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A Warning for the C-Suite: Don't Eat the Seed Corn

Why it matters:

“At mid-year you must support and encourage the people who create revenue. You must retain revenue creators. You must hire and keep the best sales and marketing people you can afford because you cannot afford to do anything else.  You must preserve the seed corn."  

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IStock-178727964The premise of this story is that too often c-suite executives make decisions that hamper and destroy their futures, as surely as a farmer that imprudently or desperately eats his seed corn.

At this half-way point of the year, if sales are not on forecast, the c-suite is making decisions to support marketing and sales or hinder them because of fear.  Will you huddle in a corner eating your seed corn or will you plant?  Will you grow by adding revenue producers or die back and shrivel.  The choice is yours.

Every company has two classes of employees, those add value by making products and those who make money by selling.  If there is one class of employees you cannot do without under any circumstances it is the sales and marketing people. Yes, I said marketing in the same class as sales.  Marketing and salespeople are jointly the seed corn for your company. You cannot destroy the seed corn and expect to survive.

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Research: CEIR Offers New Digital Tool Kit Based on Research

CEIR Report CoverTitle:  2016 Digital Toolkit to Enhance the Attendee Experience: Focus Report on Organizer Pre-Event Communications and Registration Offering

Published by:  CEIR Center for Exhibition Industry Research

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Brian Casey, CEM - President and CEO

Nancy Drapeau, PRC Analysis and reporting  

Cathy Breden, CAE, CMP, Managing Director & Research Director:

 Mary Tucker, Sr. PR/Communications Manager, Graphic design


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White Paper: ROI of a Web-To-Print Solution

CWPTitle:  How to measure the Value of a Web-To-Print Solution

Published by: Colorwebprinters 

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Author: G. David Dodd

Contact:  Mark McIntosh W: 888-265-1511    mark.mcintosh@colorwebprinters.com

Length: 9 Pages


  • Why web-to-print makes good financial sense
  • The two types of benefits and how the value is determined
  • How to calculate the ROI of a web-to-print solution

The author goes over the requirements to make a system work:

  • A central repository that contains digital versions of the printed materials that a company uses

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Expert Opinion: Seven Tips for Getting the Most from Your CRM System


This post is authored by Paul Petersen, a guest author for the SLMA.    Paul Petersen has also been interviewed on SLMA Radio and his programs here and here are some of our most listened to programs. 

Having been involved with sales & marketing systems for over 25 years – I have a few thoughts on how  CRM can be a benefit to sales in a company.

On an overall basis, CRM should help you attract the right prospects, follow up with them to track the conversion to

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