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If You don't have a Sales Process, You're Participating in a Lottery - Mike Alexander on CRM Radio

Without a Sales Process Your  Business is a Lottery

Vintage Mike Alexander doesn't sugar-coat the issue of companies without a sales process. 

 In a discussion with SLMA Board Member Michael Alexander of the Private Trustees Management Group, he said, "If you can’t describe your company’s sales process you don’t have a business you have a lottery!" 

Alexander reminds us that companies should review the marketing and sales process to the same degree as they review and improve manufacturing. “Everyone does a high five,” he says, “When manufacturing improves its efficiency by a point or two and yet marketing and sales run fast and loose with few serious measurements in place.”   The host is Jim Obermayer

Thoughts from Alexander:

I have two questions I always ask business owners who seek my advice:

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Account Based Sales Defined - Katie Doyle - of Outreach on CRM Radio

Listen while you work.

We have heard about  account based marketing, but do we really know what account based sales is all about?  Katie Doyle VP of Marketing at Outreach Corporation answers our questions. The host is Jim Obermayer.  

6a0147e05adc32970b01b8d269c009970c-320wiWe covered:

Meaning and Application of Account Based Sales

  1. What is the difference between account-based marketing and account based sales?
  2. What is the difference between sales engagement and account based sales?
  3. Is this only for SalesForce users?
  4. Tell us about the elements of the Outreach platform that takes it beyond queuing?
  5. Can you discuss the depth of the workflows process for an everyday salesperson?

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CRM and Sheet Music have Nothing in Common

IStock-469581034A friend, Bill Herr, got me thinking one day when he said, “CRM Software is like handing a salesperson sheet music and expecting them to sing a few bars.” How true I echoed. Considering I failed in my first implementation of a rudimentary CRM system by failing to properly train the salespeople, I understood what he meant. Yes, they had a few hours of cursory training but certainly not enough.

From observing many companies, not much has changed. The salespeople have the laptops, but knowing how to use the most important piece of software the company can give them is still hit and miss. I run into this failure when I call on clients in my consulting business and I hear of it from SLMA members.

“Huh, oh, yes, we got the software,” the manager mumbles and looks at me side-ways. “Do your salespeople use it,,” I ask. The answers range from no, to hell no, to kind of.

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Discussing the Usefulness of BI Applications for Salespeople: John Golden on CRM Radio

 Are BI Apps Confusing or Improving CRM and Sales Revenue?

Business intelligence applications are growing, but are they worth the effort?   We agree that more intelligence is better and the range of options of BI for CRM system is exploding (along with cost) when added to the CRM system as another app.  Is it worth it?  CRM expert and author John Golden, who is the CSO at Pipeliner CRM discusses business intelligence applications and how it is changing CRM. The host is Jim Obermayer.

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Five Means to Ensure CRM Success: Matt Reid of Velocify - CRMRadio

Five Means to Ensure CRM Success

250-CRMRadio-20160915-reidMatt Reid, vp of marketing for Velocify shares five very specific paths to CRM success.   Matt has knowledge and strong opinions on what works and a background that backs up his views. No one can deny that Velocity is a heavy-weight in the CRM space. The company produces undeniable research on the subject of sales lead management and processing.  The host is Jim Obermayer.

Reid tackles:

  • Buy-in from the organization
  • Getting all leads, not just some into the system
  • Make sure all of the marketing and sales tools work together (big failure point)
  • Prioritize Distribution (not always considered)
  • Reporting is the key insight into sales performance

About Matt Reid

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Cartoon for the Weekend: Just because you have a CRM doesn't meant you have a forecast!

You have permission from the Sales Lead Management Association and the Cartoonist, Stu Heinecke to copy and distribute this cartoon as is with attribution!


The dreaded spreadsheet has all been abandoned for sales forecasting in facvor of the CRM system, but that doesn't mean the pipeline forecasting is any better in many companies.    Some still seem to use a crystal ball as part of the process. 


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Brian Carroll Interviewed on Improving ABM - Listen While You Work

This interview is vintage Carroll.  Fast and too the point. He lists the 5 ways to improve Account Based Marketing and sales and expands each one.  (We also hear about a new book he is working on).    We spend time on energizing past sales leads with past accounts and also sales lead scoring.   Solid advice from a proven pro.   We look forward to hearing more from Brian in the future.  

In a marketing world where Account Based Marketing and Selling is permeating so many discussions, backed by expanding technology choices, CRM Radio interviews Brian Carroll, author and evangelist. Brian says it can be faster and easier than you think as he discusses the five ways to “immediately” improve ABM marketing and selling. The host is Jim Obermayer.

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An age of CRM discontent, or just business as usual? Jim Dickie on CRM Radio - Listen While You Work

This live streaming interview occurred on on the Funnel Radio Channel.

Customer Relationship Management, after all of these years, continues to be controversial.  In spite of large strides in ease of use, lots of new applications for social media, business intelligence and graphics presentations, plus customized versions for insurance, medical, car dealers, non-profits and a few hundred more industries, the grumpy rumors continue about a failure to deliver on what is promised.  In this interview, Jim Dickie of CSO Insights takes a whack at the industry discontent.  Could it be as simple as “salespeople are never satisfied?”   We will find out.  The host is Jim Obermayer

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Best CRM System? Its not what you think! Listen While You Work: CRM Radio - David Raab

 The Best CRM System on the Market

  1. Why are there so many new CRM software  entrants each month?
  2. Why is it said that most companies try two to three different CRM software products before they are successful and keep a system in place?
  3. Somehow the 70% failure rate has been kicked around since 2088 do you think it is true?  DMN in 2013 said it was as high as 63%.   Some say it is crap.
  4. What causes CRM failure.
  5. Some people just buy the software without a strategy for implementation, what are the elements of a CRM Strategy?   
  6. What is the best CRM System on the market?  

CRM systems have been installed in 90% of the companies. Regardless, failure rates are still high which fuels more entrants into the market. New capabilities (applications) continued to be hung on the basic CRM platforms which fuels even more companies into the market.  And everybody claims their program is the best. The systems get more complicated and yet say they are easiest to use. Industry expert David Raab from Raab Associates discusses his opinion of the best CRM system on the Market.

About our guest, David Raab
250-CRMRadio-20160714-raabPrincipal David M. Raab has more than thirty years’ experience as a marketer, consultant, author and analyst. He has consulted with major firms in financial services, health care, telecommunications, publishing, consumer goods, technology and other industries. Mr. Raab has written hundreds of articles on marketing issues and addressed audiences in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. He is author of The Marketing Performance Measurement Toolkit, published by Racom Communications. 
About Raab Associates
Raab Associates helps marketers select the best marketing technologies and service vendors. Each engagement starts with a thorough assessment of your company’s business situation. We then work with you to identify the solutions best suited to your unique combination of needs and resources. We continue to work with our clients through deployment to ensure that each project meets its objectives and lays the foundation for future growth.
Raab Associates draws on a combination of practical experience and technical knowledge. We are continually scanning the horizon for the developments that can help our clients gain competitive advantage. We combine an insatiable curiosity about new possibilities with a concrete understanding of the day-to-day business realities. This ensures that our clients receive sound advice and hands-on assistance with their toughest marketing technology issues. 
Raab Associates is a vendor-neutral consultancy specializing in helping marketers understand marketing technology. Typical projects include marketing architecture design, needs analysis, and vendor selection.
Raab Associates can be reached: 914-241-0000 |

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