Dynamic Project Management.

We believe that setting and communicating priorities is the single most important thing you can do to make your team more effective. When you build your plan around priorities instead of hundreds of hard-coded dates, magic happens. Scheduling multiple projects becomes easier than ever before. People know what to work on. Whenever priorities change, so do your schedules—automatically.

Thousands of companies worldwide are using LiquidPlanner to deliver their projects with unparalleled confidence. To focus on what matters. To get things done. To stay on top of the competition in a fast-moving market.

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