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Funnel Radio Line-up Oct 26, 2017

 Full schedule today. David Lewis kicks us off at 9:30 am Pacific with his guest, Daniel Day.

  • How ABM fosters tighter alignment between Sales and Marketing
  • The process for establishing targets for sales teams
  • Why ABM can be easier for driving growth than traditional demand generation

Some of these topics covered on the other shows include: It’s Budget Time and this year may be different for many marketers as expectations of “marketing revenue management” have increased. The 5 Step Model for Operationalizing an SPB&M. Also, Why is marketing automation important to any (IT) organization? Jim has a candid conversation with Lars Helgeson CEO of GreenRope. He discusses what he learned from rejection, over-coming resistance, and why he needed to build partnership with employees as well as the external partnerships so important in building a business. Matt's guest is Maureen Ezekwugo getting you on track to take your sales career to the next level. Points include: Four traits or skills needed to make it in sales management AND How to position yourself for the next opportunity to advance your sales career.


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How to Erase Wrinkles Caused by Salespeople

This simple solution also solves gas, bloat, & high blood pressure while in a salesperson’s presence.

IStock-147272160It’s a proven fact that salespeople can cause premature aging in marketing people.  Wrinkles are just the most visible indication that salespeople are stressing out the marketing department.

Doctors tell me that another symptom of premature aging in marketing people is increased blood pressure (usually within 25 feet of anyone from Sales, including sales management).   Other health issues may be gas and bloating; severe snoring and lack of sleep; heart palpitations and migraine headaches between the eyes.  Stomach ailments are also reported when salespeople fail to make quota and complain to Marketing.

The treatment for these common symptoms is to give every salesperson a qualified sales lead each morning, with or without food.  Avoid giving salespeople qualified leads if they are likely to consume alcohol within four hours.   Alcohol is known to put them to sleep and they will easily forget they received a qualified lead from you.  

Why it's Important

"If all salespeople are given at least one qualified lead a day, within 30 days marketing managements blood pressure will begin to return to normal when they are in the presence of anyone from Sales.   Within 45 days gas and bloat should subside to once or twice a week.   Snoring diminishes and lack of sleep is resolved within 60 days.  Heart palpitations and migraines might take as long as 90 days to subside."

Jim Obermayer

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9 Answers for Salespeople’s Stupid Questions

IStock_000018770059SmallWell, maybe ‘stupid’ is too strong a word, but these are common questions and as a marketer or sales manager you should have the answers.

  1. “Half of these leads are no good.”

Answer:  True - half are no good because slightly less than half will buy in one year.  The problem is, only YOU can determine which half will buy.

  1. “It takes too much of my time to use the CRM system.”

Answer:  Once information is entered into the CRM system, it saves you time -    time spent on manual forecasting; time spent looking for names and numbers to call when you promised to call; time spent following up on leads pumped into the system automatically from the web, the marketing automation system, trade shows, etc.   CRM is a time saver. 

  1. “Do I have to call all of the leads you give me?”

Answer:  Yes, you have to call all of the leads we give you because we spent money on your behalf to find these people. Only you can separate out the 50% who will buy from the 50% who won’t.   

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Management Tip: PR Seldom gets the Credit it Deserves

IStock_84714737_MEDIUMPR can be one of your most consistent performers in the promotional stack!

There are many forms of Public Relations: crises management, press releases,  press mentions, community relations, articles, speaking, and media tours, but PR seldom gets credit for its contributions to sales.   For the average company, PR can contribute as much as 22-23% of  all the sales leads it creates.   (You have to measure all forms of marketing).

I am continually surprised at how often companies think public relations is thought of as just a press release when a new product is announced.  A press program says to the market that your company is alive, progressive, moving forward, and aware.  It can't be the money for PR, it is usually pocket change compared to the return.  It must be ignorance.

When I visit a web site and see few if any press releases, the most recent a year or so old, and no press contact, it tells me a lot about the company and none of it is good.

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Management Tip: Don’t blame your agencies without first scrutinizing how they are managed!

IStock_84714737_MEDIUM“Companies that change  advertising/branding/PR/Content/Digital agencies too often would do well to examine the marketing people directing the agency.  Garbage in, garbage out.   Consider a change in your marketing management before you blame your agency.”  

Agencies take time to learn, mature and figure out what works.

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Management Tip: Beware of the salesperson who talks big in sales meetings

IStock_84714737_MEDIUMBeware of the salesperson who talks big in sales meetings. They tell you all about the really big deals they’re working on; they talk too long, fast and loud in sales meetings.  There will be lots of details and name dropping.  Outside of the sales meeting there is no sense of urgency. Their pipeline will be large, but conversion will be low; prospects will grow old on the pipeline. They won’t want to travel with the sales manager; lots of excuses. When they do travel with the manager the calls will be to current accounts, few prospects. They seldom ask for help.  

Our Advice: In the long run it is better to have no breath than bad breath.


Management Tip: Volunteer for Leadership

IStock_84714737_MEDIUMVolunteer whenever  a chance for leadership is presented.  Whether it is for a committee, a non-profit group, a local business association, or a tough project in your company.  You’ll grow faster than others and build up a store of goodwill when times get tough.  And they will. 

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