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Sunday Musings - Gillett and Gotts on Making Your Events More Valuable

Why it's important: 

Forget excuses that the traffic was great and the event (booth) was crowded, did it ultimately produce, or are you pleased to bury the results. 

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If improving event results, not just attendance or traffic, but sales results is your goal, listen while you work to Ian Gotts and Peter Gillett.  Think about your last event and seriously consider if it lived up to your expectations.  


Ian Gotts

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Peter Gillett Joins SLMA Radio as a Host

Peter Gillett brings international experience for trade show software applications to the long-running program

6a0147e05adc32970b01b7c91d80ba970b-320wiSLMA Radio, the longest-running weekly internet radio/podcast program for at-work and mobile listeners on the Funnel Radio Channel, announced that Peter Gillett, CEO of Zuant, is joining SLMA Radio as a host.   

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10 Reasons to Prioritize ELEVATE - 30 Speakers

The SLMA endorses the Elevate Event Sales Kickoff Event.  The speakers are tremendous and we are looking forward to the program.  Velocify did not pay for this endorsement.


By Nick Hedges

If you are a sales professional or work with sales in any capacity, ELEVATE is an event not to miss. This free virtual sales kickoff sponsored by Velocify and the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP), will help you and your team perform at their highest level in the coming year with access to more than 30 of the greatest minds in sales.

Still not convinced? Here are 10 reasons to attend ELEVATE:

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Listen While You Work: Matt Hill on Doubling Your Qualified Leads At Trade Shows

Matt Hill of the Hill Group tells us how to create double the qualified loads at trade shows. Hill ,who says his company has trained over 60,000 sales reps, says it doesn’t cost more to the create better leads, just reps that are willing to learn.

Some of the points covered:

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White Paper: Millennial Exhibit Staff People are Different (and interesting)!

Matt-hillWhite Paper: Millennial Exhibit Staff People are Different (and interesting)!

Title and Link: Working with your Millennial Exhibit Staff

SLMA Score:  Five of Five.  Compact at four pages but loaded with a to-do list.  Not self-serving.  

Published by: Hill Group

Author: Matthew Hill

Length: 4 tight, bullet packed pages

Highlights: Matt Hill writes about:

  • Take Advantage of Their Strengths
    • Collaboration
    • Technology
    • Multitasking
    • Challenge Them
    • Understand and Manage Their Weaknesses
    • Communication Tips for Trade Show Managers
    • Recruiting Millennials for Your Exhibit Staff
    • Traits to Look For
    • Before the Show
    • During the Show
    • After the Show

Nice roadmap for managing a trade show booth and its millennial people.  Considering trade shows

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Exhibit and Event Professionals Losing Over-All Compensation Ground with A Big Exception

But there is a way to earn $12K more per year ($604,650 over 25 years)

A press release issued by the Exhibitor Magazine as a result of their 29th Annual Salary Survey brought some bad news overall for exhibiting professionals.  Let me preface my remarks with the...

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Exhibitor Research Shows How Far Behind Exhibitors are in Lead Management.

Lead TImePublished by: Exhibitor, Best Practices in Trade Shows and Events

Article: Travis Stanton, Editor Exhibitor Magazine

Cost: Free, but it’s worth millions in sales if taken seriously.

Available link: Lead Time Research

Why it’s important:
Billions are spent on exhibits which companies admit are all about sales leads and yet lead handling is dismal, depressing, sad, miserable, and otherwise shameful considering how exhibits can identify qualified leads and shorten most companies sales cycle. The ones who get it right are brutally beating their competitors.

Highlights and Low-lights

The article has lots of statistics and graphics, 90% is an infographic. This 2015 study is comparing stats with 2010. The Exhibitor Group is to be commended for publishing this study which has a few bright spots, but not many.

• 59% do not have a formal lead-scoring or lead ranking process.
• 46% said data collected was moderately to not useful.
• 46% said leads are qualified by staff conversations.
• 63% don’t set a goal for the quantity of leads they hope to collect.

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Millennial Exhibit Staff: Tips for Working with a Different Generation

Matt-hillGuest Blogger: Matt Hill, President, The Hill Group

Do you have Millennials as part of your exhibit staff?

They can be great staffers and make your trade shows successful or they can be horrible and drag everyone down and frustrate you to no end. Like any other generation, they have their strengths and weaknesses. So let’s dive right into how to work most effectively with your Millennial Exhibit Staff. And all of this info is from our live training workshop, “Managing Your Millennial Exhibit Staff” that we delivered at the ExhibitorLIVE! conference in March, 2015.

Take Advantage of Their Strengths

Collaboration: Millennials are great collaborators. They like to work in groups and with their friends. Millennials work productively with people they click with. Like their friends and friends of friends. They stay motivated and interested when the work is more social. Set specific goals, objectives, time frames, and boundaries, and their collaborative skills will result in amazing results.

Technology. One of the greatest strengths of the Millennials is their sound knowledge of technology. This can be a serious asset at a trade show because of Social Media, emailing, texting, etc.

Multitasking. Millennials are doing multiple things at the same time; they’re on the phone, texting, and working on a computer. Even though some recent studies have shown that multitasking results in a drop in productivity, Millennials seem very adept. Trade show managers should feel free to give Millennials multiple tasks and concurrent responsibilities - this really fits with the frantic pace of some trade shows.

Challenge them. Millennials thrive on learning opportunities. They want work they can learn from otherwise they are quickly bored. A willingness to try new things is one of their strengths - so challenge them. As the trade show manager you need to explain that not all of the work at a show is going to be new and exciting but it all makes a difference.

Understand and Manage Their Weaknesses

• Casual approach to authority.
• Not understanding seemingly arbitrary rules and regulations.
• Texting and emailing all of the time.
• Expect a constant stream of feedback.
• Use of casual language.
• Rationale or reason for every assignment or request.

Matt Hill is on the SLMA Advisory Board. He can be reached at the Hill Group