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The Reinvention of Content Marketing: DemandGen Radio with Randy Frisch of Uberflip

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Randy-Frisch-DemandGenRadio-David-LewisJoin DemandGen Radio host David Lewis and his guest Randy Frisch, Co-Founder of Uberflip, as they discuss Uberflip’s innovative platform for content marketing that dramatically improves conversion.  This platform also enhances the experience for prospects by mimicking the NetFlix® content model so visitors end up “binge watching” (your) content.  How cool is that?

If you’re like most demand generation marketers, you’re trying to convert website visitors into leads by publishing various pieces of content scattered about your website.  You hope to aggregating them in a resources area so visitors select and download your “lead bait” one at a time.  This traditional method of content publishing has certainly been effective for generating leads, but the team at Uberflip reimagined what the experience should be like­ – just as Uber® reimagined the transportation business. 

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DemandGen Radio with David Lewis - Why Video Should Be In Your Marketing Mix

ITyler-Lessard-DemandGenRadio-David-Lewist was only a few years ago that the need to become “a content marketer” showed up as a priority for demand generation teams. While that priority hasn’t gone away, marketers now face the additional challenge of “creating more engaging content” to rise above all the content noise.

There is no better way to do that than by adding video to your marketing mix.  What was once a very expensive and time consuming media is now inexpensive and easy.  We’ve entered the “Vigital” age for interacting with prospects and buyers. In this episode of DemandGen Radio, David talks with Tyler Lessard, CMO of Vidyard about how to get started in video creation and the benefits of using a platform like Vidyard for creating, publishing, personalizing, and tracking the impact of your video content.

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The State of Marketing Automation with Jen-Horton on DemandGenRadio with David-Lewis



Listen to Jen Horton, Sr. Research Director at SiriusDecisions, as she joins DemandGen Radio host David Lewis to reveal the 4 themes around marketing automation usage derived from the research SiriusDecisions conducted and presented at the 2016 SiriusDecisions TechExchange in Austin, TX in November. Jen discusses how marketers are less focused on scaling adoption and more on maximizing value from their investments in marketing automation. 

Jen-Horton-DemandGenRadio-David-LewisKey finding from the research:

  • 4 themse around Marketing Automation useage
  • Organizations that are very satisfied with the value they receive from marketing automation systems are outsourcing a greater number and variety of projects and tasks to vendors due to the lack of internal expertise
  • Best practice knowledge, and resource constraints.
  • Also discussed is the surprising number of firms (50%) that plan to migrate from their current system to another system in 2017.


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Marketing Automation Adoption Trends & Insights: Thomas Terry of DemandGen

 Thomas-Terry-DemandGenRadio-David-LewisThomas Terry, one of DemandGen’s Solutions Architects joins DemandGen Radio host David Lewis to discuss the trends taking place in the adoption of Marketing Automation across DemandGen’s client base. Thomas serves as the lead architect for many of DemandGen’s enterprise and mid-market clients using Marketo and he discusses the growing popularity in connecting Marketing Automation systems to backend databases as well as using systems like Marketo for transactional email programs.

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Insights from a Jedi Marketing Master: DemandGenRadio with Lewis and Sechrist

Modern Marketing Insights from a Jedi Master

Doug Sechrist  has won awards for lead nurturing, sales and marketing alignment, and even a 2010 award for most creative marketing campaign. Even more impressive is his track record for driving growth and revenue from within marketing.  

6a0147e05adc32970b01bb0953e27a970d-320wiFor two decades Sechrist, Vice President of Demand Marketing at Infusionsoft, has setup some of the best Demand Generation and Marketing Operations teams at firms including Zantaz, Taleo, Eloqua/Oracle , Five9, and now Infusionsoft.   In short, Doug has the recipes for what works, and what doesn’t, and shares them in this episode.

  • Doug’s blueprint for setting up a modern marketing “Demand Factory”
  • Doug’s 3 core priorities for setting up Demand Generation Teams
  • What’s working in demand generation these days and his innovative “Subscriber Model” for content publishing
  • Should telemarketing be managed by Sales or Marketing?
  • Doug’s approach on investing in MarTech Tools and the importance of failing fast



DemandGen Radio, hosted by David Lewis is the voice of demand generation.  




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Funnel Radio publishes live-streaming internet radio programs (and follow-on podcasts) for at-work listeners.  Available shows include: DemandGen Radio, Leadspace Radio (only as replays), MSPNow Radio,, and Sales Pipeline Radio.  The audience for Funnel Radio shows exceeds 158,000.  Funnel Radio is a division of the Funnel Media GroupTM, LLC.  

Kate's Techniques for Winning Over Sales - Federhar and Lewis on DemandGenRadio

The Value of Aligning Sales and Marketing

Kate and David discuss the importance of aligning marketing with sales as well as the importance of sales enablement with tools and technologies.

DemandGen Radio host David Lewis is joined by Kate Federhar, Manager of Marketing Operations at CenturyLink and 2016 Marketo Revvie winner for her leadership and orchestration of a massive marketing automation migration to two instances Marketo with over 5 Million contact records and thousands of assets and programs.

Topics discussed include:

  • Sales Alignment: Why alignment is vital and why it’s critical for success
  • Kate’s Techniques for winning over sales and becoming a true business partner
  • Enablement or Alignment?  The difference between sales alignment and enablement
  • How sales enablement tools at CenturyLink are being used like Marketo Sales Insight

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David Lewis interviews Jon Miller on DemandGenRadio about Account-Based-Everything - Listen While YOu Work

 DemandGen Radio - the pulse on modern marketing methods & technologies.

This is the newest streaming-live program from the Funnel Radio Channel.

David Lewis. CEO of DemandGen International and host of DemandGenRadio welcomes us to its biweekly DemandGen Radio. They bring top industry experts, thought leaders, authors, marketing technology firms, and senior marketing leaders from around the world to teach YOU the methods and technologies for high performance marketing. 

In this inaugural episode, DemandGen Radio host David Lewis is joined by one of the founding fathers of Modern Marketing, Jon Miller, co-founder of Marketo and now the founder and CEO of Engagio an account-based marketing platform that orchestrates outbound interactions across departments and channels.

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