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Step by Step Guide to Sales Success

Slma-recommended-187Title:  Step by Step Guide to Sales Success in 2017

Published by/Authors:  Badger Maps and KnowledgeTree

Gated: No

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Length:  40 Pages


The paper opens with a telling statement that says, “When you make goals make sure they push you to be a better version of yourself,” and that is what this paper does.   This short, but helpful paper makes good on that goal for the reader. In all respects this paper is misnamed.  It is not for 2017, but for every year.   The paper covers:

  • Introduction
  • Ch 1: Setting Goals.
    • SMART Goals
    • Planning
    • An outline working the plan
  • Ch 2: Structuring Your Territory:
    • Maximize face to face time it is all about productivity. This is probably the heart of the paper
  • Ch 3: Creating New Opportunities: yes, it is the salesperson’s ultimate responsibility
  • Ch 4: Living the Life of a Rainmaker
  • Ch 5: Leveraging Technology: They focus on the offering of Knowledge Tree and Badger Maps
  • Ch 6: Getting Promoted:
    • Hard and Soft Sales Skills
    • Stay Noticed
    • Seek out Coaching
    • Using data to advance
  • Ch 7: Reflecting on Your Performance: Short but important
  • Conclusion

While not the longest chapter, Structuring Your Territory is one of the most important because the authors make a good argument for how this one item drives sales effectiveness and boosts revenue.  They make a case for technology, using their own products and that’s ok; it works. 

SLMA Comments:   As a sales manager you can’t go wrong reviewing this paper with your sales reps, especially those new to sales.  Get them to discuss the importance of each chapter.  Just distributing it for them to read and forget is a waste; make them discuss each point in depth even if it takes 2-3 sales meetings to do it.  Assign a chapter per salesperson to discuss at your next sales meeting.  Revisit pertinent chapters a month or two later.  Repetition over a 21-day period is the key to remembering it. 

Why It’s Important:

Too many people fall into a sales position and get product training, but little or no sales training; it has to be the other way around.  Product training is the easiest to learn, sales is a life time learning process. 

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Recommended for: 

  • President
  • C-Level Folks
  • CFO
  • CSO
  • CMO
  • Marketing Operations
  • Content Management and Creation
  • Product Management
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