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Funnel Radio Lineup: August 17, 2017


Today is a special line up. Not only do we have our usual four shows airing, but we are launching our newest show by Ipswitch: PICNIC Podcast for IT Pros. Hosts are Jeanne Hopkins & Kevin Conklin

Here's the full line up today:

9:30 am DemandGen Radio

Guest: Doug Bewsher Host: David Lewis
An Interview with Leadspace CEO, Doug Bewsher

10:30 SLMA Radio

Guest: Peter Gillett Host: James Obermayer
Innovations in Mobile Lead Capture



11:00 CRM Radio

Hosts: James Obermayer & Paul Roberts 
Define A Sales Lead Mgmt Process or Play Roulette



11:30 Sales Pipeline Radio

Guest: James Thomas Host: Brian Hansford
CMO’s need more discipline and rigor around managing the revenue pipeline
@jthomas_44 @remarkmarketing



P.I.C.N.I.C Podcast by Ipswitch

12 noon PICNIC Podcast

Host: Paul Roberts
Guests: Jeanne Hopkins / Kevin Conklin
What is PICNIC Podcast
@ipswitch @kevinconklin @jeannehopkins

Lewis - Without Lead Scoring You Can't Manage Sales Leads

Listen and grow while you work!

Why its important

"Rarely does the sales team and marketing team get to work so closely together...and a lead scoring project can transform the culture between the two teams."

David Lewis CEO of DemandGen International 

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D.Lewis - Managing Sales is Always Linked to Managing Leads

Why its Important

"Managing leads appears to be solved until it isn't; the result is forecasts flop, sales lag, and sales managers fail.  It can be prevented.”

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It has been proven time and again that you can't manage sales if you can't manage sales leads and yet marketers fail at this time and again.  They buy software and assume it is solved.  They train salespeople and assume it is solved.   It appears to be solved until it isn't; forecast flop,  sales lag and sales managers fail.  It can be prevented.

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Author David Lewis on Unbreakable Principles of Lead Management

IStock-803994860Listen  and learn

While you Work


Why it Matters

 "You can have the best lead scoring system, the best algorithm, the best predictive system, but if you don't get sales adoption... your efforts are wasted." 

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In this episode, David Lewis  shares the key principles of successful lead management from his book Manufacturing Demand which now has over 10,000 copies in circulation. 
This interview includes:

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SiriusDecisions Executives Justify the New Demand Unit Waterfall with David Lewis

 Listen as Cunningham and Flaherty defend the need for a change to the new Demand Unit Waterfall

  Why is there a New Demand Waterfall?

Unless you were abducted by aliens, you’ve seen the tweets, LinkedIn posts, and other coverage by the media, thought leaders, and demand generation experts about the new Demand Unit Waterfall introduced by Sirius Decisions at their annual conference in Las Vegas on May 16 – 19th 2017.
Cunningham-Flaherty-DemandGen-Radio-David-LewisThe initial feedback to the unveiling has been mixed with both excitement and skepticism. David invites Terry Flaherty and Kerry Cunningham, two of the Research Directors @siriusdecisions behind the new framework to answer questions around its’ purpose and implications including:
  • What has the reaction been to the new waterfall?
  • Why did SiriusDecisions update the demand waterfall?
  • What's a Demand Unit and why does it matter?
  • What's a Demand Map and what value does it deliver?
  • What are the major changes/differences that Sirius introduced in this version of the waterfall?
  • What are some of the major things to consider when implementing the Demand Unit waterfall?

Sangram Vajre and David Lewis On ABM:Closed won is not to be confused with closed done

Listen while you work!

Sangram-Vajre-DemandGen-Radio-David-Lewis-V2During this live program and podcast with Sangram Vajre on ABM, Icould hear Biggie Smalls lyrics [aka The Notorious B.I.G] echoing in my ears “…it’s like the more money we come across, the more problems we see.”  Why? Well just moments before we kicked off the podcast, Terminus announced the closing of $10.3 million round of Series B funding.

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