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Is Marketing Automation Leading or Bleeding Edge? Listen While You Work!

In this interview with Justin Gray, CEO of LeadMD we discuss how to avoid being part of the 87% of marketing automation users who fail. The host this week is Susan Finch.   Lively program, great insight. 

It’s one thing to buy a marketing automation tool and install it. Its another thing to use it every day to manage and nurture, your most precious asset: sales leads. And yet some would say that this leading edge technology could be aptly named bleeding edge because of the effort it extracts from the users to make it work.

Justin Gray , CEO & Chief Marketing Evangelist

You might know Justin from the incredible amounts of quality best practices content

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Go Figure: 98% of Exhibit Money is Spent on Showing Up, Only 2% on Lead Acquisition

IStock_000028410392LargeBefore I start, let me preface my remarks by saying that exhibit management, pound for pound, produces more wealth for their firm than anyone else in the company.  My belief is they create more qualified leads that close with fewer touches than most other lead sources.  But they can do more; 300% more with little effort or money!

That said, “Why” I ask, “does an exhibits manager who chooses the best space, builds terrific exhibits, selects the best freight lines, understands booth traffic flow, writes  signage that stops people in their tracks, creates theaters and entertainment, negotiates the best hotel rates, sets up exhibits in record time, deals with unions, creates special events surrounding the trade show, all to attract the best prospects, and then breaks it all down in 24 hours, fail so miserably when it comes to trade show lead acquisition?” 

We have to ask, "What is an exhibit all about if not to talk to and get the names of prospects to increase revenue for the company?” Hey exhibits manager, it’s all about leads.  Of course the manager says, “Well, I ordered the trade show lead acquisition system that will read the badges, what more do you want?” 

“I’d like the most qualified leads the exhibits manager can create, but frankly, most rental systems available from show organizers don’t cut it.”  A $300-$500 system that provides nothing but name, company, address, maybe a phone number, and maybe an email address (20% of this information likely wrong anyway) isn’t enough.

Why it’s important:

“Why do exhibit managers always go cheap on the sales lead acquisition system?

It’s a costly mistake that reduces the return on show investment by 200-300%.”

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Trade Show Management Salaries: Why are they so low?

 If trade shows are the source of the most qualified leads, why aren't the managers that create them paid more? 

IStock_000015451654SmallIt is said that trade show managers create tremendous wealth when they manage the trade show activities for a company.  If that is the case, I wonder why the salary levels are just so-so. 

I was surprised by this, considering that trade

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Go Figure: Are today’s executives and companies too important to be found?!

"You can't make me put my phone number

or company address on our website"


It’s amazing how many websites I visit that do not include a phone number, email address, or address; just an email form.  These websites belong to the same people who place a banner on the home page saying:  “But we really, really, really want to hear from you. We listen to the ‘customer.’” How can these companies ‘listen’ to the customer if they don’t provide a phone number?

Why its important:

                           When you fail to put your phone number, address, country and state on your website you are failing and frustrating your customers and prospects. 

When did obscurity become a desirable trait on websites?  I am appalled at the anonymity that companies put forth on their sites.   It seems they are saying: “Just buy my product, but I don’t want to talk to you before or after the sale.”

The “Contact Us” page is often designed only to send an email into an anonymous inbox.  When you

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