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ViewPoint | The Truth About Lead Generation by Dan McDade Video Interview - SLMA’s Jim Obermayer

Dan McDades PowerViews is on it’s eight episode. Dan has interviewed Ginger Conlon, Andrew Gaffney, Christopher Hosford, Jonathan Farrington, Paul Gillin, Trip Kucera, and Jeff Ernest. 

The highlights from Dan’s discussion with SLMA’s Jim Obermayer are: 

2012: Companies Lifting Off with Higher Budgets for Marketing & Lead Generation

  • There has been a significant increase in marketing and sales alignment becoming subject matter for conferences.
  • There have been more comments from marketing automation vendors that cold calling and other traditional ways of generating sales leads are going away.
  • Based on SLMA Radio interviews with 120 marketing and sales leaders and other conversations, a big change is the way companies are spending more dollars on marketing and lead generation. Jim is seeing a lot of companies lifting off as a result.
  • Increased budgets of this nature are including outbound telemarketing and lead generation companies.
  • Budgets seem to be there for marketing and sales initiatives that can measure the return on investment.

We Can’t Get Away from Basic Integrated Marketing: Outbound vs. Inbound:

Commenting on the outbound marketing and inbound marketing mix, Jim says we can’t get away from basic integrated marketing. While everyone wants less expensive leads in the form of prospects who identify themselves via company websites, traditional direct marketing is still needed to educate prospects and drive them to websites.

Research indicates that prospects are completing 70% of the decision making process before they want to talk to a salesperson, but information sources for this self-education still needs to include direct mail pieces, emails and trade show participation.

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