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SLMWeek: Ruth Stevens uncensored - Why there's lip service and so little action in Marketing ROI Reporting?

2011-stevensIs there really a marketing ROI?  Ruth P. Steven's tells the uncensored truth!" This is a replay of a show that is evergreen. How do you weigh in on it?

 SLMA Radio host Jim Obermayer interviews Ruth P. Stevens about the reality of the holy grail of proving marketing's return investment. 


Is it as easy as some say or as difficult as some others say;

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Sales Lead Management Week is October 12-16, 2015

“Sales Lead Management is Corporate Wealth Management”

450x200-2015Bellingham, WA - - March 25, 2015 - - James W. Obermayer, founder of the Sales Lead Management Association, named Oct 12-16, 2015 as Sales Lead Management Week.  Obermayer stated “Only the smartest companies with seasoned CMOs know that sales lead management is really corporate wealth management.  They know that managing sales leads drives business growth, while NOT managing sales leads contributes to a needless loss of market share.  Sales Lead Management Week is an opportunity for those who bring value to B2B and B2C companies with lead management tools to prove how they create wealth for their users.”  

 Participating in Sales Lead Management Week

This is traditionally a week for software and service companies to provide webinars, seminars, podcasts, speeches and blog entries that discuss the importance of lead follow-up and ROI reporting for lead generation.  “Managing inquiries,” Obermayer said, “is managing sales.”  This is the eighth annual Sales Lead Management Week.  This year the SLMA will host a variety of programs pertaining to sales lead management on its SLMALive Radio channel.

Why it matters!

 “Managing leads,” Obermayer said, “is managing sales...NOT managing leads contributes to a needless loss of market share.”  


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Sales Lead Management Association Declares October 21-25, 2013 to be Sales Lead Management Week

Association Encourages Industry to Manage & Measure Lead Generation

LOS ANGELES, CA - - August 12,  2012- - James W. Obermayer, executive director of the Sales Lead Management Association(SLMA), today designated the week of October 21-25, 2013 as the sixth annual Sales Lead Management Week.  Obermayer said "Sales leads are the life blood of most organizations and yet, in spite of the billions of dollars spent on lead generation, lead management is assumed to be handled by buying a CRM system. And yet, even though 80% of companies have a CRM system, lead follow-up is in the low double digits. This is what sales lead management week is all about - - bringing attention to the massive management failure that wastes B2B and B2C company resources."

SLMA Challenges Corporations

Ron Goodman, SLMA's VP of business development, said "This is the week for software and service companies to host webinars, seminars, podcasts, speeches and blog entries on the importance of sales lead follow-up and ROI reporting. This year SLMA will host a special edition of its Thought Leadership Webinar series to spotlight best practices. This series is hosted by Frank Jamieson of Applied DM Research sponsored by eTrigue and NETPROSPEX."


About the Sales Lead Management Association

The Sales Lead Management Association was founded in 2007. Membership is free. The association serves 6,400 members of the worldwide sales lead management community. A privately held organization, SLMA has a diversified business model with revenues coming from sponsors, software reviews, display advertising, SLMA Radio, newsletter advertising, sponsored cartoons, and industry leader links.


The Sales Lead Management Assn Declares October 14-20th, 2012 as Sales Lead Management Week

Association Encourages Industry to “Measure what you manage”

The Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA), has designated the week of October 14-20, 2012 as the fourth annual Sales Lead Management Week. SLMA CEO Jim Obermayer said “Businesses that manage sales leads sell more than those who don’t, and certainly more than those who do it poorly. Sales Lead Management Week is a fundamental acknowledgment of how aggressive, successful businesses measure marketing spending."

SLMA Challenges Corporations

Ron Goodman, SLMA’s VP of business development, said, “Traditionally, this has been a week for software and service companies to provide webinars, seminars, podcasts, speeches and blog entries on the importance of lead follow-up and lead generation ROI reporting. This year SLMA will host a week-long webinar series to spotlight best practices.”

Support for Sales Lead Management Week

Shawn Elledge, founder and CEO of DemandCon added, “We are big fans of SLMA and are pleased to announce our support of the Sales Lead Management Week. I don’t know of two organizations that are more dedicated to the continued education of sales and marketing professionals thanSLMA and DemandCon. If your organization provides a considered purchase, in either BtoB orBtoC, and you have an extended sales cycle, this week-long program is a great place to gather information designed to help you accelerate your sales funnel.”

"At SiriusDecisions, we believe that a lead management program is key to sales and marketing alignment. By shining a bright spotlight on the topic, the SLMA is helping sales and marketing leaders focus on how they can improve top line revenue growth, ” said Steve Gershik, vice president of marketing for SiriusDecisions.

SLMA and DemandCon Plan Special Programs During Sales Lead Management Week

The SLMA and DemandCon are planning a series of special webinar programs during Sales Lead Management Week that will be managed by DemandCon. These programs are promoted to 500,000 + marketing and sales titles and there is a guarantee for a registration target.

Companies interested in one of the eight prime time slots should contact:

Ron Goodman at 510 471 3874

SLMA Opens Nominations for 2nd Annual ‘50 Most Influential Sales Lead Management Professionals’ List

The Top 50 Most Influential
campaign is sponsored by
Event Technologies:

Learn how LeadProcessing can make your trade show follow up more successful and easier.

James W. Obermayer, executive director of the Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA), announced  that the association is calling for world-wide nominations of the 50 most influential people in the field of sales lead management for 2010.  This is the 2nd year the nominations and voting will occur.

 SLMA co-founder Susan Campanale said, "This list will be created in a two-stage process: nominating and voting."

• Nominations:  SLMA members may nominate one or more professional individuals for consideration until October 23rd, 2010, a week after Sales Lead Management Week (October 11-16, 20).   Nominations are accepted from SLMA
members only.  Nonmembers, however, may nominate someone once they join SLMA, and membership is free.

• Voting:  Any member or non-member may vote for candidates listed on the SLMA site on October 28th, 2010. The ‘50 Most Influential Sales Lead Management Professionals’ List will be published on December 6th, 2010.

Mark L. Friedman, SLMA’s executive vice president, said "We encourage nominations for individuals in B2B and B2C companies, CRM, marketing automation, sales lead software, sales force automation, telemarketing, direct marketing, and database management firms, as well as lead management firms, consultants and authors.  The rules for nomination are posted at the SLMA site."   Last year’s winners are also listed on the SLMA site. 

About the Sales Lead Management Association

The mission of the Sales Lead Management Association is to help companies become successful in the critical business process of managing sales leads.  For more information about SLMA or the ‘Top 50’ list, call Sue Campanale at 714-637-6989.
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An Interview with one of the "50 Most Influential Sales Lead Management Professionals":Victor Kippes, Validar Incorporated

Company URL 

Victor Kippes

Who are your mentors and why?

The resources I migrate to are on this list. (The 50 Most Influential List) ;nice job SLMA. I gain great insight from Brian Carroll,  DemandGenreport and our friends at Also, our existing customers are great mentors and resources. 

What is the most helpful advice you've received to improve your business? 

Stay true to your vision. 

What is the most helpful advice you can give to help others improve their businesses? 

Focus on helping your customers with their challenges versus selling them products. Also, stay true to your vision! 

How do you give back to the professional community? is purely focused on helping marketing and sales professionals in their day to day activities specific lead management. 

What is your favorite business book? 

"The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" is timeless and has been very helpful in my business career.   Also, right now i am reading "Behind the Cloud " by Mark Benioff and Inbound Marketing by the folks from Hubspot. I just finished "Trust Agents", by Chris Brogan. 

Which 4 basic skills or process steps do you recommend with regards to Sales Lead Management:

1. Identify and agree upon your Sales Ready definition.
2. Enable and encourage your respondents to tell you where they are in the buying cycle.
3. Identify you strategy with regards to each lead category.
4. Collaborate with your sales team.

In your opinion, the best book on marketing is

"Crossing the Chasm" - by Geoffrey Moore

Your reasons for choosing this book are

Timeless insight on planning for the long term. 

What would you say to someone who asks what to do first in managing sales leads? 

Sit down with your sales team and identify the definition of a sales ready lead. Establish your lead management foundation and focus on a closed loop solution that enables Marketing to measure revenue production through your marketing efforts. With this foundation in place, marketing becomes easier and more strategic specific to spend.
If someone wants to nurture sales inquiries what process would you recommend? 

1) Identify the relevant stages of your products buying cycle.
2) Identify content and messaging that aligns with this stage.
3) Leverage your lead management foundation to automate this messaging. (Focus on timing!)
What steps would you suggest to measure the ROI for sales inquiries? 

I believe the Key Performance Indicator you should be focused on is cost per order dollar. Make sure your lead management foundation tracks projected, pipeline and actual revenue from your campaigns.

SLMA Opportunity: Media Sales Representative

The Sales Lead Management Association has an opportunity for a media sales rep to represent it’s various services.  These services include sponsorship, display advertising, radio commercials, industry leader news, speaker’s directory, sponsored white papers, research, and webinars plus text and newsletter display advertising.  The ideal representative will have a media sales background, understand internet media and is probably representing other non-competing services or associations.  This is an above average commission only opportunity.  Please send your resume 

Sales Lead Management Association Launches Talk Radio Program


 Beginning July 29, 2010, Will Crist to host weekly SLMA news & interview radio show

Los Angeles, CA - - July 20th,  2010- - James W. Obermayer, executive director of the Sales Lead Management Association,  announced today that the SLMA will host a weekly talk radio program centered around the topic of sales lead management.  Obermayer said, "Well-known radio commentator Will Crist will be our host and interviewer.  We’ll cover recent industry news and interviews with business leaders.  This is not simply blog radio or a podcast; it’s the new live web radio with all of the quality you expect from a professional radio program."

SLMA Radio will start broadcasting Thursday, July 29th at 5 p.m. PST (California, US).   Listeners can connect via the SLMA Website.  Produced by Paul Roberts of OC Talk Radio, the SLMA Radio broadcast is also available through the OC Talk Radio website.   

Host Will Crist said, "In our first broadcast on July 29th, we will interview Phil Fernandez, president and CEO of Marketo and Dan McDade, president, CEO and founder of PointClear."

The second program will air Thursday, August 12th, when Crist interviews Gary Slack, CEO of Slack Barshinger and Chairman of the Business Marketing Association, and Andy Brownell, CMO of LeadMaster

The third program, airing August 26th will feature Joseph Payne, CEO of Eloqua  and Mac McIntosh, President of  Mac McIntosh, Inc., business to business sales lead expert.  By the beginning of September, broadcasts will air weekly.

SLMA vice president of marketing, Sue Campanale, said "This show is open to SLMA members and non-members alike; anyone interested may listen in.  Recorded broadcasts will also be archived on the SLMA site.   Interviewees will be provided a copy of the program they participate in.  Guests are subject to change."

Commercials Accepted
Campanale also said, "This is not pay to play.  Our guests are not asked to pay a fee to be on the show.  We are, however, accepting commercial advertisers for this new web radio program.   There will be three 60-second commercials per each 50-minute program.   Rates are available on the SLMA site."

About the Sales Lead Management Association
The SLMA is an association with the mission of helping companies become successful in the critical business process of managing sales leads.  It has more than 2,500 members world-wide.  Membership is free.

# # #

Media Contact:  Susan Campanale

Research Project from Info-Tech Research Group: Lead Management Automation

Editors note: Seems like a worthwhile project and you'll get a copy of the results.  Take 3 minutes. 

Info-Tech Research Group is currently in the midst of completing a research project focused on vendor selection within the Lead Management Automation space. The study aims at narrowing down the drivers consumers use when comparing vendors against each other and, to a greater extent, the experiences consumers have with selected vendors.

If you or your organization has participated in a vendor selection process for LMA software, Info-Tech would greatly appreciate your insight on the following survey. The survey should take roughly 3 minutes to complete, and all participants will be provided with pre publication materials of the finished product.

Take the 3 minute Survey by Clicking Here.

Maximizing the Value of Your Lead Generation Dollars

Pressures are mounting on companies to maximize marketing ROI. In other words, the money spent on lead generation should show a strong return related to sales revenue. This money should be evaluated so it is continually applied to the highest yielding program(s). To do this, marketers must gain visibility into individual programs to determine the number and quality of leads they generate, and how many ultimately transform into closed sales.

But the issue doesn’t stop there. Increasing the value of lead generation dollars also means ensuring the leads being handed to costly sales resources are indeed “sales ready.” According to CSO Insights’ Sales Performance Optimization Study (2008), salespeople are generating 50% of their own leads. That’s an expensive proposition and raises the question – what is marketing doing?

It’s clear marketers must find ways to track and manage leads through the lead life cycle. This requires the ability to evaluate leads, determine when leads are “sales ready,” and when they are not. Additionally, marketers must take responsibility to nurture those leads that aren’t “sales ready” to maximize the value of what they’ve spent on lead generation dollars.

Industry benchmarks suggest that leads must be continuously “touched” before they close. About 80% of leads close after 5 contacts and sometimes it’s closer to 9-11 touches. If you’re assuming the value of lead generation dollars comes from one email blast or a month of AdWords, you’re not on the right track to understanding how to increase value. Nurturing leads (through multiple touches) as part of lead generation programs will increase the return of dollars.

Lisa Cramer is president and co-founder of LeadLife Solutions, a provider of on-demand lead management software that generates, scores, and nurtures leads for B2B marketers. For more information on lead management or best practices call 1-800-680-6292 or email