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Posting to various social media venues requires a change of content.


Every social media venue has it's own language and style of posts. Some are hashtag laden, some prefer warmer stories, and some are all business.  You wouldn't wear the same outfit to a wedding, a business conference, a BBQ and a cocktail party - or would you? If you think one look covers it all, you may want to stop reading. If you only think you need to change shoes, stop reading.

Let's first cover the posting, not commenting styles for these venues that are often or exclusively used for business.


Include a LINK to something, unless you are sure that the inspiring quote you are posting is a standalone. But you have my attention for that VERY brief second or two - make it count. 

Find the company or people you are referring to and @mention them to give them an alert that someone is talking about them.

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How Can Marketing Automation Build Revenue?


In this short SLMA Radio interview, Lars Helgeson, CEO of GreenRope makes the case that the right marketing automation program can definitely build revenue and users can measure the ROI from the campaigns. But how it does it is not necessarily what we have been taught to think. 

Certainly every marketing automation program makes this same claim, but as Lars points out, not every program can integrate all of the points of contact and properly allocate each one to understand what is contributing to sales.  You get the feeling it is working but you don’t know why.

Lars says that the right program can help businesses to understand what is driving people to take action on your site.  Yes, he gives us examples from GreenRope’s software product, but in doing so he easily points out the issues with so many software applications that boast and fail to perform. 

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A Report on the State of Marketing Maturity: Users are getting business value but not following best practices!

Slma-recommended-187Spear Marketing,  a B2B demand generation agency, released this month a free report on the state of the use of marketing automation, with some surprising statistics.  These statistics can serve as a guide to companies using the technology or considering purchasing the software.  The ‘State of Marketing Automation Maturity’ report is based on the results of more than 100 (a minimum statistical sampling which makes it reasonably projectable) marketing automation users’ responses to an email marketing and social media request. 

MA Maturity Survey Report Cover ImageThe agency started with a hypothesis that marketing automation is underutilized by B2B companies that have the product.  The respondents were assigned a grade depending on a best practices opinion (by the agency, I assume).  The primary result is that current owners are underutilizing the software, with the implied implication that this under-utilization comes at a high price in lost revenue.   Spear Marketing states that the users are “achieving real business value,” but have much room for improvement.  In many categories, they contend best practices in marketing automation are relatively uncommon.

The report broke out the results into the following categories (answers and pie charts):

  1. Analytics and Reporting – Six questions
  2. Programs – Nine questions
  3. Forms and Landing Pages –Four questions
  4. Lead Scoring – Eight questions
  5. Data – Five questions

Aside from the 32 charts and results based on the five categories, there are “17 Key Results” listed.

I am most interested in the analytics portion, which showed:

  • Do you measure and report on the pipeline contribution?
    • Answer: 77.3% said yes.
    • Do you measure and report on the revenue contribution?
      • Answer:  58.6% said yes. 
      • Have you defined the stages in your company’s sales cycle based on industry standards (MQL, SQL, etc.)?
        • Answer: 69.5 % said yes. 

I recommend that readers of this report who have their own marketing automation system in place create a score card to measure themselves against the results, and then make the needed changes to get the most from their system.  Getting the most to me means increases in revenue, or why else would you do this?  There are many actions to take for users that are not immediately measurable in revenue but taken together everything counts.

For those who do not have a marketing automation system in place, the report can provide a road map of how to get the most from your system as you implement it.

When asked which marketing automation platform the respondents used, they reported:

Get report here.


Note:  Spear Marketing and Act-On are both sponsors of the SLMA.  Eloqua, HubSpot and Marketo have sponsored various programs in the past but are not currently sponsors. 



SLMA Recommended Read

From RAAB Associates:

Marketing automation systems for very small and very large businesses have shown the greatest innovation in the past year, according to research released today by Raab Associates.  The January 2015 B2B Marketing Automation Vendor Selection Tool (VEST) added five vendors focused on serving very small companies, which form the industry’s largest pool of potential new users.  But vendors serving enterprise marketers have been most aggressive at extending their systems beyond traditional marketing automation to include display advertising and other new channels.



Oracle Marketing Cloud [#OMC] / Heinz Marketing 2015 Marketing Operations Roundtable – Dec 4th, 2014

The SLMA was invited to be an attendee at the Oracle Marketing Cloud/Heinz Marketing Operations Round-table. Our thanks to both sponsors, it was a great meeting of the minds.

Columbia CenterVenue:  Columbia Tower, Seattle

The Group

Yesterday we had a group of 30 digital marketing leaders from the Seattle area attend our 2015 Marketing Operations Round-table.  To have this brain trust all in one room was a wonderful experience.  Brian Hansford from Heinz moderated the roundtable and we heard from everyone in the room.

Key Trends and Highlights

Here is a summary of some of the trends and highlights that were brought up during today’s roundtable:

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Listen While You Work: Why VOCUS is a serious challenger to Eloqua and Marketo!

You Mon Tsang  SLMA Radio brings you the voices of industry leaders!

You Mon Tsang, CEO of Vocus joined Jim Obermayer on the SLMA Radio program to discuss why Vocus is a serious challenger to Eloqua’s and Marketo’s positions in the marketing automation space.

When Obermayer approached Vocus about the interview, their response was that they take exception to our title as Vocus representatives feel that they, and not Eloqua and Marketo, is the leader in the marketing automation space.



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11 Email Marketing Basics: Drop a note to those who opened your newsletter

This post may be "101" for many of you who have full marketing departments, large automated systems that process subscribers, send out auto-responders, and automatically create newsletters from your hashtagged posts on social media. This is for the rest of you. There are so many types of email marketing systems. Some are so complex and auto-piloted you barely know what is being sent out or who is engaging until you read the monthly reports. This is a very hands-off approach. Although it is helpful for tracking and saving time, you can lose touch with those who are actually

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From David Rabb: Marketing Automation News from Dreamforce: B2B More Integrated, B2C Stays Separate

Friday, November 22, 2013

Marketing Automation News from Dreamforce: B2B More Integrated, B2C Stays Separate

David Raab Associates Blog

 I spent the early part of this week at’s annual Dreamforce conference. Here are my observations.

The big news was for geeks. The main theme of the conference was Salesforce1, a new set of technologies that make it vastly easier to deliver and integrate mobile versions of Salesforce-based applications. It is apparently a major technical accomplishment and at least one of my technical friends was hugely impressed. But I can’t say I personally found it all that exciting. Perhaps we’ve reached the point where we expect technology to do pretty much everything, so the line between what's already available and what's new is only visible to experts.  Any way you slice it, focusing on platform technology is much less exciting than last year's vision of "social enterprise".

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SLMA RADIO: Is the traditional sales compensation program for B2B dead?

SLMA Radio Host Jim Obermayer will ask Daniel Perry of Sales Benchmark Index the tough questions.  

Some of what they will be covering includes:

  • Is the traditional sales compensation program of salary plus commission obsolete?
  • Are commissions dead as a motivator?
  • How much should the base salary be as a percentage of the whole package?
  • Is it time to change commissioned sales reps to just a salary?
  • Are draws again commission still used?
  • Are companies paying for sales lead follow-up? 
About Daniel Perry
Dan Perry is an industry thought leader with more than 25 years of experience in B2B field sales, sales management, and sales operations. Dan has delivered domestic and international results for companies such as: 
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Yahoo!
  • Epicor 
  • Terremark Worldwide
  • Dow Jones
  • Kronos
  • Intuit
  • CDS Global 
  • Ceridian 

Prior to joining Sales Benchmark Index, Dan held executive sales leadership positions 'making the number' at Aramark, Corporate Express, Lavi Industries and 3 Day Blinds. In these roles, he held global responsibility for sales strategy, market segmentation, demand creation, sales process, channel design, organizational structure, sales force capacity planning, and served as a member of the executive management committees.

Dan is an is adjunct professor at Pepperdine University for their MBA program specializing in Sales Management. He earned a BA in Economics from Illinois Wesleyan University.
Sales Benchmark Index 
Sales Benchmark Index provides sales consulting services to leading organizations across the private and public sectors. These companies are seeking to increase their rate of revenue growth. Unlike traditional sales improvement approaches, such as software implementations or skills training, SBI offers superior value because it relies on the benchmarking method to deliver results. This method of sales consulting allows for results to be delivered quickly with little organizational disruption and it is accomplished through the use of best-in-class diagnostic tools and solutions that are supported with verifiable truth. Each project is executed by the most experienced team of advisors in the industry.

I can’t hear about what you do, because I’m busy telling you about what we do.

By Mari Anne Vanella, The Vanella Group

This statement gets back to the quantity versus quality leads. Lead generation companies making buckshot calls to countless companies hoping one will hit the target. A bit of research may reveal that not only is this company you are calling NOT a potential client, but that they may indeed be a competitor offering the same services.

IStock_000000796755SmallThis reminds me of tradeshow, webinar and other “guest” situations. Periodically, I’ll bring a customer or partner to tradeshows and other sponsored events as my guest. Their company name is usually included in the registration, yet no one vets the list so perhaps up to four years later our main line is receiving calls seeking out our “guest” as if they work for our company. Did you read this part, “FOUR YEARS LATER.” How big was that event list? Chances are a bit of research on LinkedIn would have revealed they are currently a VP at a large software company and has been since the time of the past event.

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