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How to Track Anonymous Website Visitors - John Cheney of Workbooks

Listen while you work with John Cheney, CEO of Workbooks

It’s nice to have website traffic, but almost useless unless you identify the visitors. 

John Cheney, CEO of Workbooks CRM tackles how he has solved the mystery of the mysterious visitors.  The important...

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2017 Predictions from Workbooks CEO John Cheney

Predictions 2017 from Workbooks CEO John Cheney:  CRM at the heart of Customer Experience (CX).

IStock_000038306980LargeIncreasingly consumers and businesses alike are assigning real value to exceptional Customer Experience.  If you have a great experience with a supplier, you develop trust and brand loyalty; if not, you don’t buy more and you’re likely to tell friends and colleagues.  

By 2020, it is predicted that Customer Experience will be the leading brand differentiator when it comes to a buying decision, leaving behind criteria such as product and price. Customer Experience is not the latest hype, it drives revenue growth and is slowly taking centre stage.

 What's Important

John Cheney"CRM is moving towards a true suite of capabilities that can support the ‘Customer Experience’ and bring sales, marketing, service and customer support together. Vendors will need to evolve and if they don’t, their value will diminish and they will soon become irrelevant. CRM must evolve to ‘Customer Experience’ or become a mere back-end database."

 John Cheney, Workbooks CRM CEO

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