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Funnel Radio Lineup: August 17, 2017


Today is a special line up. Not only do we have our usual four shows airing, but we are launching our newest show by Ipswitch: PICNIC Podcast for IT Pros. Hosts are Jeanne Hopkins & Kevin Conklin

Here's the full line up today:

9:30 am DemandGen Radio

Guest: Doug Bewsher Host: David Lewis
An Interview with Leadspace CEO, Doug Bewsher

10:30 SLMA Radio

Guest: Peter Gillett Host: James Obermayer
Innovations in Mobile Lead Capture



11:00 CRM Radio

Hosts: James Obermayer & Paul Roberts 
Define A Sales Lead Mgmt Process or Play Roulette



11:30 Sales Pipeline Radio

Guest: James Thomas Host: Brian Hansford
CMO’s need more discipline and rigor around managing the revenue pipeline
@jthomas_44 @remarkmarketing



P.I.C.N.I.C Podcast by Ipswitch

12 noon PICNIC Podcast

Host: Paul Roberts
Guests: Jeanne Hopkins / Kevin Conklin
What is PICNIC Podcast
@ipswitch @kevinconklin @jeannehopkins

How to Make Money from Events - Mark Granovsky on Sales Pipeline Radio

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Sales Pipeline Radio's guest is Mark Granovsky, President and CEO of G2Planet .  Mark will discuss event marketing and how it must be based on data science to be successful. 

Typically, we don't think of event marketing as the latest and greatest in software development to deliver data. It's been a laggard, but it's catching up.

Mark says, that event marketing's portal is not the head on the dog,  but the body. It has to follow the marketing objectives, campaigns,and  purposes of the marketing plan.  Whether the initiatives are, people,  time or money,  marketers have to consider how event marketing manifests itself in campaigns.  

Early on it event marketing was tactical,  just badges, and processing check in. As marketing analytics have evolved and people have become smarter looking at data, the event industry is catching up.  G2Planet pushes its clients through insights into taking action on the data generated.  

Tweet-image-800x400-granovskyEvent Marketing is a lot Like Dinner Meeting

What's the most effective way to build relationships? Dinner. Think about the great conversations that happen at events - large and small - that revolve around a meal. Event marketing is adding more connectivity. 

Listen to this episode to get actionable ideas for your 2018 event marketing schedule.

G2Planet is an enterprise software company for corporate event marketing marketing departments. 

 About G2Planet

Born to Simplify

G2Planet_Logo-2-239351-editedG2Planet developed out of a desire to help event planners do their best work. We've spent close to two decades building software to organize the operational details underlying events. Doing so, has allowed our clients to take time that would otherwise be spent putting out operational fires and use it to design better experiences. Our efforts have ultimately resulted in three software platforms: EventMAX for single events, EventCENTRAL to track multiple events, and EventAUTO for automotive events. 

Jessica Fewless from DemandBase - Why Getting a Decision Takes Input from 6.8 Buyers

In this program, we are very excited to talk with Jessica Fewless who joins us from DemandBase. We discussed the increased complexity of selling into B2B marketing; into B2B targets; the fact that the

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Grant Cardone: How to Increase Results by 10X with Matt Heinz on Sales Pipeline Radio

IStock-803994860Listen  and learn

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If you don't know him yet, it's time to know Grant Cardone. Join us for the provocative, maybe controversial conversation with a sales legend.   Don't miss his core package of MP3 books for your commute or flights. His success is legendary, his energy infectious. You do not want to miss this.

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Surprising Marketing Management Research Scorecard Heinz Marketing

Heinz Marketing surveyed 250 plus B2B sales and marketing pros to learn how they measure and achieve  revenue success. We’ve learned how B2B marketing teams are optimizing, managing  and reporting their results with revenue accountability

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How Marketing Should Measure and Drive Revenue - Rigotti from Bizible with Brian Hansford

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Brian Hansford interviews Dave Rigotti, VP of Marketing from Bizible. Bizible provides a powerful platform that measures marketing performance in driving revenue. 

Brian and Dave  discuss how new analytics and attribution technologies help marketers measure where revenue is coming from, the best performing channels, and the ROI for demand generation. These tools are giving marketers powerful insights to align closely with sales and pursue a common goal! 

About Dave Rigotti


Rigotti runs marketing at Bizible, a venture-backed startup that makes B2B marketing attribution and reporting software.  Dave is also a co-founder and serves on the board of a trade association and community for marketing operations professionals, and which produces the yearly State of Pipeline Marketing report investigating how B2B marketing organizations are driving revenue.

Rigotti has spoken at Dreamforce, Marketing Innovation Summit, #FlipMyFunnel, SEMPO Global, and a number of other marketing events about demand generation, marketing operations / technology, and account-based marketing. 

Before Bizible Dave worked at Microsoft on the Bing marketing team and graduated with a degree in entrepreneurship from the University of Toledo.

 Sales Pipeline Radio Co-Host Brian Hansford

Vice President of Client Services Brian Hansford leads Heinz Marketing technology services practice and specializes in developing demand generation and content strategies powered by process and technology. Brian is a 20 year veteran of the technology industry working for organizations such at Open Text, Citrix, Attachmate and Cambridge Technology Partners. Brian’s team has provided award-winning services for clients in a variety of services from technology, healthcare, manufacturing, and telecommunications.  

IStock-164431365 (2)This podcast has been awarded the Sales Lead Management Association "Go to the Bank" stamp of Approval.  Only articles, ebooks, research, podcasts or white papers that directly have an effect on revenue get this stamp. 

Also listen to:

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