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2016 Most Listened to Internet Radio Podcast Shows

2016 Most Listened to Podcast Internet Radio Shows Announced by Funnel Media

Funnel-media-logo-300tm-mostlistenedto2016Lynden, WA - - January 23, 2017 - - SLMA Radio, a live/[podcast radio program from the Sales Lead Management Association, on the Funnel Radio Channel,  announced their list of its most listened-to live shows and podcasts of the 50 programs broadcast in 2016.  These shows are judged by the ‘listener count’ of all people who accessed and downloaded, or listened to, the programs last year. 

James Obermayer, senior producer, said “These guests on SLMA Radio solve large sales and marketing problems, and our talk radio format is a type of long-form storytelling that listeners enjoy.  The programs are not scripted and are an authentic exchange of ideas. The list below is in order of the most-listened-to programs of the 50 weekly shows on the Funnel Radio Channel.   

1.    How to get a 60% Increase in Conversions to Forecast!   Peter Gracey – Quota Factory 

2.    How to Get a Website to Deliver Leads (Not Just Traffic)  Lena Requist – Ontraport   

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2017 Predictions from Clickpoint CEO Gabriel Buck

Gabriel Buck’s Predictions: Adapting to Rapid Changes and Meaningful Integrations Are the Key to Success in 2017

IStock_000038306980LargeSoftware-as-a-Service providers, especially in the sales category face mounting pressure and stiff competition.  What will software and service companies do to overcome these obstacles in 2017 and set themselves apart in a crowded market?  More importantly, what will a company that relies on sales lead management or sales solutions be looking for in 2017 to give them a competitive edge?  What does this all mean for salespeople who use these applications?        

Why its Important

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAkvAAAAJDM1YTY1MzU3LTNiNWYtNDhiYS1iMzllLTgwMmFjMGQwYzI4MA “I think you will find more software companies creating alliances and partnerships to offer best of breed applications that are fully integrated.   You have already seen this happen with major CRM players that have deeper integrations with marketing automation platforms, communication, and lead management systems.  I know of telephony providers that have integrated with customer communication platforms, anticipating the increased demand of lightning fast communication in non-traditional channels.”     

-Gabriel Buck CEO ClickPoint Software


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How to Implement Sales Lead Automation & Double Sales in 30 Days by Gabe Buck. Listen While You Work!

This is a fascinating interview with Gabe Buck, CEO of Clickpoint.   Gabe makes some very bold statements about how to:

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