Michelle Huff

Marketer vs. Machine: The Next Frontier

It’s often easy to think of artificial intelligence (AI) in only the most fantastic terms - to imagine something closer to Rosie, The Jetsons’ robot maid, than, say, the hardware in your phone. But the truth of it is far simpler, and indeed, far closer to home; AI has already colored our lives in all kinds of ways, creeping into the apps we use, the devices we own, and for some (in the case of Teslas, certainly) even the cars we drive. It’s how we know what to watch (Netflix), and where to turn when we’ve lost our way (Siri). But what might it mean for the everyday marketer? Should marketers see AI as a windfall (an opportunity, helping them meet their objectives and revenue goals?), or their eventual downfall (what replaces them down the line)?

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