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Can it be true that Lead Conversion is as low as 2% - Brian Carroll

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"Why are we happy and satisfied with a 98% failure rate (of sales leads). If this were a manufacturing operation and only 2-3% of the raw material turned into products we'd tear it apart to find out how things can be better."

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Learn at least three ways increase lead conversion

Lead Management, real lead management, the experienced manager knows must be solved before sales conversion from leads is optimized.  In the interview with lead management expert Brian Carroll we discuss recent research from Forrester and his thoughts on how to tackle the lead conversion conundrum.  Brian says we must approach the conversion from the customer perspective.   Learn at least three ways increase your conversion.   The host is Jim Obermayer.

20170803-tweet-carroll 98%Brian Carroll introduces Empathy Marketing:

  • Hard to believe research from Forrester that indicates that marketers are seeing a only a 2% conversion rate of sales leads from lead generation programs. 
  • We discuss why the failure rate is probably true.
  • Brian says marketers are going about communicating with prospects in the wrong manner with the wrong messages. 
  • He says marketers will continue to have a huge failure rate unless they put themselves in the prospects shoes
  • Empathy for the prospect is the key concept Brian introduces that can change the conversion formula.


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 Brian Carroll, Evangelist, Author, Speaker

Brian Carroll, the author of the bestseller, Lead Generation for the Complex Sale, has been Publisha staple in the B2B Marketing community for years. He publishes the popular B2B Lead Blog and is the founder of the B2B Lead Roundtable discussion only LinkedIn Group that has over 20,500 members. Brian recently finished a stint as Chief Evangelist at MECLABS and is now back to helping B2B understand and execute modern demand generation do lead acceleration.   

Brian Carroll
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