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Performance Marketing Research Report - 2017 from AdRoll

State-of-performance-marketing-17 Slma-recommended-187Title:  2017 State of Performance Marketing

Subtitle: North America and Europe

Published by/Authors:  Adam Berke, President and CMO, Founding Team, AdRoll

Gated:  Yes

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Length:  13 full pages, not the light-weight short-on-opinion PPT format used in so many white papers and research reports.  (The author actually believes we can read)

Highlights:  Surveyed over 1,300 marketers : 1,000 from North America and 300 from Europe.

  • Why 57% of marketers are changing their attribution model this year
  • 40% of respondents report spending the majority of their budget on measurement alone (SLMA: could this be right?)
  • Why 69% of marketers are using dynamic email based on user behavior
  • Not just about programmatic advertising this year, but how marketers reach prospects throughout the entire marketing funnel
  • Emails campaigns are reported to be using content that is more dynamically targeted based on behavior
  • 66% of marketers report that programmatic advertising results in greater ROI than traditional media buying - the human factor in decision making is fading
  • 80% of marketers are familiar to extremely familiar with programmatic advertising
  • The further address (all supported by data and charts):

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