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B2b-podcast-dirctory-logo-400B2B Podcast Directory Offered by Funnel Media Group

 New Podcast Directory Will Focus on B2B Sales and Marketing Podcasts

July 27, 2017  - - Lynden, WA - - The Funnel Media Group LLC TM, announced that it is now hosting a B2B Podcast Directory which will list only podcast programs that address business to business sales and marketing issues.  Funnel Media Group’s publisher, James Obermayer said, “While we have been producing live internet radio programming (Thursdays) with podcast replays we see a need for B2B sales and marketing management to go to a site to choose the best in B2B Sales and Marketing podcasts.” 

The B2B Podcast Directory will initially be limited to 250 marketing and 250 sales oriented podcasts. This means that each category will have a reasonable number of podcasts per subject to allow a better listener experience.

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2016 Most Listened to Internet Radio Podcast Shows

2016 Most Listened to Podcast Internet Radio Shows Announced by Funnel Media

Funnel-media-logo-300tm-mostlistenedto2016Lynden, WA - - January 23, 2017 - - SLMA Radio, a live/[podcast radio program from the Sales Lead Management Association, on the Funnel Radio Channel,  announced their list of its most listened-to live shows and podcasts of the 50 programs broadcast in 2016.  These shows are judged by the ‘listener count’ of all people who accessed and downloaded, or listened to, the programs last year. 

James Obermayer, senior producer, said “These guests on SLMA Radio solve large sales and marketing problems, and our talk radio format is a type of long-form storytelling that listeners enjoy.  The programs are not scripted and are an authentic exchange of ideas. The list below is in order of the most-listened-to programs of the 50 weekly shows on the Funnel Radio Channel.   

1.    How to get a 60% Increase in Conversions to Forecast!   Peter Gracey – Quota Factory 

2.    How to Get a Website to Deliver Leads (Not Just Traffic)  Lena Requist – Ontraport   

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On-Air Personalities for Streaming Internet Radio Programs Sought by Funnel Radio

On-Air personalities for Internet Radio Create a "Thought-Leadership" Persona.

Jim Obermayer, publisher of the Funnel Media Group LLC TM and its Funnel Radio channel, a live-streaming internet radio station, announced that it aggressively seeks to expand programming for B2B listeners.  “We recently added three shows (, DemandGen Radio, and (starting Sept 1st), and we have openings for additional live shows with on-air personalities.”

Funnel Radio to expand its B2B show offerings for at-work listeners 

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David Lewis interviews Jon Miller on DemandGenRadio about Account-Based-Everything - Listen While YOu Work

 DemandGen Radio - the pulse on modern marketing methods & technologies.

This is the newest streaming-live program from the Funnel Radio Channel.

David Lewis. CEO of DemandGen International and host of DemandGenRadio welcomes us to its biweekly DemandGen Radio. They bring top industry experts, thought leaders, authors, marketing technology firms, and senior marketing leaders from around the world to teach YOU the methods and technologies for high performance marketing. 

In this inaugural episode, DemandGen Radio host David Lewis is joined by one of the founding fathers of Modern Marketing, Jon Miller, co-founder of Marketo and now the founder and CEO of Engagio an account-based marketing platform that orchestrates outbound interactions across departments and channels.

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