How Podcasts are Replacing old B2B Thought Leadership Tactics

 Andy Paul is interviewed about the Value of Podcasting for B2B Marketing.  He is an author, consultant and podcaster.  In the past 18 months Andy’s podcast series called Accelerate has had 394 episodes (averaging six programs a week).  In this time he has learned a lot about podcasting, what works and what doesn’t and how import this medium can be for B2B  marketers.  The host is James Obermayer, Publisher for the Funnel Media Group and Founder of the Sales Lead Management Association.

  • How easy is it to start-up a podcast?
  • Is it easy to get guests?
  • Why even do podcasting?
  • How much time does it take?
  • Does podcasting replace other thought-leadership tactics?

About Andy Paul

Over three decades Andy Paul has built a successful career as a sales leader, author, speaker and consultant by being different, thinking differently and selling differently.

He has helped boost the performance of teams selling products and services as diverse as complex multi-million dollar communications networks to collectible professional sports memorabilia. Paul has worked with raw technology start-ups and Fortune 1000 companies and everything in between. In the process he has worked with nearly every channel ranging from franchise networks to retailers, dealers, distributors, VAR and OEM; and sold in nearly every corner of the globe.


Andy Paul is now doing what he loves best—sharing his powerful game-changing sales strategies and building successful sales teams with companies, business owners, executives and sales professionals to help them reach their goals. He can help you transform the performance of your sales team, too.

Andy Paul is the Author of Zero Time Selling and Amp Up Your Sales.

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Account Based Sales Defined - Katie Doyle - of Outreach on CRM Radio

Listen while you work.

We have heard about  account based marketing, but do we really know what account based sales is all about?  Katie Doyle VP of Marketing at Outreach Corporation answers our questions. The host is Jim Obermayer.  

6a0147e05adc32970b01b8d269c009970c-320wiWe covered:

Meaning and Application of Account Based Sales

  1. What is the difference between account-based marketing and account based sales?
  2. What is the difference between sales engagement and account based sales?
  3. Is this only for SalesForce users?
  4. Tell us about the elements of the Outreach platform that takes it beyond queuing?
  5. Can you discuss the depth of the workflows process for an everyday salesperson?

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3.4 Million Lead Research = The Ultimate Contact Strategy for Inside Salespeople - White Paper Velocify

Ucs-3d velocify Slma-recommended-125x125Title:  (The) Ultimate Contact Strategy

Subtitle: How to Use Phone and Email for Contact and Conversion Success – Sales Optimization Study

Published by/Authors:  Velocify

Gated:  Yes

Download Link   

Length:  10 Pages PPT Format


  • The study is derived from the data of 3.5 million sales leads
  • The paper reveals that the right volume and frequency of calls and emails yields optimal results
  • The company visited previous research to refresh data and confirm current results and recommendations
  • Study Methodology page 3

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How to Create a High Performance Sales Organization - Giles House Shares

CALD-logo-300dpi-179x67By Giles House, CMO and Executive VP of CallidusCloud

Every business wants to accelerate sales, get the most from its marketing investments, equip its sales teams with the best content and most effective training, and create a great experience for its customers during the buying cycle. These things sound like discrete objectives, but they’re really not: they’re part of the overall objective of creating a higher-performing sales organization.

Unfortunately, sales and marketing professionals often fail to recognize the bigger objective. They treat the symptoms of their problems, which manifest themselves in sales and marketing issues that mid-level executives are charged with solving.

Often, the choice is a point solution which creates its own problems because it’s disconnected from the larger objectives of the organization. For example, marketers may bring in a new marketing automation solution which makes it easier to reach more prospects, but that solution may not be accessible to sales, and leads may not arrive on sales’ desks with the context needed to close the deal. Comp plan managers may fail to realize the impact of a marketing campaign on sales results and incorrectly apply bonuses. Or sales ops may struggle to deliver content to sales from a disconnected content management system, leaving salespeople guessing at what content is best for the deal they’re trying to close.

Understand the Process

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