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Are B2B Webinars Passé?

YawnAs someone said to me recently, “Webinars? They’re so 90s - - poorly produced talking heads and PowerPoint slides we can’t read are tiring.”  ”  As  creative child of the internet, B2B Webinars seem to be running out of steam as a tactic. Users say they’re losing value.  The only more passé term in the promotional world is “Free Webinar.

Certainly, webinars attempt to teach, but its more common to see pitching and preaching using talking heads and PowerPoint slides are sure to lull viewers to sleep.  Often, at the very least, listless content drives them to answer email and browse the web while the webinar drones on, no longer viewed by 10-25% of the audience.


Webinars are slipping, maybe because the format is 20 years old!

From the webinar presenter’s standpoint, however, the event is the culmination of a lot of work:  recruitment of speakers, 2-3 rehearsals, countless slide versions, pre-webinar promotions, breathless counting of registrations, and disappointment when 60% of registrants are no-shows, abandon rates are disappointing and attendees are answering email.  

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Paul Petersen of GoldMine CRM is the New Host of CRM Radio [Podcast]


Petersen, a Senior Executive with GoldMine CRM, Assumes Host Duties This Month on the Live Internet Radio Program with Podcast Replays

Lynden, WA - - July 18, 2018 - - James W. Obermayer, co-owner of the Funnel Media Group LLCTM  and publisher of its Funnel Radio Channel (a live-streaming internet radio station), announced that Paul Petersen, Vice President and General Manager of GoldMine CRM, will be the permanent host and prime sponsor for CRMRadio.com. 

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Dan McDade - Answers Who Owns the Pipeline and Why

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 Pipeline Ownership is a Growing Question - Dan McDade

Of course, the salespeople own the pipeline, right?  Maybe yes and maybe no.   With the advent of more sophisticated CRM systems, certainly marketing automation programs and now AI, marketing is getting involved in almost every step of the pipeline.  And with involvement comes a responsibility.   In this program DAN McDade, CEO of PointClear talks about pipeline ownership and how technology isn’t always the answer if the basics aren’t being addressed:
  • Marketing automation doesn’t seem to eat its own dogfood!

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