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You'll Die if you Don't Listen to Customers - Jennifer Holt and Cyndi Greenglass on WVU Marketing Communications Today Radio

Episode2-twitter-holt"The graveyard is littered with companies who have died when they were abandoned by their customers. This is what happens when you don’t listen to them, and you lose touch with what matters."

Today, we live in a world where our customers want to help shape the brands they are passionate about and even control the conversation. It is a two-way dialogue in business today, and marketers have to understand how to navigate this new environment.

In this podcast, we will learn how brands need to evolve to stay relevant, how to determine what data is valuable and actionable, and how companies are using data to develop meaningful loyalty and engagement.   The host is Cyndi Greenglass.

About our guest, Jennifer Holt:

JENNIFER WEHR HOLT is a tenured Marketing professional with over 20 years of direct industry experience encompassing all aspects of the field. This experience has allowed Jennifer to start her own Marketing consulting company and Health & Wellness Website. 

She uses this combined wealth of industry and education experience by serving as an Adjunct Marketing and Advertising professor at Northern Kentucky University and West Virginia University. She teaches a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses in Marketing, Advertising, Business Strategy, Data and Analysis & Segmentation.  She has been teaching for over 10 years and was honored by receiving the Outstanding Professor Award. Jennifer is a published author with articles appearing in Quirks, Womenista, Skinny Mom, numerous blogs and posts.

Jennifer is an active member in the community and an advocate for charitable organizations including being on the Board of Directors for the NKCCA, a KY Foster and Adoptive Parent, a St. Jude Partner in Hope, the American Heart Association, a previous Make a wish ‘Wish Granter’, a Guide Point Global Advisor, member of Marketing Moms & Minds, and nominated member of the 40 under 40 Business Courier class.   

Jennifer currently works as the Account Director of Kroger on-site in Cincinnati for Spins, LLC in Chicago.  Previously, Jennifer held Leadership positions at HR ProFile, MRSI, Directions Research,  and was VP of Marketing at RiskAware, where she developed and implemented overall marketing strategies and brand architecture.  

In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys the arts, tennis, traveling, and personal fitness training. She resides in the Cincinnati area with her daughter.  


Is “data-driven” the buzz kill for marketing?


WVU Marketing Communications Radio is  a syndicated show, on the Funnel Radio Channel, that is at the intersection of data-driven decision making and marketing practice. Each week we will highlight an emerging or current trend impacting marketers today. Hosted by Cyndi Greenglass, our inaugural faculty member in the Masters of Science DMC Program, we will hear from leading professionals who blend the academics and practice of data-driven marketing today.


IT Podcasts Marketing Should Hear: GDPR, Security Threats, Cyber Crime, Dark Web and Digital War Room

Because, Marketing IT budgets are said to be fast surpassing the annual “Corporate IT Budget,” marketing operations management is the fastest growing title in marketing, and the number of software programs being administered by marketing for itself and sales is in the dozens and dozens, we suggest that marketing management needs to expand their knowledge of IT issues. 

Why it Matters

"It's time to wake up. IT issues are Marketing Issues."

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Without the Marketer, Most B2B Companies Would be Regional Door Knockers

The message is that Marketers are the creators of wealth in B2B Companies

"Nothing happens until the sale is made," is most often quoted as a lead-in to praising salespeople. And the speaker is almost right, but we know that deep in our B2B marketing hearts, it all starts sooner than that.

Stu-tell-young-peopleWhy it's Important

"In B2B, nothing happens until the marketer creates demand. Without the marketer most B2B companies would be regional door knockers; they would not be able to go beyond the reach of their salespeople. Marketing in B2B companies creates Wealth. I mean real wealth. Hardcore, measurable, bottom line profitable dollars that drives the growth of our 11,000,000 plus businesses in the US."

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Look Where You Want to Go in Marketing, Not Where You'e Been or Where You Are!

The first rule in ridding a motorcycle, my father taught me (under the protest of my mother about a Harley I had just bought) is to keep your eyes on where you want to go and the bike will follow.  Not unlike advice every marketing manager should heed.

IStock_000015451654-200 (1)Why its Important

"Right now, close the door to your office, clear the white board and fill it with where you want the company and the marketing department to go.  Think forward. "

You won’t get a 20% market share growth by thinking last year’s 10% was good enough.    Repeat this and eventually you’ll be a failure.

You won’t reach 50% in qualified leads for the salespeople by thinking last year’s 10% was good enough.  Repeat last year and you’ll eventually be a failure

Why it Matters

"You can’t reach a 100% follow-up of sales leads if you think last year’s 25% follow-up is good enough.  It’s average and not competitive.  Repeat last year and you’ll eventually be a failure."

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Is this a Fairy Tale? A Marketing Manager Builds Demand Gen Based on Sales Quotas?

IStock-802452108 (1)“Do you know,” I asked the marketing manager, “how much money to spend on demand generation, and how many leads to create?”

With a shrug she said, “I do what we did last year.  We have a marketing plan,” she continued. “We review last year's spend and and make adjustments, usually on a budget the CFO gives us.”

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Taking the Mystery out of Marketing Operations: Debbie Qaqish - White Paper Review

Title:   Rise of the Marketing Operations Function: And what is this talk about Unicorns?

Published by/Authors:  Debbie Qaqish, Chief Strategy Officer, Pedowitz Group

Gated:  Yes Rise_of_the_Marketing_Operations_thumbnail

Download Link   

Length:  9 pages


  • A much needed definition of marketing operations.
  • The four stages of Marketing Ops Groups: Model maturity for Marketing Ops
  • Quotes about marketing operations from: Michael Ballard-Lenovo; Randy Taylor, LexisNexis; Ashleigh David, Trend Micro; Chris Willis, Elekta; Mitch Diamond, McKesson; Patrick Phelan, Acxion; Danny Essner, MediaMath.
  • Common Marketing Operations Functions are described under five categories:
    • Technology
    • Data Management
    • Measurement and Analytics Reporting
    • Process
    • Execution

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Revealing 10 Ideas for Junior Team members to contribute and benefit all.

Bored employees are unhappy employees and build resentment in other team members. Your junior level, interns, assistants want to HELP the company and show their value, but sometimes there are lulls in projects, timelines and business so they are unable to do their "usual" tasks. Time to get them on catch up duty that will help marketing and sales be more efficient. Every industry will have different tasks, but these are pretty basic items that can help all companies streaming file searches, website SEO and social media.

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