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56 Reasons Revenue Collapses and What to Do About It - Obermayer

‘How to Turn Around Failing Sales’ - Ebook

56reasons-coverAuthor and publisher James Obermayer discusses 56 reasons companies fail  to reach sales forecasts and what to do about them.

The Funnel Media Group (FMG) has released an ebook entitled How to Turn Around Failing Sales: Fifty-six reasons companies fail to reach revenue forecasts and what to do about them.  The author, Funnel Media Group Publisher James W. Obermayer, draws on 20 years of experience as the principal of Sales Leakage Consulting, which is owned by FMG.  He is also the producer for the Funnel Radio Channel programming and founder of the Sales Lead Management Association, all of which are part of FMG.   The ebook, released through the Sales Lead Management Association ( a FMG company) is free, not gated and can be accessed here.

Why it’s Important:

 "Of course, there are many reasons why sales dump at mid-year.  But I have found these 56 to be the main causes of failure. Some have are easy fixes, some are things to avoid, some are long-term fixes, some cost money, and some simply require policy or rule changes and common sense. Most can have immediate impact."

James  W. Obermayer


This ebook is unique.  It not only lists 56 ways to turn around failing sales, but also grades each tactic with ascending dollars signs from one to five to indicate the ROI that can be expected by addressing the issue.   Offered as a PDF form, the ebook allows the reader can fill in spaces to assign a specific problem area to a named individual, with a place to enter the date by which the reader wants the issue fixed.

How to Turn Around Failing  Sales, also references books and white papers that can assist the reader.  Those referenced did not pay to be a part of the work. 

The work is divided into five sections:

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Do you have a defined sales process?

Every corporation, large or small, has a sales process. The question is, has it been defined and do you follow it to your advantage?  If you control the sales process, you control your future.  Sometimes called steps, sales is always a process.  Sales processes should be thought of as being similar to manufacturing, quality control, customer service or finance processes.  We explored this subject with Michael Alexander, Advisory to the Sales Lead Management Association on a CRM Radio program back in April. 

Why it’s Important:

“If you have not defined a sales process you are not running a business, you are running a lottery.”

Michael Alexander [1]

You can’t allow the salespeople to define their own process.  There is an ideal sales process for your products and sales cycle; define it and codify it in your CRM and marketing automation software.  Teach the salespeople this custom process and make sure they adhere to it; drill it into them.   When sales are down, review each step in the process and determine the point(s) of failure.  

Yes, we have been hammering this of late in blog entries and the Radio/Podcast programming. This particular entry is published in a new ebook. 

"How to Turn Around Failing Sales"  Fifty-six reasons companies fail to reach revenue forecasts and what to do about them.

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If You don't have a Sales Process, You're Participating in a Lottery - Mike Alexander on CRM Radio

[i] Alexander, Michael, Private Trust Management Group, Are you Running a Business or a Lottery? CRM Radio March 30, 2017

Scott Brinker: 5 Disruptions Facing Marketing Management - ebook Review

Slma-recommended-187Title:  5 Disruptions Reshaping Marketing as We Know It.

Subtitle: A MarTech Conference ebook

Published by/Authors:  Scott Brinker and Emily Fraser

Gated: NO

Download Link                                                                                                                             Why It’s Important:

“Marketing is no longer a hidden occupation managed by people repeating what was done last year.  If  marketing management  doesn’t grow quickly they will be trampled by those who do evolve clamoring for their jobs.  Kudos to Scott Brinker and ChiefMarTech.com”

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A CEO's Guide: How to Recognize When Your Sales Pipeline is Failing You! Ebook - James Obermayer

Front-page_350x458Title: How to Tell if Your Sales Pipeline is Failing You!

Published by/Authors:    James W. Obermayer, Publisher - Funnel Media Group LLC

Gated: No

Download Link   

Length:  22  pages 


This paper takes the reader through a four month process of  declining revenues and the issues with the pipeline and forecast.

There is straight talk about the bull pucky that surrounds revenue shortfalls and the responses sales managers and salespeople give as excuses.  There is a Causes and Solutions section to tell the CEO what to expect the excuses that will be rendered.   The author mentions that in the third month of a slowdown the sales manager is beginning to sound like the sales reps (Stockholm, Syndrome anyone?).   Page five lists 13 excuses the sales manager begins to use when asked about revenue.   

This gives the CEO insight into the thinking, excuses, pressures and frustrations of being a sales rep when things go south.

This ebook is britually honest: one quote of note is:

"Discounting and special offers are now getting serious.  After all, if your can't sell it, give it away at lower margins"

Jim Obermayer

Slma-recommended-187This eBooks is for the C-Suite.  The salespeople have been there already. 



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Recommended for: 

  • CEO
  • Presidents
  • C-Level
  • CFO
  • CMO
  • VP of Sales
  • Sales Management 
  • VP Marketing
  • Director of Marketing

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Converting Leads Faster: eBook from Everstring

  How to Convert Leads Faster, Using Targeted Demand Acceleration

Published by/Authors:

Gated (worth it)

Download Link   

Score:  5 of 5

Length:  27 Pages


This is a great step-by-step tour through the predictive marketing landscape.  Nice unselfish presentation of an increasingly important and doable subject. Notice I didn’t say easy, but nothing worthwhile is easy. 

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