How to Turn Data and Analytics into a Compelling Story
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Funnel Radio Line-up August 10, 2017


Listen live on Funnel Radio starting at 10:30am Pacific. 

Catch the broadcast of SLMA Radio, CRM Radio and Sales Pipeline Radio this week.


10:30 SLMA Radio with host, James Obermayer

Guest: Cyndi Greenglass, Senior VP Strategic Solutions, Diamond Communication Solutions

Topic: How to tell a story with data.

There is nothing like making a presentation to a board of directors, salespeople or even customers that contains important data that strikes fear in the heart of a marketer.   How to do it so the listener understands the most salient points is what Cyndi Greenglass of Diamond Communication Solutions tackles in this program.  Data presentations can be spot-on compelling when the presenter takes the time to make it interesting with the oldest of all means: communicating with a story.  The host is Jim Obermayer.  They will cover:

  1. The power of storytelling?
  2. If you are a marketer, why should you care about data and this topic?
  3. How to turn your data into a memorable story!
  4. So, you have a data analyst, shouldn’t they do this?
  5. What are the top mistakes marketers make when presenting?
  6. What are the three tips listeners can take to the bank?



11:00 - CRM Radio with host, Susan Finch

Guest: Rich Bohn, CRM Analyst, Sell More Now, LLC

Topic: Reviews & Wish List for CRMs

When you only present one CRM solution you can lose site of your competitors and what your end users want and need, as well as the deal breakers. Rich Bohn touts himself as the oldest living CRM analyst. He's exposed to them all, as well as all types of users, and decision makers. Our host today, Susan Finch, decided to ask him some of the questions she's wondered about what stops people in the buying process from selecting a particular CRM solution, and what is on the wish list of end users and decision makers.



11:30 - Sales Pipeline Radio with host, Matt Heinz

Guest: Mark Granovsky, President and CEO, G2Planet

Topic: Event Marketing 2.0: How to get more ROI from your event strategy in 2018 and beyond.

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