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Do you have a defined sales process?

Every corporation, large or small, has a sales process. The question is, has it been defined and do you follow it to your advantage?  If you control the sales process, you control your future.  Sometimes called steps, sales is always a process.  Sales processes should be thought of as being similar to manufacturing, quality control, customer service or finance processes.  We explored this subject with Michael Alexander, Advisory to the Sales Lead Management Association on a CRM Radio program back in April. 

Why it’s Important:

“If you have not defined a sales process you are not running a business, you are running a lottery.”

Michael Alexander [1]

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If You don't have a Sales Process, You're Participating in a Lottery - Mike Alexander on CRM Radio

Without a Sales Process Your  Business is a Lottery

Vintage Mike Alexander doesn't sugar-coat the issue of companies without a sales process. 

 In a discussion with SLMA Board Member Michael Alexander of the Private Trustees Management Group, he said, "If you can’t describe your company’s sales process you don’t have a business you have a lottery!" 

Alexander reminds us that companies should review the marketing and sales process to the same degree as they review and improve manufacturing. “Everyone does a high five,” he says, “When manufacturing improves its efficiency by a point or two and yet marketing and sales run fast and loose with few serious measurements in place.”   The host is Jim Obermayer

Thoughts from Alexander:

I have two questions I always ask business owners who seek my advice:

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