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Marketing is all about Connecting marketing investments to revenue… and making sense of attribution data is even harder”, so says BrightFunnel and we agree it should always have been this way.  In the episode we interview BrightFiunnel's CMO Dayna Rothman to understand how this is done in the prospects journey and why it can apply to every marketing department.  The host is Jim Obermayer.

About Our Guest Dayna Rothman

20170525-tweet-rothmanDayna Rothman is BrightFunnel’s VP of Marketing and Sales Development. She has almost a decade of experience in B2B marketing technology, authored Lead Generation for Dummies, and has won industry awards for her work in marketing. Previously, Dayna was VP of Marketing at EverString and also led content marketing at Marketo for over three years. She has a BA in English from Southern Connecticut State University and an MBA from Golden Gate University. 

Rothman was interviewed on DemandGen Radio (on the Funnel Radio Channel) with the host David Lewis:  I Have a Super Power

About BrightFunnel

BrightFunnel shows marketers a connected view of the customer journey. By gaining insight into how every marketing activity influences a closed customer, marketers can show true impact on revenue. Through BrightFunnel’s easy, full-funnel reporting suite, your whole marketing team has visibility into what moves the needle—so they can more effectively orchestrate the entire customer journey from lead to close.  

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Dayna Rothman of BrightFunnel with David Lewis on DemandGen Radio


What does it take to fast track your career from Content Marketer to Vice President of Marketing in just four years?

How can you turn just three people into a content marketing machine? Bf2017_logo

Listen to Dayna Rothman on this episode of DemandGen Radio.

Dayna-Rothman-DemandGenRadio-David-LewisDayna is now VP of Marketing at BrightFunnel, and just 4 years ago she was at Marketo cranking out “lead bait” as the Senior Content Marketer under the leadership of Jon Miller.

Dayna has also authored several of Marketo’s Definitive Guides, and wrote Lead Generation for Dummies published by Wiley in 2014. She’s also a content contributor to It’s no surprise that this “Wonder Woman” reveals that she has a super power when it comes to content creation, which she shares with you all. But her passion for crafting modern marketing content and demand generation tools are not her only secrets for scaling the ranks of marketing.

Why it Matters:

Dayna shares sage advice for women about confidence, being fearless, speaking your mind, showing results, and having a strong work ethic. She also talks about her experience working at Marketo, her mentors, the pressure there, and what she loved most about the team.

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