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Funnel Radio Line-up August 30



10:30 am SLMA Radio Special Episode with host Susan Finch

Guest: Anil Kaul, CEO @AbsolutData

Topic: What can AI do for me? Speaking to the puzzled, intrigued and curious.


What do sales managers say about AI as a tool to help them manage? Are they welcoming or defensive. Our guest, Anil Kaul, says that most are still puzzled, intrigued and curious. Tune in Thursday 10:30am Pacific.

He asks us to ask the question, "What am I going to be doing next to increase productivity?" First, hire the right sales person, coach them, and spend the time training them. Companies spend a lot of time hiring and firing sales staff. They take the hit and miss approach. And now sales managers are expected to spend all of their time coaching. Listen to how this can be solved so sales can get back to SALES and managers can better use their time. 

11:00 am Special Edition of CRM Radio - James Obermayer, host with guest, Paul Petersen

Topic: Petersen Shares Stories of Things He has Learned in Life


Paul Petersen, GM and VP of Goldmine Software shares his struggles from a young man to adjust to the realities of business.  He has worked for 7 CEO’s as a senior manager and each taught him that he must consider being:

  1. Adaptability: He had to accept and participate in change; He has had 7 CEOs – all good guys, but different. He chose to participate rather than fight it (excepting criminal or ethical lapses)
  2. An “idea” is NOT a “plan”: many a good idea goes unfulfilled for want of execution. Have an idea? Enlist others to help -- have a bias for action.
  3. Communicating is hard – He learned more from listening than speaking. And by listening, he was more relevant for what  he heard
  4. No one Cares what you did (or know) – only what you do now. No one says “tell us about software in the old days, Mr. Petersen” or cares about his thoughts on Fleetwood Mac before the girls joined.
  5. Make your boss look good (and team) – don’t be a kiss ass, but be supportive, do what you can to help others succeed; offer praise, cooperation – and phrase critiques gently.
  6. Lastly Bonus: have coping strategies: Pick your battlesbe activedo stuff /press on

Funnel Radio Line-up August 2


Today we start at 10:30am Pac: Revenue Rebels with host, Rhoan Morgan and her guest, Michael Sala, Managing Director, Strategic Origination, LLR Partners Topic: How sales and marketing alignment moves the revenue dial. Then Dan Perry hosts Sales Enablement Radio with guest Bill Hicks, Chief Relationship Officer, Ultimate Software discussing if relationships still matter with retention. Matt Heinz's guest, Nick Jordan, CMO of Logic Inbound discusses How to Sell to Larger Organizations with Bigger Budgets. And our season finale for WVU Marketing Communications Today takes us to Integrate WV 2018 with hosts Cyndi Greenglass & Matthew Cummings LIVE from Studio B.


10:30 am Pac: Revenue Rebels with host, Rhoan Morgan, CEO DemandLab @demandlab

Guest: Michael Sala, Managing Director, Strategic Origination, LLR Partners

Topic: How sales and marketing alignment moves the revenue dial



11:00 am Pac: Sales Enablement Radio by The Brevet Group

Guest: Bill Hicks, Chief Relationship Officer, Ultimate Software @WEHicks

Topic: Account Retention - Do relationships still matter when retaining accounts?



11:30 am Pac: Sales Pipeline Radio with host, Matt Heinz, Heinz Marketing @heinzmarketing

Guest: Nick Jordan, CMO of Logic Inbound

Topic: How to Sell to Larger Organizations with Bigger Budgets

 Listen Live >


12:30 PM Pac: WVU Marketing Communications Today 

LIVE from Studio B at INTEGRATE WV 2018

SEASON FINALE -  Hosts are Cyndi Greenglass and Matthew Cummings