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Yes, there is a cost for delaying Predictive Marketing - EverString - White Paper Review

EverString_Logo Slma-recommended-187Title:  The 6 Costs of Delaying Predictive Marketing

Published by/Authors:  EVERSTRING

Gated:  Yes, but with immediate full screen easy-to-read access. 

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Length:  16 Page Flipbook


We liked the immediate full screen access to the “Flipbook.”  This is all about the cost of delaying implementation of a new technology.  It covers six areas and gives a “fix” for each problem.

  1. Targeting the wrong accounts
  2. Sales spends too much time on lead qualification
  3. Your are understaffed and overtasked so you avoid new technology like the plague.
  4. Marketing has trouble proving their value to sales.
  5. It’s hard to sell into a new market
  6. You want to move to an account based model, but don’t know where to start.

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Converting Leads Faster: eBook from Everstring

  How to Convert Leads Faster, Using Targeted Demand Acceleration

Published by/Authors:

Gated (worth it)

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Score:  5 of 5

Length:  27 Pages


This is a great step-by-step tour through the predictive marketing landscape.  Nice unselfish presentation of an increasingly important and doable subject. Notice I didn’t say easy, but nothing worthwhile is easy. 

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