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Got a Podcast? List it for Free: B2B Podcast Directory

B2b-podcast-dirctory-logo-400If you have a podcast you can apply to have it listed in the B2B Podcast Directory.  To be in the directory you must:

  1. Have only Business to Business programming
  2. Have at least five published podcasts (similar to iTunes)
  3. Submit the artwork for your program show 
  4. Submit the RSS feed and program location
  5. Submit a paragraph describing the podcast
  6. Choose up to four subject categories to further define the focus of the podcast.

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How Podcasts are Replacing old B2B Thought Leadership Tactics

 Andy Paul is interviewed about the Value of Podcasting for B2B Marketing.  He is an author, consultant and podcaster.  In the past 18 months Andy’s podcast series called Accelerate has had 394 episodes (averaging six programs a week).  In this time he has learned a lot about podcasting, what works and what doesn’t and how import this medium can be for B2B  marketers.  The host is James Obermayer, Publisher for the Funnel Media Group and Founder of the Sales Lead Management Association.

  • How easy is it to start-up a podcast?
  • Is it easy to get guests?
  • Why even do podcasting?
  • How much time does it take?
  • Does podcasting replace other thought-leadership tactics?

About Andy Paul

Over three decades Andy Paul has built a successful career as a sales leader, author, speaker and consultant by being different, thinking differently and selling differently.

He has helped boost the performance of teams selling products and services as diverse as complex multi-million dollar communications networks to collectible professional sports memorabilia. Paul has worked with raw technology start-ups and Fortune 1000 companies and everything in between. In the process he has worked with nearly every channel ranging from franchise networks to retailers, dealers, distributors, VAR and OEM; and sold in nearly every corner of the globe.


Andy Paul is now doing what he loves best—sharing his powerful game-changing sales strategies and building successful sales teams with companies, business owners, executives and sales professionals to help them reach their goals. He can help you transform the performance of your sales team, too.

Andy Paul is the Author of Zero Time Selling and Amp Up Your Sales.

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Number of Podcasts Listened to in a Week Grows

IStock-597649690 (2)One of Edison Research's findings in its 2016 report, which continues to attract attention, is that those interviewed (2100 people aged 12 and older) using random dialing techniques, show that there was an average of five podcast programs listened to in the previous week.   Further it indicates that the devices used in 2016 were 29% on computer and 71% on a smartphone/tablet portable device. 

When asked where podcasts are most often listened to, 53% at home, 21% from a car/truck, 14% at home, 4% while riding public transportation and 8% other.  This 27 page research report covers everything from affluence, education, method of listening, social media brand usage, and much more. 

Why it's important

"This presentation of The Podcast Consumer 2016 contains all new data on podcast users in America, derived from the Infinite Dial 2016 study from Edison Research and Triton Digital."


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2016 Most Listened to Internet Radio Podcast Shows

2016 Most Listened to Podcast Internet Radio Shows Announced by Funnel Media

Funnel-media-logo-300tm-mostlistenedto2016Lynden, WA - - January 23, 2017 - - SLMA Radio, a live/[podcast radio program from the Sales Lead Management Association, on the Funnel Radio Channel,  announced their list of its most listened-to live shows and podcasts of the 50 programs broadcast in 2016.  These shows are judged by the ‘listener count’ of all people who accessed and downloaded, or listened to, the programs last year. 

James Obermayer, senior producer, said “These guests on SLMA Radio solve large sales and marketing problems, and our talk radio format is a type of long-form storytelling that listeners enjoy.  The programs are not scripted and are an authentic exchange of ideas. The list below is in order of the most-listened-to programs of the 50 weekly shows on the Funnel Radio Channel.   

1.    How to get a 60% Increase in Conversions to Forecast!   Peter Gracey – Quota Factory 

2.    How to Get a Website to Deliver Leads (Not Just Traffic)  Lena Requist – Ontraport   

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CRMRadio.today is Funnel Radio Channel’s Newest Streaming Program

Funnel-media-logo-282tmThis first in a series of new radio programs launches July 7th

The Funnel Media Group™ LLC announced that it begins broadcasting CRMRadio.today on the Funnel Radio Channel as a live streaming radio program this week, at 12 noon on July 7th.  Targeted to business-to-business (B2B) sales and marketing professionals, the program will initially air biweekly on Thursdays, and then move to airing weekly within 60 days. 

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How Internet Radio Reaches At-Work Listeners with Work-Related Content

17 Reasons why Internet Radio Provides Great Content

IStock_72101313_MEDIUMNo one can deny any longer that content is king in the business-to-business (B2B) space.  Just review the increase in editorial, the popularity of the Content Marketing Institute, and Theresa Cramer’s brand new book “Inside Content Marketing” (have your highlighter ready because you’ll need it for this work).   Cramer is the editor of EContent, an indispensable source of information on all things content related.

The question is how do you create content that is useful in the prospect’s mind, and will nudge them into making an informed decision to buy your products?

Cramer says, hire a journalist to tell you a story, and she is right.  Maybe a publicist can also be a good choice because they understand so much about the other content media choices.  Regardless, there is a race for usable content and after six years of weekly internet radio programming we believe that internet radio is one of the obvious choices for those seeking to produce authentic multiple-use content.

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