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Top Ten Marketing Automation Comparison: Research

Top-10-marketingResearch: Top 10 Marketing Automation Software Report

Sub Title:  Comparison of the Leads Marketing Automation Software Vendors

Published by:

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SLMA SCORE: Four out of Five

Reason: Easy to read.  Consistent from year to year.  Includes price.   Includes Links.   But too few companies reviewed.  For instance the CRM Review has 40 companies.  

Length:  Five Pages


Review the Top 10 Marketing Automation companies to compare features, pricing and delivery models.


Marketing Automation is an over-night success after being introduced 15 + years ago.  Administration

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Research: CEIR Offers New Digital Tool Kit Based on Research

CEIR Report CoverTitle:  2016 Digital Toolkit to Enhance the Attendee Experience: Focus Report on Organizer Pre-Event Communications and Registration Offering

Published by:  CEIR Center for Exhibition Industry Research

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Brian Casey, CEM - President and CEO

Nancy Drapeau, PRC Analysis and reporting  

Cathy Breden, CAE, CMP, Managing Director & Research Director:

 Mary Tucker, Sr. PR/Communications Manager, Graphic design


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Rain Group White Paper: How to Increase Win Rates in 2016 - Significant Research


Published by:  Rain Group Center for Sales Research

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Authors: Mike Schultz and John Doerr

Contact: Mike Schultz 508.405.0438 

Length: 20 Pages


  • Top-Performing Sales Organizations have win rates of 62%
    • Winners have mature sales processes
    • Winners exhibit high sales skills performance in 9 areas
    • Winners are better at following through and achieving priorities
  • Lower performing organizations are 22% lower at 40% win rates
  • 24 charts show varying research performance information for winning organization and losers.

This report looks at what separates top performers from losers (my words). 

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Infographic - The Best Practices for Lead Response: Offered by

Email-lead-response-best-practices-2This infographic is very interesting.  It is based on the research of James Oldroyd, PHD, visiting research fellow at M.I.T. &  David Elkington, CEO of

Nice single page infographic published in the Hardboard Business Review. 

How should your sales team be responding to marketing leads? research identified 3 best practices for optimal sales results.


  • Best days of the week to make contact.
  • Best times to make contact
  • What happens if you call after five minutes 
  • What is the fall-off between 5 and 10 minutes
  • How persistence plays a huge role
  • Average call attempts per rep

Our take on it:

  • Information priceless
  • Don't print it out as it is useless to try and read.
  • View on your screen.

 Author Elkington and some of his crew have been nominated in the election for the 40 Most Inspiring Leaders in Sales Lead Management. 


Aside : Mick Hollison, CMO at InsideSales was on the SLMA Radio program with the topic: How to Increase Sales 30% in 90 Days

Disclaimer:  InsideSales is not a sponsor of the SLMA.    This review does not have the approval of InsideSales. 

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White Paper Review: Why You Need Marketing and Sales Synergy

 Marketing and Sales Synergy

Published by:  Pedowitz Group: The Revenue Marketing Agency

“A ‘sales alignment’ is the term most often used to describe this pivotal relationship, but if you closely examine it in the environment of successful revenue marketing, a more appropriate term is ‘synergy.’ Let’s look at the definition of each term and then more fully examine this critical relationship for all revenue marketers.”

And so the 20-page ride begins to make a strong case of actual teamwork between Sales and Marketing.


1. Linear or orderly arrangement,

2. Positioning of something for proper performance,

3. Support or alliance.

Synergy: Synergy comes from the Greek word synergia, meaning joint work and cooperative action.

1. Synergy is when the result is greater than the sum of the parts. Synergy is created when things work in concert together to create an outcome that is in some way of more value than the total of what the individual inputs are. Which definition sounds more like a model for relationship success and for revenue marketing success? Of course, it’s synergy! Synergy is the end-state description of your relationship with Sales, so let’s further explore what this relationship looks like.

Author: Debbie Qaqish, Author of Rise of the Revenue Marketer.  Interviewed on SLMA Radio.

Cost: NA

Length: 20 Pages

From the introduction of the paper


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Exhibitor Research Shows How Far Behind Exhibitors are in Lead Management.

Lead TImePublished by: Exhibitor, Best Practices in Trade Shows and Events

Article: Travis Stanton, Editor Exhibitor Magazine

Cost: Free, but it’s worth millions in sales if taken seriously.

Available link: Lead Time Research

Why it’s important:
Billions are spent on exhibits which companies admit are all about sales leads and yet lead handling is dismal, depressing, sad, miserable, and otherwise shameful considering how exhibits can identify qualified leads and shorten most companies sales cycle. The ones who get it right are brutally beating their competitors.

Highlights and Low-lights

The article has lots of statistics and graphics, 90% is an infographic. This 2015 study is comparing stats with 2010. The Exhibitor Group is to be commended for publishing this study which has a few bright spots, but not many.

• 59% do not have a formal lead-scoring or lead ranking process.
• 46% said data collected was moderately to not useful.
• 46% said leads are qualified by staff conversations.
• 63% don’t set a goal for the quantity of leads they hope to collect.

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LinkedIn (1)





Published by: Velocify

 Cost: Free


  •  22 Pages
  • A list of 15 factors that separate High Performers from Underperformers
  • Authors: Steve W. Martin (author & consultant) and Nick Hedges CEO Velocify

 The first three pages include housekeeping issues: a percentage listing of study participants by company size, a mention that nearly 200 salespeople answered the survey, the type of salespeople, and quota achievement, etc.  

This is a great guide by reputable authors;  the study with a participation of nearly 200 people is statistically significant.  If sales managers will only read it and heed the research they will be far ahead of their competitors. It would more accurate to have at least 100 respondents for each of the company size categories, but that may be asking too much. I am sending it to several company presidents.  

Why its important:

If sales managers will only read it and heed the research

they will be far ahead of their competitors.

Page 6 reveals three categories differentiating between top performing and underperforming reps:

  • Evaluate Culture and Perspective
  • Evaluate Leadership and Experience
  • Evaluate Systems and Process

 The 15 factors are further divided into results, and here are some of the outcomes:

 #1 - The higher that inside salespeople rate their sales organization (31% vs. 21%), the more likely they are to meet quota.


100 Sales and Marketing Stats Every Marketer and Sales Manager Must Know

This is a collection of by-the-numbers facts that every sales and marketing professional needs to know offered as a white paper by SalesStaff.

SalesStaff with 54 cited sources
Form: PDF  White Paper
Length: 14 Pages
Download Link

Ten categories covered include:

1. Email marketing, 2. Social Media, 3. Facebook, 4. Twitter , 5. LinkedIn, 6. SEO, 7. Content Marketing, 8. Blogging , 9. Lead Generation , 10. Sales

Some stats that surprised me:

  • 89 Billion emails sent daily by workers
  • 13% of all leads were generated using email marketing
  • Personalized subject lines are 22% more likely to be opened
  • Top 5 cities for job openings with social media in the title: NYC,L.A., S.F., London, and Chicago

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Research on the Biggest Problems Facing New Members of the SLMA

In the last few months each person who joined as a member of the SLMA was asked about their biggest problems. 117 new members answered the question; these are their answers. They could choose up to three issues (some choose more and we included them). The surprise to us is that Proving ROI was the least of their problems; Generating Qualified Inquiries ranked first with the most mentions.


Generating Qualified Leads 31%
Generating New Inquiries 24%
Managing Inquiries 17%
Working with Sales Management on Follow-up 15%
Proving ROI 13%

What are your biggest problems?