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Free tool for generating and tracking UTM codes from Confluent Forms

With all of the content we generate, share and publish we need to know what is effective and where we are wasting our resources. Some people rely on straight clicks, shares and venue analytics - such as that on Facebook or Pinterest. KPIs don't always relate back to your business goals of conversions, subscribers and impact.  Lany talks about business proof vs. social KPI. UTMs (Urchin Tracking Module - the precursor to Google Analytics) allow you to be smarter with your time invested. But that only tells part of the story. It doesn't tell us what happens next with that shared bit of content.  Are you gaining more subscribers through the sharing of your content, and then the next level of sharing? Without a better way to track the full journey, you won't know. You need to know where they are coming from, and what is having the greatest impact. That's where UTM links come in. 

It used to be you had to go to a special site to generate the UTM tracked link through the browser after you copy and paste. This was a cumbersome process that usually didn't happen due to laziness, shortness of time or just forgetfulness.  David Kutcher has a 15 minute lesson on how UTM codes can improve your marketing.

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Dispelling Myths about Millennials: Why would they come and stay?

Susan Finch SLMA Radio Host and her Guest, Jaysen Greenleaf, VP of Business Development at RIO Genesis Software discussed both sides of recruiting great talent for your team and retaining them. They also dispelled myths about millennials, including thinking they are job hoppers.

 In the first half of the show they discussed preparing for growth, where to find the talent and the value that younger team members can bring, especially fresh from college or another industry. They are a clean, tech-savvy, educated slate with strong entrepreneurial spirit.

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Posting to various social media venues requires a change of content.


Every social media venue has it's own language and style of posts. Some are hashtag laden, some prefer warmer stories, and some are all business.  You wouldn't wear the same outfit to a wedding, a business conference, a BBQ and a cocktail party - or would you? If you think one look covers it all, you may want to stop reading. If you only think you need to change shoes, stop reading.

Let's first cover the posting, not commenting styles for these venues that are often or exclusively used for business.


Include a LINK to something, unless you are sure that the inspiring quote you are posting is a standalone. But you have my attention for that VERY brief second or two - make it count. 

Find the company or people you are referring to and @mention them to give them an alert that someone is talking about them.

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Increasing Your Productivity as a Business Owner

Note from SLMA Editors: MSPRadio is on the SLMALive Channel. We especially like this program. Enjoy. 

The host is Nate Teplow from Continuum!

If you own your own business, you're a busy person. It's important to find ways to be more productive, but also make sure you're getting the rest and separation you need to be an effective business owner. This can be a lot easier said than done. On this episode of MSPradio, we speak with Scott Spiro, CEO of Computer Solutions Group, who shares his secrets on how he's been able to increase his productivity as a business owner while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Tune in now to hear about some of Scott's successful strategies and how he's been able to leverage them to grow his managed IT services business.

You can have your own weekly or bi-weekly program on the SLMA Live Channel.  Contact the program producer Jim Obermayer at 360 933 1259 to find out how.