Bob Perkins - AA-ISP on the question: Will AI Replace Salespeople?

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 There is no one we'd trust more to answer the question about direction of growth for inside sales than the founder of AA-ISP,  Bob Perkins.

In this interview with Bob Perkins, founder and chairman of the American Association of Inside Professionals, we discuss his opinions and recent research sponsored by Velocify and AA-ISP: The Evolving Sales Technology Landscape. Some say, it isn’t a matter of if, but when salespeople will be replaced by algorithms (Artificial Intelligence) interacting with buyers.  Some say is happening already at an ever increasing pace.     The host is Jim Obermayer.   They discussed:

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Sales Research- Automate or Else - Velocify and AA-ISP

Why It’s Important:

“Those that explore, adapt, and invest in new sales automation technologies using AI will succeed; those that don’t will know failure, less profitability, higher sales expenses and greater representative turn-over.”

James Obermayer - Reviewer

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  Slma-recommended-187Title:  The Evolving Sales Technology Landscape

Subtitle: Riding the Wave to Revenue

Published by/Authors:  Velocify and AA-ISP

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