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You Can Estimate the Number of Leads Needed to Make Forecast

Forecasting requires marketing to estimate the number of inquiries your salespeople will need to make quota in 2018.   It is one of the CMO’s most important functions. 

IStock_000028410392LargeCompared to most companies that just try to deliver as many leads as possible, this precise method is based on data.  It will be your data that you can point to and use as a base for your predictions.

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The price of being a bad client

6a0147e05adc32970b01b7c91d7013970b-320wiIt sounds funny, but there is, or should be, a price to pay when we are less than pleasant, respectful, kind toward those we have hired to do a job. Just because we pay people doesn't give us the right to be rude, irritable, condescending or mean. I am reminded of this by my children when the seventh junk call of the day comes through and interrupts my day because it has a spoofed area code that "may be someone I want to talk to." They remind me that people don't typically set out to take terrible jobs because they get joy from it. They do it to put food on the table. Take that up to professionals we hire for accounting, our legal needs, sales training. They welcome you into their office in hopes that they can help you solve a problem, help make you more money and lessen your burdens. This is difficult when you arrive in attack mode carrying the weight of your day or week, misunderstandings, or even fear. Stop. Breathe.

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Marcom Manager Salaries: Are the Builders of Wealth Paid What They are Worth?

We at the SLMA believe that Marketing Communications Managers are true builders of wealth.  They make decisions that drive revenue, contribute to the success of the salespeople they work for, and drop huge dollars to the bottom line of the company that employs them.   The pay scale isn't so much bad, but we ask if it is a true reflection of the Marketing Communications Managers contributions to revenue.   You decide. 

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