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Performance Marketing Research Report - 2017 from AdRoll

State-of-performance-marketing-17 Slma-recommended-187Title:  2017 State of Performance Marketing

Subtitle: North America and Europe

Published by/Authors:  Adam Berke, President and CMO, Founding Team, AdRoll

Gated:  Yes

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Length:  13 full pages, not the light-weight short-on-opinion PPT format used in so many white papers and research reports.  (The author actually believes we can read)

Highlights:  Surveyed over 1,300 marketers : 1,000 from North America and 300 from Europe.

  • Why 57% of marketers are changing their attribution model this year
  • 40% of respondents report spending the majority of their budget on measurement alone (SLMA: could this be right?)
  • Why 69% of marketers are using dynamic email based on user behavior
  • Not just about programmatic advertising this year, but how marketers reach prospects throughout the entire marketing funnel
  • Emails campaigns are reported to be using content that is more dynamically targeted based on behavior
  • 66% of marketers report that programmatic advertising results in greater ROI than traditional media buying - the human factor in decision making is fading
  • 80% of marketers are familiar to extremely familiar with programmatic advertising
  • The further address (all supported by data and charts):

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ON24 Webinar Benchmarks Report -2017 White Paper Review

Title:  2017 Webinar Benchmarks Report IStock-464267113

Published by/Authors:  ON24

Gated:  Yes

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Length:  18 Pages


  • 16,418 webinars were measured in the analysis for Jan-Dec 2016
  • 1,000 organizers
  • Three main sections
    • Pre-webinar Benchmarks: promotional cycle, best days to promote, best days for attendance, and best times. SLMA: We are not sure if they quote the best times or the most common times. 
    • Webinar Benchmarks: average viewing time, registrant to attendee conversion (36% for marketing webinars) training and internal communications is higher, but nothing rises above 56%. Interesting average attendee stats, engagement tools, and use of video.
    • Post Webinar Benchmarks: Live only 66%, live and on-demand 6% and on-demand 33%. There is an increasing percentage of on-demand viewing time from 34 minutes in 2015 to 42 minutes in 2016.

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Sales Lead Validation Study finds 50% of Inquiries are not Leads! Ah, but 50% are!

This is a research study released by Straight North a SEO agency.  This is not a small sample study, nor are the results of minor significance.  

  • 18 Month Study
  • 373,000 inquiries
  • 237,000 phone calls
  • 23,000 not validated
  • Of the 350,000 left:
  • 178,000 were determined to be sales leads

Yes, there are more results and much to muse over.  The value is this allows marketers to predict the future. Open it up and see the results. 

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Research: Alert - New High Performance ABM Must Read Roadmap

High-performance-abm-capabilities-benchmark-report-1-638Title:  High Performance ABM Capabilities, the Proven Account-Based Marketing Framework

Published by:  Demand Metric Research Corporation

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Length: 35 Pages


  • Best practices in ABM: The Framework in six steps
  • This answers: Does compliance with the ABM capabilities frameworks result in greater revenue impact from ABM? (Of course).
  • 500 Survey respondents (Big number offers credibility)
  • The paper shows Maturity Milestones
  • The paper shows Recommended actions

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Top Ten Marketing Automation Comparison: Research

Top-10-marketingResearch: Top 10 Marketing Automation Software Report

Sub Title:  Comparison of the Leads Marketing Automation Software Vendors

Published by:

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SLMA SCORE: Four out of Five

Reason: Easy to read.  Consistent from year to year.  Includes price.   Includes Links.   But too few companies reviewed.  For instance the CRM Review has 40 companies.  

Length:  Five Pages


Review the Top 10 Marketing Automation companies to compare features, pricing and delivery models.


Marketing Automation is an over-night success after being introduced 15 + years ago.  Administration

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