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Welcome swag package for new team members.

Thankyou-noteI was reminded of  a business that sends out random thank you cards to vendors - all signed by everyone in the office and a personalized note on how the vendor makes a difference in the company. No special occasion, sent out twice a year to each vendor.  Guess how often that vendor will remember that company to recommend them to people looking at solutions that same company can provide?

Top of mind for all the right reasons.

What brought that story to mind was a thank you received recently from someone I know through business. Granted it was for a wedding, but it was sent to a lot of attendees nine months later who are connected through business. I won't go into all the details here but let's just say there was a generic sticker thank you note attached inside each photo card and sent without signature or being personalized in any way. It was a box checked off the obligatory tasks list. It spoke volumes about the couple - personally and in business. Top of mind for all the wrong reasons - including catty gossip behind the scenes.

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If There Were 4 More Like Me in the Company, I wouldn’t Need Anyone Else!


IStock_000008575657MediumAbout four years ago I was having lunch with my mentor and Sales Lead Management Association Board member Michael Alexander. We were discussing some common traits I was experiencing with several of my clients when Michael said, “You have to understand Jim, these entrepreneurs believe that if there were four more just like them in the company they wouldn’t need anyone else."

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If the mediocre are always at their best, who are “the mediocre?”

At the end of another blog entry (one of the best read)  titled “All know the way; few actually walk it. ~Bodhidharma,” I quoted Giraudoux’s famous saying, “Only the mediocre are always at their best.”  

As typically happens when we read something like this, we assume “the mediocre” is always someone else.  It’s certainly not us.

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His wisdom, leadership and teachings live on...

He lives on in his words, in his deeds, and in his calls to action for each of us. He did not give up. He accepted the call and knew his probable fate as often happens to those who stand for justice and equality in an unjust world.  I know people who accomplished great things in their lives, but when asked about the greatest and most memorable thing, they remember marching with Dr. King above all else.