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Sunday Musing - Gillett and Gotts on Making Your Events More Valuable

If improving event results, not just attendance or traffic, but sales results is your goal, listen while you work to Ian Gotts and Peter Gillett.  Think about your last event and seriously consider if it lived up to your expectations.  

Why it's important: 

Forget excuses that the traffic was great and the event (booth) was crowded, did it ultimately produce, or are you pleased to bury the results. 

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Ian GottsIan Gotts, CEO of Elements is interviewed by Peter Gillett  about SalesForce and events.  Points they'll be covering include:

  • Will the universal badge idea ever happen?
  • Ease of producing QR codes for event registrations and fast check-in to get rid of paper lists and handwritten badges!
  • Everyday content availability and auto-lead capture for the sales guys who won’t!
  • Tradeshow integration a must for speed of follow-up – working with salesforce Admins

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6a0147e05adc32970b01b7c91d80ba970b-320wiPeter Gillett is co-host of SLMA Radio the longest running, steaming live, internet radio program with podcast replays.  

Funnel Radio Line-up Aug 31, 2017

We are excited as always with the line up of guests this week. We kick off with David Lewis, aka DemandGenDave teaching us how to implement lead nurturing program. From there Peter Gillett answers the question, "Why should people LOVE tradeshows?" CRM Radio is a replay of an episode featuring Andrea Lechner-Becker of LeadMD, "How developed is your marketing department?" Great questions to help see what you are doing right and what may need to go on the list of goals for the upcoming quarter and year. Following her is Joshua Baez with Matt Heinz talking about the PERFECT Persona. We end our day with John Stewart and Kevin Conklin talking about What’s up on Network Security in 2018.


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