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George Patton’s Lessons: You Have no Choice But to Attack, Attack and Attack.

During difficult times,  from CEOs and presidents to sales and marketing managers each is confronted with one of two choices. 

  1. Will we defend, therefore shrink, possibly survive but in the process risk the death of the enterprise?
  2. Will we fight and take market share from those who choose defense and cannot manage their business?

If the company chooses defense it takes the chance it will save itself into a corporate graveyard. 

If it survives it will most likely give up a large chunk of its market share to a more aggressive competitor. Those who took the option to simply survive by cutting back on sales and marketing and shrink the company may die a bankrupt death or barely survive to compete.  They must rebuild the marketing and sales departments and their credit lines.  Their future is bleak, but they may have a future if nothing else than to sell to a competitor who understands the meaning of the word attack.  

PattonphotoWhy this matters:

"Nobody ever defended anything successfully, there is only attack and attack and attack some more."

George S. Patton


But we don't have to pay too much attention to the"defender."   We should pay all of our attention to those who used their wits and their cunning marketing and sales departments to attack. 

 If the company makes the crucial decision to avo

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What CEOs Overlook in Questioning Sales Managers

Evan Liang, CEO of LeanData answers the tough question!

Slma-recommended-187 In this free-wheeling interview with LeanData’s CEO Evan Liang we discuss his opinion of where CEO’s fail in their management of sales managers by not asking a crucial question that can determine the company’s future.  The host is Jim Obermayer.

About Evan Liang

250-CRMRadio-20170119-liangEvan Liang is the co-founder and CEO of LeanData. A graduate of Stanford University and Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, Liang's business career includes a background in venture capital with Battery Ventures and Shasta Ventures. He founded lead management company LeanData with Kelvin Cheung in 2012. 

About LeanData

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9 Answers for Salespeople’s Stupid Questions

IStock_000018770059SmallWell, maybe ‘stupid’ is too strong a word, but these are common questions and as a marketer or sales manager you should have the answers.

  1. “Half of these leads are no good.”

Answer:  True - half are no good because slightly less than half will buy in one year.  The problem is, only YOU can determine which half will buy.

  1. “It takes too much of my time to use the CRM system.”

Answer:  Once information is entered into the CRM system, it saves you time -    time spent on manual forecasting; time spent looking for names and numbers to call when you promised to call; time spent following up on leads pumped into the system automatically from the web, the marketing automation system, trade shows, etc.   CRM is a time saver. 

  1. “Do I have to call all of the leads you give me?”

Answer:  Yes, you have to call all of the leads we give you because we spent money on your behalf to find these people. Only you can separate out the 50% who will buy from the 50% who won’t.   

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Cartoon for the Weekend: Management Will do almost anything to convert sales leads!


Come on, how difficult is it to convert sales leads?  The first hurtle is getting salespeople to follow-up, not just once, but considering it takes 3-6 touches to make a sale, how about at least three times before giving up.  48% of the salespeople are said to give up after the first call.   Skip the songs and get back to basics.

Why it's Important:

"48% of the salespeople are said to give up after the first call.   Enforce a 100% follow-up of all sales inquiries (not just qualified leads) and watch sales jump."

Sales Lead Management Association 

Cartoon by Stu Heinecke author of How to Get a Meeting with Anyone, Heinecke explains how you can use your own creative Contact Campaigns to get those critical conversations.   
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Sales Coaches Need Coaching or Sales Suffer: Matt Heinz Interviews Norman Behar

This is a book review of "The High Impact Sales Management."  Program host Matt Heinz discusses the books findings and with one of the authors,  Norman Behar.  They explore how coaching the coach will have a dramatic impact on sales   Drawing on over 30 years of personal experience Behar discusses a  proven sales management training methodology.

Book_Cover_GraphicThis book unique because it is highly practical and provides sales managers with the systems,processes, skills, and techniques to:

  • Hire the best people and hold them accountable.
  • Manage sales performance by focusing on the underlying behaviors that drive results.
  • Manage the sales pipeline and produce accurate sales forecasts. 
  • Provide personalized sales coaching that results in better skills and hire win rates.
  • Lead, motivate, and inspire their sales team.

Download a Free Chapter here


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Research for Thoughtful Sales Managers from CSO Insights: Listen While You Work

CSO Insights: Driving the Sales Category with Hard Research 250-SLMARADIO-20160616-trailer (1)Everybody has an opinion about how to improve sales. From the CEO  who believes the product can sell itself, to the thousands of sales consultants  that have the secret sauce for improving sales. Which is where CSO Insights comes in with hard facts about sales performance and behavior based on research, not opinions.

During this program we interview CSO Insights’ co-founder Barry Trailer about the company and how its research is impacting sales management decisions at B2B companies. The host is Jim Obermayer.

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Sales Management's Biggest Opportunity for Failure

Sales management has dozens of ways to fail, it is one of the most complicated and stressful jobs imaginable.  Not insisting on 100% sales lead follow is one of the most serious mistakes a manager makes and yet it easiest to repair.  Solving this one issue increases sales 200-300% from sales leads.  

Sls Mgmt

Why it Matters: 

"If 100% of all sales leads are follow-up by the sales rep, sales will increase for an average company 200-300% from sales leads."

Sales Lead Management Association


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3 Essentials for Sales Managers to Avoid Useless Crap Foisted on them by Uninformed CEOs. Listen While You Work!

 Prioritizing Sales Management for Success: Three Essentials for Increased Sales


In this 30 minute program SLMA Radio host Jim Obermayer interviews Mike Weinberg, the author of Sales Management Simplified.  Mike shared the framework he follows in his consulting practice to reap out sized rewards for his clients. He shares the “Three main buckets” that must be addressed so that sales management can get back to sales management and sales success.
Weinberg says that sales management is not a big issue, it is 42 small issues and the issues can be put into three buckets that require sales managers to do their job without interference (from CEOs):
  1. Sales Leadership ad culture
  2. Talent Management
  3. Sales Process


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Salaries: Sales Management

IStock_000016192221SmallThere are three sources here with links.  Note this is a sales manager's salary range excluding commissions, bonus payments, etc.  This is not a comparison of national sales managers.  This is an exceeding large range that depends greatly on location, size of the company and no doubt the number of people managed. 

The following information is extracted from public information on the internet from three sources.  Go to the links to find out more. 

Glassdoor:  Sales Manager Salaries

11,502 Salaries:  Updated Feb 28, 2016.  National Average


Estimated Range : $36k-$117K

How much does a Sales Manager make? The average Sales Manager salary is $59,715 . Filter by location to see Sales Manager salaries in your area. salary estimates are based on 24,188 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Sales Manager employees.


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