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Sales Lead Manager Job Description: The 2nd Most Important Job In Marketing after Marketing Operations


Updated on Feb 7, 2017

SLMA suggests you use this as a basis for the job description of one of the most important jobs in the marketing department. 

Job Summary

The Sales Lead Manager is responsible for managing the incoming demand and reporting on the ROI for all lead generation programs.

Essential Functions

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Beyond Alignment: 5 Ways to Integrate Sales and Marketing Teams

LisaCannon_headshot-2014Getting sales and marketing teams into alignment is a hot topic lately, and for good reason. According to a study from the Aberdeen Group, highly aligned marketing and sales organizations achieved an average of 32% year over year revenue growth, while their less-aligned competitors saw a seven percent decrease in revenue. And MarketingProfs has found that organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing functions enjoyed 36% higher customer retention rates. So if we all agree that alignment is critical, and the data proves that it provides tangible business benefits, why isn’t everyone doing it?

It’s simple. Making fundamental changes to the way we work can be extremely difficult. But maybe the problem isn’t that sales and marketing aren’t aligned. Maybe the problem is that alignment just isn’t enough.

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Create four qualified prospects for each product you have to sell.

IStock_000000692331Small (1)Qualified leads are best. Qualified leads are what every sales rep dreams about. But to find qualified leads in less sophisticated companies you'll have to kiss 8-12 frogs (unqualified prospects). In more experienced companies, with sophisticated qualification techniques, they'll create fewer unqualified inquiries to find a qualified prospect with need, desire to buy,and time frame. Qualified sales leads (whether self-qualified or post-inquiry qualified):

  1. Reduce prospecting time.
  2. Reduce the sales cycle.
  3. Increase revenue as qualified lead count surges.
  4. Increase the percentage of salespeople making quota.
  5. Reduce sales territory turnover (as more people make quota).

To create qualified leads and be a revenue marketer you have to:

  1. Constantly measure how many self-qualified versus unqualified leads you are creating.
  2. Create as many self-qualified leads as possible (get questions answered by the prospects so you know if they are potential buyers and how soon they will buy).
  3. Decide if you can send the self-qualified leads (once they have qualified themselves) to your salespeople directly without first nurturing, etc.
  4. Qualify the unqualified leads via emails, calls, and nurturing prior to sending the qualified leads to sales representatives.
  5. Measure the closed sales that result from the qualified and unqualified leads.
  6. Repeat what works; delete what fails.

Why it Matters:

Qualified leads reduce the cost of sales and increase

revenue while reducing the sales cycle.

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