Performance Marketing Research Report - 2017 from AdRoll

State-of-performance-marketing-17 Slma-recommended-187Title:  2017 State of Performance Marketing

Subtitle: North America and Europe

Published by/Authors:  Adam Berke, President and CMO, Founding Team, AdRoll

Gated:  Yes

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Length:  13 full pages, not the light-weight short-on-opinion PPT format used in so many white papers and research reports.  (The author actually believes we can read)

Highlights:  Surveyed over 1,300 marketers : 1,000 from North America and 300 from Europe.

  • Why 57% of marketers are changing their attribution model this year
  • 40% of respondents report spending the majority of their budget on measurement alone (SLMA: could this be right?)
  • Why 69% of marketers are using dynamic email based on user behavior
  • Not just about programmatic advertising this year, but how marketers reach prospects throughout the entire marketing funnel
  • Emails campaigns are reported to be using content that is more dynamically targeted based on behavior
  • 66% of marketers report that programmatic advertising results in greater ROI than traditional media buying - the human factor in decision making is fading
  • 80% of marketers are familiar to extremely familiar with programmatic advertising
  • The further address (all supported by data and charts):

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Dayna Rothman of BrightFunnel with David Lewis on DemandGen Radio


What does it take to fast track your career from Content Marketer to Vice President of Marketing in just four years?

How can you turn just three people into a content marketing machine? Bf2017_logo

Listen to Dayna Rothman on this episode of DemandGen Radio.

Dayna-Rothman-DemandGenRadio-David-LewisDayna is now VP of Marketing at BrightFunnel, and just 4 years ago she was at Marketo cranking out “lead bait” as the Senior Content Marketer under the leadership of Jon Miller.

Dayna has also authored several of Marketo’s Definitive Guides, and wrote Lead Generation for Dummies published by Wiley in 2014. She’s also a content contributor to It’s no surprise that this “Wonder Woman” reveals that she has a super power when it comes to content creation, which she shares with you all. But her passion for crafting modern marketing content and demand generation tools are not her only secrets for scaling the ranks of marketing.

Why it Matters:

Dayna shares sage advice for women about confidence, being fearless, speaking your mind, showing results, and having a strong work ethic. She also talks about her experience working at Marketo, her mentors, the pressure there, and what she loved most about the team.

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Marketing Advice: Find a Good Marketer


Products that sell themselves, without the help of a marketer are almost non-existent, except in the mind of the engineer who created it.   

This cartoon is one of many that appear in Stu Heinecke's  book, "How to Get a Meeting with Anyone." Stu has been the SLMA's Humor Relations Contributor for five years.

You may also like to listen to Stu while you work: 5 Quick Ways to Get A Meeting with Anyone!

This is an interview with Wall Street cartoonist and author Stu Heienecke.

515gkKzd52L._AC_US160_In How to Get a Meeting with Anyone, Heinecke explains how you can use your own creative Contact Campaigns to get those critical conversations. He divulges methods he’s developed after years of experience and from studying the secrets of others who’ve had similar breakthrough results. 

Why it matters:

Stu Heinecke introduces the reader to the wonderfully strange world of "Contact Marketing", where 100% response rates, ROI in the hundreds of thousands of percent are possible.

The idea is that you only need a few dozen of the right high-level relationships to transform your career or explode the scale of your business, almost overnight. What's it like if you're suddenly able to break through to virtually anyone, any time? You'll make more sales, grow your business, connect with more VIPs and eventually become a sought-after VIP yourself. Ultimately, becoming an all-star connector will change every aspect of your life.

This blog is supported by the generous sponsorship of ClickPoint Software, VanillaSoft and Goldmine CRM Software

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A Lead to Money Approach: Why It's Important from Giles House of Callidus Cloud

Why it’s important

6a0147e05adc32970b01bb09817b37970d-320wi“A Lead to Money approach, improving the entire process rather than patching weak spots as they appear, does more than simply remedy today’s problems.”

Giles House 



IStock_000022132972SmallFor priceless but free membership in the Sales Lead Management Association go here. 

Jessica Dewell: 7 Ways to Lead Your Team on SLMA Radio

Don’t wait till you’re at the end of your rope.  Take steps to avoid burnout, and align your everyday tasks to your business goals.  In this interview with Jessica Dewell we discuss her 7 ways to lead a team how to avoid brain clutter, how to respect your intuition and when is too much time management really too much.  The host is Jim Obermayer

  About Jessica Dewell

20170405-tweet-dewell (1)Staying in business can be difficult at times. Critical skills that are required to build a business exist and grow year after year. All business owners, at one time or another, find themselves struggling to keep clients (retention), to keep up with what customers want from the company (experience), and to add people (increase products).

Over the last 20 years, Jessica has worked on many of these problems with her companies and her clients. When there is a chasm to cross, she’ll point it out and cultivate the team to figure out how to build a way across.

Professional and thoughtful, She brings:

Versatility and Guidance.
Every team, with the right skills, can last year over year and business owners can achieve what they want from the business. This starts with assessing the skills that make up decision-making and how short- and long-term goals are set and achieved.

Determination and Advocacy.
If looking for a “YES person,” you’ve come to the wrong place. My confidence is in YOU and your management team's innate ability to know, communicate and live the organization's values ... to carry out its mission.

Energy and Involvement.
A speaker, trainer and facilitator for board retreats, senior management training, corporate or community events. Your organization provides a solution the community needs. Together we identify the skills to strengthen the team and build business tenacity.  Today she works with business leaders who have been surprised by change, know change is coming and want to plan for it, and also want to add value to the business through the most important asset of all: its people.

Specialties: client retention; improving customer experience in each interaction with the company; product development; market reach; attracting new customers; talent management for business growth; strategic planning; business growth; organizational procedures; problem-solving; priority setting; idea development; business check-ins; guiding and building teams.

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On Marketing Automation: Why it Matters

On Marketing Automation

Why it Matters:

"With the advent of Marketing Automation, marketing departments out of frustration and anger and disgust, gave up begging for sales lead follow-up and aggressively took on the single task which increased marketing lead gen ROI by 300% which increased corporate pretax profits by several percent."

Sales Lead Management Association

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