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On-line Calculator to Forecast Sales Results from a Lead Gen Campaign

This calculator determines the sales results from a lead generation campaign.   It appears on the Sales Lead Management Association website under Resources, Lead Cal/ROI or use the link below. 

 IStock-518182260 (1)This calculator is to aid you in forecasting a sales result in dollars for a campaign or virtually any lead generating program. You must only enter four pieces of information.

Why It Matters

"You have to ask yourself, ‘Can I  forecast the sales results for a lead generation campaign?’  “ If you can't, this is called gambling.  Gambling is based on Luck and Marketing has no place for luck in the equation."

James W. Obermayer

Some areas are filled-in for you (qualified buyers, available buyers, sales units) either by a predetermined number or from the information you enter. You may print the results, send it to someone else, or freak out when you see how much wealth marketing creates.

For security reasons we are not allowing you to enter the company or product name. When you leave the page the results will disappear leaving no trace of your visit or forecast, shhhhh.

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