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Salary: Digital Marketing Manager:, PayScale and glassdoor


Digital Marketing overall has a growing interest for us.  As such we are looking at salaries for these positions.  We will search out salaries and job descriptions and conduct interviews on SLMA Radio (Live) and podcasts about digital marketing management. 

Why it's Important

SLMA's interest lies in measurement of marketing because we believe if you can't measure it you can't manage it. 

Our last salary post about digital marketing is this one:

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Salary: Digital Marketing Specialist

Over the next few weeks we will be focusing on Digital Marketing; from salaries to job descriptions and interviews on SLMA Radio (Live) and podcasts.  

Wheel barrow cashWe surveyed three on-line recruiting companies. As usual, go to the company and filter the results based on your area, job experience,time in grade, etc.  Mileage varies greatly.


Average Digital Marketing Specialist salary in the United States

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