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When the Company President as Sales Manager Fails

IStock_000008575657MediumIf sales are lagging, salespeople are failing, no one is traveling with salespeople (front of customers), maybe it is time the company president relinquishes the reins of presidential sales manager.  There comes a point in the company’s growth when the president needs to focus on presidential things and leave sales management to a professional sales manager.  No, I didn’t say promote the best sales person and make them a manager.

Salespeople need care and attention. Inside salespeople need more care and attention than outside salespeople. Both groups need a daily dose of coaching. If you have a part-time sales manager you'll get part-time results. 

Just because the company president knows how to sell doesn’t mean he or she can be a part-time sales manager and succeed.  This is small company stuff, that all companies have to go through and outgrow.

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Funnel Radio Line-up Oct 26, 2017

 Full schedule today. David Lewis kicks us off at 9:30 am Pacific with his guest, Daniel Day.

  • How ABM fosters tighter alignment between Sales and Marketing
  • The process for establishing targets for sales teams
  • Why ABM can be easier for driving growth than traditional demand generation

Some of these topics covered on the other shows include: It’s Budget Time and this year may be different for many marketers as expectations of “marketing revenue management” have increased. The 5 Step Model for Operationalizing an SPB&M. Also, Why is marketing automation important to any (IT) organization? Jim has a candid conversation with Lars Helgeson CEO of GreenRope. He discusses what he learned from rejection, over-coming resistance, and why he needed to build partnership with employees as well as the external partnerships so important in building a business. Matt's guest is Maureen Ezekwugo getting you on track to take your sales career to the next level. Points include: Four traits or skills needed to make it in sales management AND How to position yourself for the next opportunity to advance your sales career.


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